The pilots began to retire from the famous Swifts because of the scandal with the commander and humiliating obligations

The pilots began to retire from the legendary "Swifts" because of the scandal with the commander and humiliating dutiesAnother disturbing evidence received word of members of the Public Chamber of Russia that Russian aircraft are facing collapse. Known aerobatic team "Swifts", which turned out not so long ago, in the center of the scandal began to leave the pilots. With military service leave two MiG-29 pilot from a reserve of "Swifts" said RIA "Announcements" familiar with the situation source.

One of them explained his decision by saying that after the July Kubinka removed the fighter pilots themselves were going to guard and do other functions that were previously done privates explained source.

On the situation in Kubinka, threatening severe neuvvyazkami as the "Swifts" and their staff on the Su-27 — "Russian Knights" — previously reported at the airport serving officers. According to them, half of the base is already sold "traders" and the military may soon completely banish from the facility. What's all the same for pilots, they are now in the leadership of Lipetsk aviation center, which has its own aces — "Eagles of the Russian Federation", sources reported. And the capital pilots allegedly began to oppress.

As for the second pilot resigned from the "Swifts", he explained to his disagreement with the decision of the commander of the persecution aerobatic team. "I decided to resign because of the situation with the commander of the" Swifts "because it" sees no reason to continue the service, "- said source.

Recall commander "Swifts" Valery Morozov suspected of extortion: Tipo pilot sought payment from a local businessman for the introduction of symbols aerobatic team. It was also reported that the officer pulled the money from his own subordinates. In this regard, the military unit in Kubinka test was conducted, the results of which Morozov was presented to the premature retirement from the Air Force in connection with the failure criterion of the contract. Also with respect to the pilot conducted investigation verification.

In defense of the commander immediately got up from his colleagues "Swifts". They said that the story of extortion absurd and even wrote a letter to the president, and some even imagined that Morozov has mentioned who resigned pilot, which was at odds with the commander.

As previously stated in the Defense Ministry, the dismissal Morozov has not been passed, the officer continues to serve. In general, lose their jobs pilot may after October 15. Then comes his current contract, the other day told RIA "Announcements" source Kubinka.

2-"Swifts" transplanted to the Yak-130

The two sides agencies also indirectly confirmed the rumors about the likely short decay "Swifts". The fact that the Defense Ministry had long wished to do aerobatic team at the new combat training aircraft Yak-130. Without giving it all the available groups "Swifts" and "Russian Knights", as stated in the military.

But now it has become clear that the benefit of these plans 2-"Swifts" — at least temporarily — transplanted to the MiG-29. "2-pilots of the basic structure of aerobatic team" Swifts "decided to send to retrain for new combat training aircraft Yak-130. Preparation begins in November. Pilots will reveal all the details of the latest flying machines and will be able to pass in the coming ability to young employees," — said the "Announcements" source, familiar with the situation.

It is with all this, did not say whether there will be pilots in the "Swifts" or will be transferred to the newest group.

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