The Sun revealed the dark side of the soul

Photo of the transition layer of the Sun Received 28.08.2012 at 19:39 GMT
in the helium lines HeII 304 A AIA instrument on board the satellite SDO

A few months before the expected end of the world The sun finally showed mankind the "dark side of the soul." In the night from 26 to 27 August the space coronagraph, continuously monitor the substance arising from the sun, freeze a plasmoid, which at a certain percentage of the imagination was very similar to the furious face of the man, or even to "face the Devil." In this form, the release, however, was short-lived (less than an hour) and then turned to the usual plasma cloud, typical of this type of object, and gradually melted into interplanetary space.

In general, solar structures are relatively common can see some very unusual objects, which, however, is very short-lived and there are usually a few hours to days. So less than three months ago Observatory SDO could see the sun very funny bird, similar, though more on the cartoon character than the real birds. A few years ago, in December 2010, the Sun is quite a long time there was a giant smiley. Then, smiling, the sun looked at our planet for nearly five days. If you compare this to current events, we must admit that in the past two years, the mood of our star deteriorated.

However, experts predict that of the Sun is still time about a year to restore the normal rhythm of activity and with it, perhaps, to its former vitality. At least, it was in late 2012 and the first half of 2013 is likely to become clear how deep is current depression of our star, and is there ever any chance to get out of an impending "Maunder minimum."

Laboratory of X-ray astronomy of the Sun (LPI)

Category: Watching the sun and solar anomalies

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