The secret of every third

Each woman has her secrets: big and small, and not very pleasant. Some of them we love to discuss in the company of close friends: how to be transformed with the help of make-up, cook a delicious dessert, avoid stress at work … However, there are secrets that we can not share even with the closest people …

Every third * woman in Russia have ever faced involuntary release of urine. For some, this happens when they laugh, lift weights or perform athletic exercises. Or when the bus just in a hurry. Even in the very near your community can find a friend, a relative or friend who has faced such a situation. Just this is not to say — oddly enough, even in this age there are still "taboo subjects".

Why is this happening? The main reason is that the weakened pelvic floor muscles that control the process of urination. To this can cause a variety of reasons, the most common — pregnancy and childbirth. Women often face the disruption of the bladder during menopause, when the body is occurring physiological and hormonal changes. Incontinence can also be a side effect of certain medications or the result of urinary tract infections.

Bladder anyway changes lives. How much — depends on what kind of methods for solving the problem are selected. Most women simply do not have enough information about what you can do in such a situation, how to improve it, what tools to use hygiene, to what experts refer. They have to reinvent themselves to different strategies depending on the situation. Some are beginning to wear baggy clothes to flow remained elusive. Others begin to avoid situations in which having to sit and not move for a long time, such as a concert or going to the movies. Involuntary urination affects the emotional state of women: confusion, constant "fad" in the head, the fear that others will guess the problem on the wet marks on clothing or smell.

However, the unpleasant emotions easily avoided! If you understand why the lost urinary control, as it can be restored, which means hygiene use to feel really comfortable, it becomes clear that there is nothing to fear and hesitate.


TENA — ** Global leader in the market for security products in involuntary urination. TENA supports women, faced with the phenomenon helps them feel confident giving objective information on the subject and talking about how to improve the situation. It is very important for women to share their experiences and support friend other, even in a delicate situation. For this special project was organized by the "Support her!"

The secret of every third — this is a unique resource where every woman can:

  • Get objective information of involuntary urination
  • Leave warm words of support women who are faced with the phenomenon of
  • Learn all about created especially for such delicate situations pads TENA Lady, which perfectly absorb liquid and neutralize odor, providing a dry and comfortable
  • Find special tips to possible to improve the situation
  • To share experiences and find support forum
  • Learn about the schedule of special advisers TENA


Stay cheerful and confident in themselves, do not change their traditional way of life and remember: supporting each other women can cope with any situation.


            * These studies on urinary incontinence in women, in March 2009, LLC "Magram Market Risech." The study involved 1,711 women in 14 cities with populations of 1 million or more people.

** Source: Global Outlook for Hygiene Absorbent products and Key Raw Materials in 2007, 2008 and 2013. John R.Starr, Inc. February 2009



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