The servants of the people will now eyes and the eyes

The official website of the State Duma election results will be available to each deputy. Also in the near future the network has information about MPs, truants and requests that each individual writes the "servant of the people."

This site will tell Duma vote of each member of parliament, according to RBC Daily.

According to RBC daily, surrounded by the State Duma Speaker Sergei Naryshkin, an innovation by open ballot members — the first step in the implementation of the "Open Parliament". "In the future we expect (and still is being actively discussed in the Duma) to develop a system for monitoring and publishing data for each deputy. The network can give all the information about the number of meetings attended glider, how to vote and what parliamentary inquiries wrote each individual member of parliament, "- said the source publication.

MP from the "Just Russia" Ilya Ponomarev does not believe that the system of publishing data on truant online something would give. "A person may not be in place, but his voting card is always in the room. As for the deputies' inquiries, it is really important, I became one of the first deputies who volunteered to skip their mail through an open system. But oblige other choices do it while it is impossible, "- said Mr. Ponomarev. "I am a supporter of maximum openness and interactivity of the State Duma. The more the public is aware of our work, the less speculation and innuendo, "- said the deputy of the" United Russia "Sergei Zheleznyak.

Igor Bunin, president of the Center for Political Technologies, believes that such measures clearly demonstrate the power of the desire to move towards monitoring the deputies' voting. "There have been precedents: the party expelled from its ranks of deputies, when opened, that they did not always agree with the positions of political leadership movements," — said the expert.

The State Duma adopted in the second reading the bill on controlling the cost of state employees. According to the document, the officials must report any major purchases — real estate, cars, securities and stocks. And this also applies to their spouses, and even their young children, telling News.

PS: a very sensible proposal, which would avoid situations like these.

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