The reconstruction of the connecting portion with the Trans-Siberian Railway Trans-


Reconstruction of the 60-kilometer Trans-Siberian Railway connecting portion with the Trans-Korean Railway — Hasan (RF)-Tumen-Rajin (DPRK) began in mid-August. Shortly before that, the deputy chairman of "Gazprom" Alexander Ananenkov discussed in Pyongyang with North Korea's Ministry of Energy of the Russian project of the Trans-gas pipeline from Sakhalin. All of these projects are implemented through inter-private partnership (MGCHP), Russia, North and South Korea. The agreement of Russia, North and South Korea to restore the Trans-Korean Railway with the reconstruction of the Russian-North Korean connection portion Hasan-Rajin signed in March 2006.
In the port of Rajin to 2013-2014, will be built large container terminal, which is operated by the Russian-North Korean concession.
As for the Russian-Trans-Korean gas pipeline, its average annual output will exceed 10 billion cubic meters, and bring it into force not later than the scheduled 2017.
In the area of Rason, has the status of a special economic zone will be built Russia and the Trans-Korean gas pipeline and power line; here joined Trans-Siberian and Trans-Korean steel line.

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