The search for caves Kudeyar




September 25 — October 3, 2004 a group of "Saratov-Kosmopoisk" of 7 people took a second attempt to explore the slopes of the local river, in a place where there are strong story about the "long straight underground passages to the big river." Head of Group N hydrochloric said: "The second weekend survey the river, on which the robbers were floating on boats (other rivers are too small for that). Legendary, the biggest cave is really long, but now it is impossible to examine all — collapses. Except it was a lot of others. were put on the plan inputs, but there was no time to climb — it is far from the city, the days are short. anything abnormal, except actually existing caves, and rumors of long passages have not yet found. skidded continue the search itself in the future plans … "


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