The owner of the Belarusian Sambelbanku one of the three richest Poles

The influential Polish weekly "Wprost published in the latest issue of the top 100 richest Poles, writes the Internet edition of the" Diary. "

The richest Pole in 2010 named investor Jan Kulczyk, which tops the list for the third year in succession. Its priorities are the recent oil and gas, energy, banking. In Belarus, Jan Kulczyk interested "Belarusbank", the construction of two coal-fired power plants — in Zelva and Lelchitsy.

In second place is kept steadily as 3 years in a row owner of broadcasters Polsat Sigmund Solarz Jacques.

In third place in the list of millionaires rose Polish banker Leszek Czarnecki. He — one of the defendants in the top 100, which has real assets in Belarus. In 2008, Getin Holding, owned Tchernetsky, bought 75.04% of shares of "Sambelbank."

Retained the 8th largest furniture manufacturer in Poland Tadeusz Hops, which was created in Belarus two joint ventures in Brest — "Black White Red" and "Anreks."



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