The pilot of Assads army fled to Syria fighter

The pilot of Assad's army fled to Syria fighter

Pilot Syrian Air Force hijacked fighter MiG-21 and ran it in Jordan, reports Reuters. According to some reports, the plane landed at the military airport of Mafraq, which is located in the north of the country. Immediately after landing pilot Amman has asked for political cover. Information on this info, confirmed the minister of communications Jordan Samih al-Maayte, ITAR-TASS reported.

It is also reported that the MiG-21 crossed the municipal border Jordan at 12:00 Moscow time. In the true time pilot is located in Amman, the authorities are studying his request.

Earlier, the Syrian authorities have reported that the plane had gone into time of the training flight. Local news agency SANA reported that the fighter drove Syrian Air Force Colonel Hassan Hamad.

A similar case occurred in time civilian war in Libya. In February 2011, two Libyan fighter landed at Malta International Airport. Manage them airmen with the rank of colonel said they were required to leave the base at Tripoli after they refused to order the use of martial charges against the opposition.

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