The shepherd Blazy Grkovich — defeat the bear with his bare hands

Blasi Grkovich — 48 year old Bosnian pastex, recently showed little miracles of human courage and strength. He almost bare hands beat a bear!

A few days ago Blazy Grkovich (Blazo Grkovic) as usual at dawn tending his flock of sheep at the foot of the mountain Voluyak (Volujak). Suddenly, the man heard a loud crash and then saw the bear, who jumped out of the bushes.

The shepherd was not ready for a sudden attack of the beast, and therefore missed the attack — the bear grabbed Blazy leg. But the man who took part in the Bosnian war of 1992, was able to pull myself together and not to panic.

Grkovich instinctively grabbed a small carpenter's ax and struck the aggressive animal in the neck. Strike the shepherd was struck with such force that the bear could not resist and fell to the ground.

In this situation, most people would prefer to run away, enjoying a happy escape from the ferocious beast. But the veteran acted differently — he jumped on the bear and engaged him in a fierce battle.

According to Blasi, he does not remember all the details of the fight and can not say how long it lasted. The shepherd said that the memory crashed when the huge animal knocked the ax from his hand.

Again, a man showed remarkable strength and courage: he grabbed with both hands in the bear's neck, trying to strangle him. The epic battle ended with the victory of man — wounded shepherd managed to kill his opponent.

Real have won Grkovicha so hard that he could not stand on their own feet. A man had to call his brother, who came after him, along with the doctors "first aid".

Aesculapius who examined Blazy, diagnosed with severe soft tissue injury of the left forearm, as well as lacerations and abrasions hands, feet and face.

Being surrounded by family members, the shepherd told the continuation of his adventures. It turned out that after the murder he saw the animal not far off another bear to watch him. To the great relief of man, beast began to move and soon disappeared into the woods.

Proud wife of the hero — World — told reporters that her husband inherited the power and courage from his great-grandfather Stevan, who at one time was known as one of the most powerful people in Herzegovina.



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