The results of the visit of Patriarch Kirill to Ukraine

Completed his visit to Ukraine, Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia, Kirill. This is the second official visit of the head of the Russian Orthodox Church in Ukraine after his enthronement, except for participation in the inauguration of President Yanukovych. What are the main messages refrain in speeches during Patriarch Kirill's visit to Ukraine? What was the reaction of the Ukrainian society and the political elite? With these questions, we turned to our radio Vitaly browser Portnikava.

Drakakhrust: Which were the key moments of the visit of Patriarch Kirill, who sent the message he was "city and the world"?

Portnikov: It is definitely very important things that the patriarch said on the eve of the visit, and during the visit — statements not only religious but also political, that he spoke of the "Russian world". It was brought to the attention not only in church circles. He also talked about the situation in the Orthodox Church, it is very tough attitude to Ukrainian Church Kiev Patriarchate, calling into question the very possibility of negotiations. It is significant that the Patriarch tried to look the de facto head of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church-Moscow Patriarchate (UOC-MP), the head itself. It was so clearly demonstrated that at the end of the visit he had to explain the respect he refers to one of the most influential bishops Ukrainian and Russian Orthodox churches, Metropolitan of Kiev and All Ukraine Volodymyr. The impression that the Patriarch is preparing for a tighter control of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate after the change of the Metropolitan as Metropolitan Vladimir of an elderly person and very sick.

Vitaly Portnikov

It is assumed that in the future the UOC-MP is tightly controlled by the Clean alley (the residence of the Moscow Patriarchate in Moscow) and is unlikely to conduct independent consultations with the Ukrainian Orthodox Church Kiev Patriarchate and the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church of the possibility of unification.

Patriarch Kirill need united Ukrainian Orthodox Church, he needs a Ukrainian Orthodox Church is not simply a stole it, and under direct supervision.

During the visit, this position has been clearly defined, the Patriarch prayed for the historical department of the metropolitans of Kiev in the Hagia Sophia and all kind to prove that he is not only in Moscow but also the Kiev Patriarch.

Drakakhrust: And what was the reaction to the visit of the Ukrainian government and other political forces?

Portnikov: It would be easy to say that the Ukrainian opposition was adamant the visit of Patriarch Kirill, and the government is committed. But it is actually far more complex. Protested against the visit of Patriarch small, marginal part of the Ukrainian opposition. Some of these forces experts suspect in secret collusion with the authorities in order to create the image of a radical Ukrainian opposition.

That force led by Viktor Yushchenko, which is quite serious about the idea of a Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church, the Ukrainian disappeared from the political scene. Yulia Tymoshenko belongs to the ecclesiastical issues more carefully than Viktor Yushchenko.

The current Ukrainian government really committed to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate. But I will stress — a Ukrainian, and in connection with this attempt of Patriarch Kirill to represent himself head of the Church and the Ukrainian caused some irritation of the current Ukrainian authorities. It does not say publicly, but it is known to all.

Now Viktor Yanukovych has not visited any of the cities in which the trip was a pastoral Patriarch Kirill. And the patriarch had to change the order of the visit, to include the Crimea to meet with Yanukovych.

Such a meeting could not have been enough meetings in Kiev and considered. But the Russian Orthodox Church as established that require contact with the higher authorities. The patriarch, who visited some country and met with the head of this state, as it were, and do not have the patriarch. Therefore, the Moscow Patriarchate has sought to have the meeting took place, and has made his own, defeating the resistance of the administration of President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych and unwillingness to interrupt his vacation.

Drakakhrust: And the last question — about the explosion at the Orthodox Church in Kiev. This may be a common crime, and some Satanists and someone else. But the explosion occurred in the day of the holiday — the day of the Baptism of Russia, the last day of the visit of Patriarch Kirill. Not going to happen this crime shake confessional peace in Ukraine, not accusations against other religions?

Portnikov: So far about this crime is no information, other than law enforcement posts organav.Takiya cases in Ukraine are rare. Even the political response to these events nefarmatyzavanaya. One can only hope that the Ukrainian society, such cases will not trigger sectarian conflict between the various Orthodox churches because of this, perhaps, seek people who did this.



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