The new system of data transmission to Earth tested on the ISS

The specialists of RSC "Energia" together with the NPP "goodlooking" (Zelenograd) was developed and delivered on board the ISS RS radio system transmission (WDTS), which allows to ensure the transfer of Russian ground stations on the results of the experiments and service information from the ISS RS.

March 29 and April 1 were conducted test sessions for the transfer of target information on the experiment "Hurricane" (experimental development of an Earth-space system for monitoring and forecasting of natural and man-made disasters).
The first session WDTS March 29, 2011
Picture of Japan coast (100 km. South of Fukushima 1)

January 21, 2011 cosmonauts Dmitry Kondratyev and Oleg Skripochka installed antenna and transmitter unit WDTS on the outer surface of the ISS.

March 24 tests have been successfully transferred to the transfer carrier and a signal modulated by a pseudorandom sequence from a transmitter WDTS.

March 29 and April 1, test sessions were conducted on the transfer of target information on the experiment "Hurricane." Information reception was held at the ground station receiving information in NTs OMZ (Otradnoe, Moscow), the Russian Federal Space Agency, equipped with the new received signal demodulator and server storage. Information processing was carried out by experts NPP "goodlooking" and RSC "Energia" by a specially created to receive information from WDTS, the data processing system. WDTS confirmed availability of the system and data processing systems. Continued testing is scheduled for May 4-6.

Press Service of the RSC "Energia"

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