The secret to a perfectly smooth skin

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When you look at the famous actress and model, sometimes even envy takes — how they manage to look 40 years at 20? The skin is fresh, firm, and not a wrinkle. Is it available only to those who do not get out for days from the beauticians? How to look good at any age? What methods of rejuvenation offers a modern beauty industry? How to use acupuncture to get rid of wrinkles and make the skin perfectly smooth?

These and other questions are answered MD, author of the methods of treatment of overweight Golden Eagle ®, physician reflexologist Mariyat Mukhina.

— Before figuring out how to deal with wrinkles, I want to understand why they are there at all?

There are several reasons for the appearance of wrinkles. First — our facial expressions. When we frown, smile, or thought, frowning, your facial muscles to tighten the skin, collecting it in small folds. This happens automatically — so a person expresses their emotions.

The brighter the facial expressions, the more strain is experiencing skin, and the faster it will "wear out" in the field of education wrinkles.

Also important reason is the age factor, which causes the reduction of collagen and elastin in the skin.

— What does "wear out"?

Imagine a sheet of paper that day-to-day flex in the same place. After a while, he just burst. Of course, paper leather is more complicated, but a constant load on the same portions of its leads to the fact that these defective areas are formed.

Our skin is 60% of hyaluronic acid — a gel-like substance that actually provides the elasticity of the skin due to its unique ability to bind water. At the "wear" occurs overrun hyaluronic acid, and, therefore, decreases the amount of retained moisture, skin turgor and elasticity decreases. Over time, small skin folds cease to flatten and turn into wrinkles.

— At what age usually appear first wrinkles?

Here are all individually, but on average it is 25 years.

— It has become very popular on the facial wrinkles Botox prick. True, he helps?

Indeed, the injection of botulinum toxin reduces the amount of facial wrinkles, especially on the forehead and around the eyes ("crow's feet"). This is due to the immobilization of these zones. Unfortunately, Botox is not always completely eliminate deep wrinkles, as it only immobilizes the muscles, but does not make the skin factor of youth — hyaluronic acid.

-So what to do, what is the secret of youthful skin renewal?

To get rid of wrinkles requires additional administration hyaluronic acid, that is biorevitalization. This procedure may return to 50% of hyaluronic acid lost.

In addition, some wrinkles, such as nasolabial and okologubnye, stabbing Botox is not recommended. Facial muscles — sinergisty: in the absence of movement in one muscle group, other groups may also lose their tone. This will disturb the natural facial expressions.

— With facial wrinkles sorted out. Are there other reasons for the formation of wrinkles?

The second reason — reducing the amount of elastin and collagen fibers that make up connective "skeleton" of the skin. With age, their number decreases significantly, especially in areas of high mimetic loads. As a result, the skin loses its elasticity and wrinkles become deeper.

— When does it happen?

Noticeable changes occur in about 35-37 years old — formed lines at the corners of his mouth, deepening nasolabial folds, etc. These processes can accelerate the ultraviolet radiation (which is why beauticians do not recommend abusing tan), as well as smoking and living in metropolitan areas with the bad environment.

— What to do? How to stop the destruction of these fibers?

The secret to a perfectly smooth skin

Mariyat Mukhina

Completely stop will not work — it is a normal physiological process, but you can slow down. To strengthen the "frame" in the clinics we ORIGITEYA ® uses chemical, ultrasonic and diamond peels, methods of hardware cosmetology — turbolifting micro-current, laser and photo-rejuvenation. To smooth the wrinkles apply contouring: an introduction to problem areas of the gel formulations of hyaluronic acid of high concentration.

— Many women and men are not only concerned about wrinkles, but also "floated" oval face, which gives the age of …

All ages (scientifically, involutionally degenerative) changes because of the current progress on the soft tissues of the face of gravity.

— That is, our skin ages due to gravity?

You could say that. In contrast to skeletal muscle in which both muscles of legs attached to the bones, the bones of the facial muscles are attached only at one end and the other — to the skin. It turns out that they are literally hanging in the air. This feature explains why the soft tissues of the face can not resist the force of gravity and eventually sag — formed ptosis.

Weight reduction and the associated decrease in subcutaneous fat on her cheeks and chin also enhances ptosis.

— What to do?

If sagging skin just started to do acupuncture on my face zone method (the method used Fly) with lifting effect only in clinics ORIGITEYA ®, to significantly postpone the formation of ptosis (sagging) of soft tissues. However, if the person decided to take the treatment of ptosis after 60 years, it uses plastic surgery techniques in combination with a therapeutic and hardware cosmetology. The procedures selected individually depending on the condition of the skin.

— There are some special ways to define and obektivizirovat skin condition?

Of course. In our clinics Origiteya ® is used for the diagnosis of advanced diagnostic equipment. It takes photographs, scans, holds deep 3D-and video-study of the skin, allowing for 15 minutes to evaluate such important indicators of the skin as moisture, fat content, pH, elasticity and melanin content. The only way to pick up techniques and beauty products are optimally suited for the individual woman.

— Dr. Mukhina, what techniques are used to rejuvenate your clinics ORIGITEYA ®?

Our patients — men and women, reducing weight by Golden Needle ® technology, we can offer no injection (needle-free), mesotherapy, and integrated biorevitalisation hyaluronic acid, botox, contouring, and ultrasonic diamond peels, micro-current turbolifting and laser rejuvenation techniques. For therapeutic care program used three product lines — Klapp (Germany), Yon-Ka (France) iHoly Land (Israel).

— What are cosmetic problems often come to your patients?

The specificity of our clinics is that we help people get rid of excess weight on technology Golden Needle ®. Sometimes it is about 20 kilograms or more. Therefore, our patients are most concerned about the problem of sagging skin after the course.

— And how do you solve it? Are women are pointing to a plastic surgeon?

As a rule, we are able to do without surgery.

Realizing the importance of combating ptosis for our patients, we have developed a unique author's technique that allows to tighten sagging skin even strongly. Acupuncture technique called lifting method Fly ®.

— Tell us about it in more detail.

Acupuncture facelift was created and patented over 10 years ago. Its essence: a complex effect on biologically active points of the face (acupuncture points) with a special needle. We are working on the skin, adipose tissue and muscle. As a result, the skin begins to develop itself connective tissue structures (autofibrilly ™), ensuring the strengthening of its "frame", which gives a pronounced and long-lasting lifting effect.

— As far as expressed, and how long?

Let's say that one procedure Acupuncture midface lifting effect by the method Fly ® replaces 10 mesotherapy procedures, and multiple sessions can significantly tighten the skin, improve skin tone and improve elasticity. Effect lasts up to several years. In addition the procedure is performed by the method of harmonization akupunturnym points, such exposure increases immunity and harmonizes the stomach and intestinal tract, increases the body's resistance to stress, ie, has a strong healing effect on the human body.

Also for the fight against aging skin I want to recommend our product — ozonoakupunkturu (ozone therapy on acupuncture points). After ozone therapy skin is beautiful and elastic, wrinkles are smoothed, are completely eliminated bruises under his eyes.

Since April 1, at clinics Origiteya ® discounts of up to 50% on ozonoakupunkturu.

— Dr. Mukhina, what would you recommend to women and men who want to look younger?

Do yourself is never too late, so start now!

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