The secret of perfect legs

Slender and beautiful legs — the perfect complement to the rich inner world. Is not it time to realize the dream of a perfect legs in life?

Beautiful legs caught admiring glances, they are perfect dresses of any length, they sing of the great poets, they are characterized by a confident and graceful gait, they quickly go to success.

Unfortunately, not all women can safely show off your legs, and even more claim to the title holders of the most attractive legs.

Do not forget about the men (and even though it is easier to hide their "shortcomings" under clothes), for which the problem may also be relevant.

Why put up with the datum of nature? Today it is possible to realize the dream of ideal, slender and attractive legs in life.

What might bother?

Those people who are concerned about the problem of "imperfections" of their feet can limit yourself to choosing clothes. The need to "drape" reduces the disadvantages of self-esteem, affect the quality of life and may seem unsolvable problem.

And this problem is not only the desire to please others or to attract the attention of the opposite sex, but also the most important — the desire to please myself.

Is beautiful and shapely legs — the result of grueling physical exertion? Can exercise to compensate external flaws, and even more so to change the shape of the feet, lower legs? Of course not!

Root of the problem

Beauty legs depends on the shape of the tibia. To estimate also provides an indicator as "curvature" legs that can be true and false.

The true curvature of the foot is associated with bone deformation, the false — the insufficient development of the calf muscles.In the latter case, the only possible method of correction is kruroplastika or plastic legs.

Kruroplastikainvolves the installation of implants to fill the volume of the calf muscles. At the same time manage to solve several problems at once: adjust the shape of the feet and lower legs to increase the amount of (a form of implant is selected depending on individual circumstances and wishes of the patient).

Secrets of Technology kruroplastiki

Plastic legs achieves results in cases where the cause bending deformation is not bone, namely disproportion of soft tissue, under-developed calf muscles ("false curvature").

Kruroplastika eliminates excessive thinness legs or a curved shape discrepancy, recreating perfectly smooth contours of the lower leg, eliminating asymmetries and giving the required volume, the natural shape of the calves feet.

Increase legs is carried out using modern implants that are fixed under the fascia of the gastrocnemius muscle.

Subsequently implants hardly felt, they are firmly fixed and do not move. Due to the silicone filler calf muscles not only look, but also perceived by touch naturally.

If necessary, use liposuction removes subcutaneous fat (in the thigh) and spend lifting the inside of the thigh.

Plastic legs at ON CLINIC

Create a beautiful shape legs helped by experienced and highly qualified plastic surgeons medical center ON CLINIC.

Kruroplastika at ON CLINIC conducted with the use of implants the world's leading manufacturers of good authors' methodology. In each case, a plastic surgeon determines the optimal level and the position of the implant in order to achieve maximum aesthetic result.

During the operation, a tiny incision in the popliteal fossa. Subsequently, the seam is almost invisible. The operation takes 1.5 hours rehabilitation — not more than 1 week.

During the rehabilitation of the patient is observed as a day patient and goes ON CLINIC complex medical procedures, allowing you to quickly return to an active life.

ON CLINIC — modern methods of aesthetic correction!


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