The secret of eternal youth

During the communication is concentrated in the area of the face look interlocutor. The person silently gives age. Cherished dream — to look younger?

Change your face! Such a call is not surprising. With age, even the most optimistic spirited, cheerful person sees as his face takes on an expression of sadness, resentment or rigor. It is promoted by age-related changes, the signs of aging.

A sense of self remains unchanged, the desire to please themselves and others, to look young.

With each passing year it becomes harder to stop the ravages of time: it is impossible to keep, over the years, "you can not argue."

But here have a young and well-featured face without wrinkles possible at any age thanks to cutting-edge technology Endotine (Endotin), has been used successfully by plastic surgeons ON CLINIC.

The modern approach to rejuvenation allows you to keep a perfect result for a long time. And as long as possible to maintain the result of rejuvenation with the help of experts.

Lifting Technology

A facelift or a separate zone by using Bioimplant — endotinov or ultratinov. It's either ultra-thin plate-clamps, or tape, equipped with locking teeth.

Implants are made of hypoallergenic modern biomaterial — easy bioresorbable polymer (polylactic complex and glycolic acid). For each zone, there is a certain kind of person Bioimplant.

Statement of the implant can be carried out and as a minimally invasive surgery (duration of about one hour), and form part of a "global" transactions.

Before the operation the plastic surgeon ON CLINIC not only conducts the necessary course of patient diagnostic procedures, but also carefully planned treatment (based on the individual characteristics of the patient).

When conducting a face-lift and setting of the fixing belt surgeon makes an incision invisible hairline or behind the ear. With the help of a doctor fixing tape lifts the fabric, gives them shape, tightens up. At the end of the operation imposed inconspicuous seams.

Thus, the surgeon locates the plastic implants so as to achieve maximum results and the best aesthetic effect lifting.

The advantages and possibilities of technology Endotine

Durability and Availability fixing belt teeth reliably retain tissue in the "raised" position to uniformly distribute the tension until the regeneration process is completed, and the lock will not resolve.

The unique technology Endotine is that it gives the opportunity to work with any type of person.

Remove wrinkles, the problem of overhanging upper eyelids, adjust the volume and height of the jaw, the lower third of the face, make the skin taut and young again — lifting stunning effects can be achieved at any age.

Who can confidently say that the time has no power over him? Is it possible to make communication "face to face" more enjoyable, comfortable, confident?

This is the secret of youth! Today, thanks to plastic surgeons ON CLINIC is a unique opportunity to be proud of their appearance, and not be ashamed of it.

It's time to prepare for the attention and admiring glances. Youth is always to face!

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