The pyramids in the valley of Bosnia!

In 1994, near the town of Visoko, 22 km. from Sarajevo, capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the operations were conducted between the Serbs and the Bosnian Muslims. During the shelling of the city residents and heard a strange rumble "vibration" that emanated from Mount Visocica, as if there was an emptiness inside her.

Large-scale research and excavations in Visoko (Visoko) began April 14, 2006., When dozens of volunteers began the excavation on Mount Visocica at several points. After a few days under a meter of land was discovered huge man-made stone blocks stacked together. Sensation followed one after the other. On the stone slab steel stumble on all sides Visocica. Aerial view of the evidence of the "geophysical anomalies": two sides of the mountains were absolutely straight and form equal angles. Photos from satellites and helicopters added new arguments for the existence of the highest and the first pyramid in Europe.

Century in Bosnia this mountain was shrouded in an aura of mystery and legends. Residents of Visoko for many generations used to decorate the facades of houses and fences neatly planed stones with strange patterns, which are found in the vicinity of the mountain.

But more than talk about the mysterious mountain and did not go until the summer of 2005. in Visoko not come Semir Osmanagich (Semir Osmanagic), an independent researcher, who has spent 15 years studying the pyramids of Latin America. In August 2005, after taking the first ground fur Osmanagich made a daring assumption that Mount Visocica is nothing like a huge pyramid with a height of 220 meters!

Pyramids in Bosnia — 2006: Results of the first year of excavation

Large-scale research and excavations in Visoko (Visoko) began April 14, 2006., When dozens of volunteers began the excavation on Mount Visocica at several points. After a few days under a meter of land was discovered huge man-made stone blocks stacked together. Sensation followed one after the other. On the stone slab steel stumble on all sides Visocica. Aerial view of the evidence of the "geophysical anomalies": two sides of the mountains were absolutely straight and form equal angles. Photos from satellites and helicopters added new arguments for the existence of the highest and the first pyramid in Europe.

Mount Visocica became known as the pyramid of the sun, in the manner of the Mexican pyramids, with which it has much in common because of the truncated top.

Some archaeologists of Europe is very skeptical about the excavations and the idea of a pyramid in Bosnia, none of them bothered to visit the temple. But every day at Osmanazhicha supporters became more and more. Two well-known scientists from Egypt, a geologist and archaeologist Barakat El Hadidi acknowledged that the blocks of stone, which is lined with all the Pyramid of the Sun is very ancient and most importantly — an artificial origin. With a length of 2 to 3 meters of blocks are concrete, the mix of which is significantly different from the present. The version of the concrete have confirmed a number of institutions of Bosnia, including the Construction Institute in Sarajevo. Institute of Geodesy Bosnia made a sensational statement that all four sides of the pyramid are oriented to the cardinal points, and the northern directed to the North Star. It is known that the pyramids in Egypt and Mexico are also oriented.

Further research using radar and thermal technologies photographs revealed the new "geologically anomalous zones" in the border town of Visoko. They were the three pyramid-shaped hill, where in the early days of excavation, were found stone blocks of artificial origin.

Thus, in May 2006, the world became aware of the opening of the new pyramid: the Moon, Dragon and Love (very romantic names) as well as the fact that they do not fit our understanding of the pyramids known as the hills are of natural origin, which ancient architects have given a pyramidal shape, walls lined with man-made panels and numerous terraces.

On the plateau around the Pyramid of the Moon exactly lined with the same stone slabs that look just like modern urban paving.

Another big controversy erupted about the age of the pyramids and their builders. Semir Osmanazhich, a staunch supporter of alternative history, from the early days of the age of the pyramids excavation estimated at 10-12 thousand years, but the most galling for archeology was his official statement about the builders of prehistoric statues — Atlanteans or Hyperboreans, whose existence Osmanazhich doubts.

To the surprise of skeptics, scientists have established, taking into account the local climate, soil at the age of 8-12 thousand years, which covered all the pyramids, where 1 cm of the soil was formed for every 200 years, reaching from 40 cm to 1.5 meters today. But few have learned from laboratory studies that showed a number of millennia, that the pyramids are in a state of neglect, while the date of the erection could be much earlier 10 thousand years BC!

Another proof is excavation on the sides of the joints of the pyramids, which showed the presence of smooth angles, the so-called "edges" that could not have formed in situ, by geological, also on 3 sites at once.

By the fall produced a draft full of clearing one side of the pyramid of the Sun and the two "ribs", which is supposed to do by the end of 2008 may seem like a very long time, but only to clear one side of the pyramid need to withdraw thousands of tons of soil, the work of hundreds of volunteers and enormous amounts of money. As you can see in the photos, pyramid overgrown with trees and grass, making it difficult to conduct operations. Carts laden with soil volunteers descend to the bottom of a large slope, heavy machinery for excavation does not apply, for obvious reasons.

With the onset of cold weather in 2006. excavation stopped until the spring of 2007, but clearing the tunnel, opened in May, did not stop in the winter. The entrances to the tunnels discovered a few kilometers from the Pyramids and immediately made sure that all of them are under their foundation. The height of the tunnel as a man and as you get closer to the pyramids of their walls are becoming more sleek look, while the bottom shows through well-preserved stonework.

In June, the tunnel was found a large smooth stone with inscriptions resembling runic symbols and contemporary letters E and Y. But the most inexplicable is the absence of dead animals and insects in the tunnel: the logic in the remaining voids might dwell rodents, bugs, etc., earthy rock had to leave their footprints, but those are not found.

After an appeal to the archives and military agencies skeptics assumptions about the construction of tunnels in the Middle Ages or in the war of 1992-1995. disappeared, as there is no historical mention of them in the archives, the military also rejected the hypothesis of their communion. Not confirmed rumors about the construction of tunnels NATO militaries. Tunnels can lead to interior rooms (halls) of the pyramids.

In one year, a small, provincial town of Visoko visited 250 thousand tourists from around the world. Archaeologists, geologists, independent scientists and researchers from Austria, Egypt, Turkey, Serbia, Italy, USA, England, Germany, France, Jordan, Syria, arrived in Visoko to support Osmanazhicha and his sensational discovery, refute it, or even slander . The global scientific community has split into two camps, those who recognize the existence of pyramids in Bosnia and those who do not. Every month, the last is getting smaller.

From Vladivostok to Bosnia more than 13 thousand km. and, apparently, we do not communicate, if not a mountain Pidan, which, like the pyramids in Visoko is located on one 43 degrees north latitude, which confirms the theory of the relationship megalithic sites around the world.

Pyramids in Bosnia — 2007: The undeniable evidence

By the spring of 2007 Archaeological Park Bosnian pyramids attended by 250 thousand tourists from around the world, photography Pyramid of the Sun entered the list of the 10 most important pictures in 2006 the magazine National Geographic. The news channels in most countries of the world reported the discovery of the pyramids in Bosnia. Semir Osmanazhich became a hero to millions and one of the most recognizable people in Europe.

A small European country Bosnia and Herzegovina, 12 years ago torn apart by a bloody civil war, has received yet another reason to finally come together and forget the horrors of the past for the sake of the rights of his country considered the edge of the great pyramids.

The second year excavations began in April, although the tunnels, they did not stop in the winter. Study area covered the five pyramids and the area around a large complex of tunnels. As in 2006 applied the tactics of point excavations: at each site (except for the tunnels) are selected plots of various sizes for a detailed study them. This technique helps to appreciate the colossal structures, provide irrefutable proof to the skeptics and make models and maps for the sites in the coming years.

In May, it was found many stone structures artificial (man-made constructions) with ornaments, as well as the mysterious lines and stripes, reminiscent of the gutter on the masonry. If the ornament on the small stone tiles decorative wall was part of the pyramid, these lines are not fed explanation, they suggest a hitherto unknown culture.

Then have been found well-preserved and smoothly polished multi-ton slab of a hill Vratnitsa (Vratnica), who, not having a pyramidal shape, is a complex structure made of stone and concrete block, identical to that found in the nearby pyramids. Vratnitsa is a prehistoric temple or palace complex.

In June, broke another controversy surrounding the opening: a group of archaeologists and cultural studies from Bosnia and Europe called for the termination of excavation, as this may damage the medieval monuments of Visoko. The statements of this kind stood archaeological lobby, which from the beginning was skeptical of the fact of existence of pyramids in Bosnia. "Armchair archaeologists" as they are called Osmanadzhik, was only enough for 15 minutes of being in the Archaeological Park in order to make statements about the absence of pyramids in Bosnia. I wonder if all the great archaeologists have made their conclusions in 15 minutes?

A great victory was the support of the Government of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and later the president of the country, who visited the Archaeological Park and allocated budget item to provide material support to the excavations.

But the biggest scientific conclusions and statements were made during the second half of the summer. In July, the Archaeological Park arrived two-week visit of the Russian Academy of Sciences Russian scientists: the director of the Earth Institute named Schmidt, a former member of the space project "Apollo", a world-renowned expert on the study of the pyramids geophysical method, Academician Oleg Khavroshkin Earth Institute and an expert on behalf of Schmidt abnormal Seismology m geophysics professor Vladislav Tsiplakov.

Being at the site OB Khavroshkin made a sensational statement: "We face the stone blocks are not natural and artificial origin." So the first time Russian scientists have confirmed the existence of pyramids in Bosnia. Taking samples for research in Moscow, scientists reported on the reliability of the opening of the pyramids and betrayed the archaeological park more scientific status.

In autumn 2007 research report, "Seismo-acoustic fields and signals Visoko area: tunnels piramidopodobnye Education" was presented to the public.

"Description of the district of Visoko and piramidopodobnyh mountain formations is given in the report of S. Osmanagich. As the experience of the study of Egyptian pyramids as geophysical systems and their seismic acoustic field are highly informative. New data were obtained from the records of seismic fields and signals in tunnels near the CTC and the pyramid of the sun, as well as at the well (the pyramid of the Month). Defined by seismic velocities of the underlying rocks, and the spectral noise analysis indicates the possible existence of hidden cavities. Active and passive seismic piramidopodobnyh all structures revealed some of their particular kind of similar to the Egyptian pyramids: seismic acoustic emission, a small focus of signal on a line-vertex basis, and a stable set of frequencies of the spectral peaks. "

In August, an Egyptologist and Pyramidology Nabil MA Has been reduced (Dr. Nabil MA Swelim) from Cairo, the world-renowned for being opened four pyramids in Egypt, including the 20 meter pyramid Abu Ravash, after a long work on the excavation, said:
"In Visoko, we have the largest pyramid in the world, whose marvelous and complex architectural performance is of great importance for the whole world."

A month before the end of the excavations at the base of the pyramid of the moon, where there previously were excavated to a depth of one meter uncovered a well-preserved masonry, which dates back to the terraces of the pyramid. And in the temple complex Vratnitsa discovered new blocks of stone, strongly reminiscent of blocks that built the great pyramids of Egypt.

October 27 the second season of excavations of the pyramids in Visoko is over, except for the tunnels. By the end of 2007 Archaeological Park was visited by over 400 million people from 80 countries around the world. Ambassadors of Italy, Austria, Germany, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Poland, Croatia, Serbia and Greece in Bosnia and Herzegovina visited archaeological sites, demonstrating on behalf of the leaders of the states of great interest to the discovery of the pyramids. Chinese Ambassador twice visited Visoko to meet with Semir Osmanazhichem.

Pyramids in Bosnia — Scientists against sanity
Semir Osmanagic
"Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids" is and will be, because of its uniqueness, an important test for scientists and tourists from all corners of the Earth. To reveal all the secrets needed experience, knowledge and creativity to open nepoznanannogo people. But let us together look at some of the reactions of the experts of the scientific community who are among the first to express their attitude to the project, refusing to support any kind of research.

Professor Gerrett G. Fegan (Garrett G. Fagan) of the American Penselvanskogo State University said in the London Times: «destroy archaeological excavations Visoko. That is, if someone were given permission to bulldoze Stonehenge to find a mysterious underground labyrinth of lost ancient wisdom. "

Professor Garrett, known as the "defender of traditional archeology" is a real crusade against new and fresh knowledge in archeology. He attacks with no respect for independent researchers like Graham Hancock (Mr. Graham Hancock), calling them his favorite term "psevdoarheologi."

Stunning article in the Times of Professor Garrett came 15th April 2006, when we started excavations at the Pyramid of the Sun. A month later, the Federal Ministry of Culture has formed a team of experts, who confirmed that the site excavations located in hundreds of meters away from the medieval town of Visoki and does not threaten the archaeological memorial.

Sent to Professor Garrett apologized to the Foundation, in The Times of London or the general public? No, he did not. What happened to his moral and scientific honesty?

Professor of Archaeology Runnel Curtis, an expert on the ancient history of Greece and the Balkans at Boston University, said: "The Balkans and the chain of mountains, between 27,000 and 12,000 years ago were covered by glaciers in the region … was a very cold and dry climate …" — thus, the expert wishes to underline that, in the climatic conditions in the central Bosnia society could not develop to the extent to construct a pyramid.

But there is one fact that everyone can verify their own: First, the current territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina has never been covered by glaciers during the last ice age. All areas located north of Austria (Germany, Poland and the Scandinavian countries) have been only partially covered by the ice sheet, and Bosnia and the Adriatic Sea remained ice-free. Second, the Balkan Peninsula was not only free from glaciers, but the climate is very favorable terms. The average temperature was only 5 degrees C lower than today. And do not be surprised why the Balkans is a protected cultural oasis in Europe.

Professor Anthony Harting, President of the European Association arheologv in a letter to the editors of Time magazine (Time) Osmanazhicha describes the hypothesis of the existence of the pyramids as "absurd" and "misleading" and expresses its concern about the Bosnian cultural heritage in danger before the robbery of unauthorized study ( that is in danger due to the study of the pyramids. Approx. interpreter).

Professor Harting, please consider a better aerial photographs of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun. Pyramid has a geometric shape. This remind you cylinder, circle, wrong hill or pyramid formed by four triangles? Why should we call "absurd" that you can see with your own eyes? Visocica hill (Visocica hill), but rather "Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun" is a pyramid.

Let's look at some satellite or topographic map showing the three sides of the pyramid (the eastern, northern and western). I think that should be enough to get everyone's curiosity, including yours.

When considering the fact that all four sides of the "Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun" are oriented to the four cardinal directions (like most great pyramids of the world), it is apparent even to the student that we face standing in front of a hypothesis, not "absurd" as one wants to be considered.

Continued criticism of our study, as the attempted robbery, untested or unapproved project was completely unfounded. Because the Fund daily reports on the progress of the global community affairs at the excavations of the reports and statements. There is no "rip-off", a science and research. Perhaps Harting finds inconvenient our vision of an investigation? We are aware that the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids — part of the world cultural heritage, and not private property of some of the scientific elite. The door is open to everyone, we welcome all without charging money for the entrance fee.

Robert Schoch, Professor of Natural Sciences in the College of General Knowledge Boston University (Robert Schoch, Professor of Natural Science at the College of General Studies at Boston University), concluded that "the evidence for each, Mr. Osmanazhicha presence of artifacts on a geological explanation . "

And now let's take a closer look at the following examples to help you make the best decision as to whom and what to believe. Should we believe the American geologist, known in the archaeological community for his theories about the ancient age of the Sphinx or sound reasoning.

Let's start with an image showing a stone blocks located on the north side of the "Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun." From the position of the observer can see that this is a rectangular geometry with a straight and level surface on all sides, each of which is inclined at an angle of 90 degrees. Compound blocks form a straight line. See four levels of stone blocks, the general method for the construction of monuments. Who created all these? Of course humans, not Mother Nature. According to the final analysis of the Construction Faculty in Tuzla, we have to deal with a high-quality building materials.

Now let's take a look at the blocks of stone terraces, found on the south side of the "Bosnian Pyramid of the Moon." On top of the Pyramid of the Moon can clearly see the different levels of stone with wavy erosion on the surface, as on stone blocks found in other parts of the pyramid, at the bottom of prehistoric structures, we dug up a large block of stone of high quality concrete. Between the stone layers and between the blocks there and there was found a binder. According to the physical, chemical and macroscopic analysis of the material is identical in its composition, which is proof of the fact that both structures (Pyramid of the Sun and Pyramid of the Moon) were built by the same builders who used the same construction method and material at the same time .

At the foot of the pyramid there is a vertical stone wall. It was excavated under a meter of land in the north-western part of the Pyramid of the Moon. Level sandstone located directly above the vertical wall.

And so once again we ask Professor Shocha: Builders of people or Mother Nature?

Thousands of people had the opportunity to make sure that the huge and massive blocks of stone, part of the terrace, located on the western part of the Pyramid of the Moon — the result of human activity. So why is Dr. Schoch says that the work of Mother Nature?

Paul Heinrich (Paul Heinrich) — Louisiana Geological Survey geologist, Louisiana State University, says, "it looks like a hill composed of sloping stone slabs. The natural origin of the prevailing sand stones fastened together Osmanazhich interpreted as individual building blocks of the pyramid … "

And then … "The other incredible interpretation Osmanazhicha" — continues Heinrich, — "… apply to the origin of the spherical stones having the form of artificially made of stone balls, and the so-called tunnels, which, according to Osmanazhicha, are only part of the opening …". Heinrich continues: "… Osmanazhich attaches to his discovery of the old mines (mining in this area is over 1,000 years old) or a cave …" — ending with the words: "The best analogy I can give it — Himara: a mythological creature, collected in one of the various parts. Unrelated components, in this case — and natural artificial creation erroneously assembled together. "

When I read such a statement, in my mind there is always the question: How much is the most important archaeological sites in the world declared natural formations by such "experts"?

Do any one had any thoughts turn to the masons who work daily with the material before coming to a conclusion about the origin of natural or artificial stone slabs? In our district, dozens of masons and each of them confirmed that the recovered material is without a doubt the concrete. Final results confirming the theory artificial stone blocks provided Faculty of Civil Engineering in Tuzla (HIT), having different research samples from two locations (the Pyramids of the Sun and the Pyramid of the Moon). Dr. Heinrich should have an extremely excellent vision to come to such a serious conclusion that "compacted stone formations were formed under the influence of groundwater …", while on a visit to the object itself! In contrast, we have the conclusion of HIT from Tuzla and Egyptian geologist Dr Ali Barakat (Dr. Aly Barakat). Ali Barakat spent on the pyramids for more than five weeks, he fully agreed with the experts from Tuzla that binder and stone tiles are very similar to the material that was used in the construction of the ancient Egyptian temples.

Professor Heinrich says that "the so-called tunnel …" — I discovered, can be "anything …". The tunnels can not be "so-called"! If only he had resorted to the well-known method, which consists in visiting archaeological sites, he would have known that there is indeed a system of tunnels. It is an underground crossing 45 and 90 degrees, ventilation outlets, providing fresh air. These are all signs that we are faced with a difficult and important prehistoric complex.

But Heinrich insists that "the so-called … the old mine tunnels or natural caves …". The erroneous assumption that it is "mine" was rejected many times a group of experts from Zenica, and Banovici Bretz, who in April 2006 confirmed that it is not mine, but the tunnels made by people for unknown purposes. In addition, I would like to remind everyone of our theory that a complex of tunnels connects all the pyramids, the Visoko valley.

In the next image we see children from Visoko within the "normal", thus the entrance to the tunnel was already known as a few decades, so it is not Mr. Osmanazhich opened the "so called" tunnels. Artificial origin of these "normal" can identify each and conclude that it is not natural caves.

Also inside the tunnels, we found various megalithic slabs (megaliths) treated a man in the distant past, perhaps they served as a place of religious ceremonies.

Other surface solution for Professor Heinrich stone spheres that have been found in various parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which he defined as "natural" stones.

If Professor Heinrich back to early school days, he finds out that natural materials have never met in a spherical shape, as in this case, the granite stones. Granite stones may never be found in the ideal spherical shape. Take a look at the stone balls found in the town Teochak in Tuzla.

It was found eight such areas (of the same size, perfect shape, made of granite). I would suggest Heinrich first visit to Bosnia before coming to any conclusions. And what about the stone spheres found in Maglazhe or Zavidovici, which recently opened Archaeological Park "Bosnian stone balls» (The Archaeological Foundation of 'Bosnian Stone Balls'). These stone spheres — pre-historic phenomenon, objectively speaking, the product of human intervention. It seems that geologists were instructed beforehand that everything was done by Mother Nature, while common sense have to overcome their cliches and superficial assessment.

Our answer to all the scientists and researchers, including our opponents, very simple — with our common work, excavation and analysis we prove our hypothesis. We welcome all in the Archaeological Park Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids!

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