The theory of free money as opposed to debt money

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"Best slave — a slave who believes himself to be free …"

What is Free Money?

Free Money (German Freigeld) — concept introduced by the German economist Silvio Gesell, in order to indicate the money used only as a means to share (a measure of value and medium of exchange), but free of interest.


Free Money (Freigeld) Silvio Gesell


Experiment Gesell (free money) in Russia

In his scientific works Gezel distinguished between the rate of interest and the marginal efficiency of capital and argues that it is the rate of interest which sets limits the growth rate of real capital. In addition, he notes that the rate of interest — this is purely a monetary phenomenon, and that the specific feature of money, from which the percentage value for money, is that ownership of money as a store of wealth involves the holder in negligible costs of storage, and forms wealth, such as stock-in-trade, possession of which is associated with costs actually bring revenue only because this is the "order", established with money.


Alchemy money

The idea of "free money» (Freigeld) on the idea that good money should be an "instrument of exchange and nothing more." According to Gesell, traditional forms of money is extremely inefficient, because "disappear from circulation every time there is an increased need for them, and flooded the market at the moment when the number of the already excessive." Similar forms of money "can only serve as an instrument of fraud and usury and should not be recognized usable, no matter how attractive they appear to their physical qualities."

The main ideas

Silvio Gesell was in favor of the nationalization of land and abolition of interest on loans.

Gesell believed that "natural economic order", which provides the circulation of money — is the order in which the money is paid public service, the so-called "cash-negative interest" when the current owners of the money required to transmit regularly to the State some small amount as a fee for the right to use the money the public issue.

The first practical application of the views Gesell was an experiment in 1932 in the Austrian town of Wörgl with a population of 3,000 people. The experiment in a bridge was built, improved roads, increased investment in public services. It was at this time when many European countries were forced to deal with rising unemployment, unemployment in Wörgl fell by 25%. When more than 300 communities in Austria interested in this model, the Austrian National Bank saw this as a threat to their monopoly and prohibited the printing of free local money. Despite the fact that the dispute lasted a long time and seen even in the highest courts of Austria or Wörgl, no other European communities are not able to repeat this experiment.


The history of the dollar and the Federal Reserve, the origins of the crisis

Who is the most powerful system of free money — Swiss WIR (German Wirtschaftsring-Genossenschaft, Cooperative Economic Circle), involving 62,000 participants and provides an annual turnover equivalent to 1 billion 650 million Swiss francs. This system was established in 1934 as a mechanism for management of payments crisis that has developed under the influence of the Great Depression. However, in 1952 they were forced to abandon the theory of Gesell "free money" and are now using the lending rate.

A logical extension of Gesell's ideas are different versions of "local exchange trading systems» (LETS), available today in the U.S. and in Europe.

Since there are many systems of alternative unsecured credit money, which means that in theory there is a reason to avoid a catastrophe, all trying to guess which way this disaster can be prevented — by peaceful or violent. Romance, environmentalists like Margrit Kennedy, whose book "Money, without interest and inflation" became the bible of the supporters of the theory of free money Silvio Gesell in Russia, called for the peaceful transition and patient persuasion of the financial elite of the need to voluntarily withdraw from the main feeders — credit money. It is difficult not to agree that, but imagine measure botanical idealism, the need for the formation of a belief in the possibility of such a development.

Equally unrealistic is and forcible resolution of the situation, because the suppression apparatus, equipped with modern technology, and in the service of the "old money", so superior to the chances of any opposition, which excludes even the hint of a meaningful military confrontation. Not to mention the fact that an effective system of total brainwashing through the media will never allow the birth of "wrong thinking" in an amount sufficient to mass confrontation.

So, like it or not, the most likely course of events presented in the form of roasted rooster pecking — the very financial disaster, which seems inevitable. In such circumstances, it is tempting to assume that the story of alternative monetary systems — no more than idle knowledge, no practical motive.

Originality of theme, however, is that all the free-money originally created not as an alternative to the global financial system, but as a local initiative that can make life easier for small communities, towns, cities, at most — an area or county. There is even a synonym to describe varieties Freigeld Silvio Gesell — community currencies, local currencies. The idea of a complete replacement of national currencies free money came much later — during the final departure of the monetary fantasy from reality goods and services (in the early 80's of the last century).

It is in the local aspect of free money, the possibility of their use in the very limited area of the market space we see the topic of practical interest for the readers of "Business Magazine". At least — for the most curious part of them. After implementation scheme Freigeld so elementary, and the effectiveness of their use is so patent that sin to resist and not to try!


Gold reserve


Mechanic crisis — part 1


Mechanic crisis — part 2

Silvio Gesell's concept. The theory Freigeld on the idea that good money should be an "instrument of exchange and nothing more." According to Gesell, traditional forms of money is extremely inefficient, because "disappear from circulation every time there is an increased need for them, and flooded the market at the moment when the number of the already excessive." Similar forms of money "can only serve as an instrument of fraud and usury and should not be recognized usable, no matter how attractive they appear to their physical qualities." Silvio Gesell wrote these words in a time when the gold standard was a more common condition of paper money. Subsequent refusal to provide any money and stripped of their last — physical — appeal.

If Gesell focused on criticism of the monetary systems of imperfection, his name would have long since melted into the sand of history. More so that critical analysis of Gesell and some not worth the monumental vivisection carried out by Karl Marx over capitalism. Gesell's genius lies elsewhere: in the conclusions and — most important! — Practical recommendations.

In Marx, the "evil" — a surplus value, and the restoration of justice involves the removal of the cost of one class in favor of another. In Gesell's "evil" — a credit nature of money, and justice requires the elimination of this credit nature. Just think about difference: instead of violence against people — violence against abstraction!


Great American show (as we are governed)

Modern money, designed to facilitate the exchange of the definition of ordinary goods have, in contrast to most of these products, the unique ability: they know how to multiply itself without any effort on the part of the owner. The farmer, delivering to market fruit vulnerable to the time factor, if not quickly sell the goods, he will either fall in price, or worse. Money in your pocket buyer deprived of such shortcomings. Besides, the money can be stored in the pocket and in the bank, where they will grow. And apples, and tomatoes, and a personal computer and the car eventually rot, mope, amortized and impaired, and the money retain the advantages of non-perishable goods.

Money in their current form have become the perfect product, which explains their lack of interest in the maintenance of the traditional goods and services, where they are taken for self-satisfaction — whether in the form of time deposits, securities, bonds, options, futures, vorrantov, swaps, and a host derivatives.

It can be assumed that the difference between the free money from the traditional in that they do not accrue interest. Where there! Silvio Gesell proposed a revolutionary time for a new idea: the money is not enough to deprive the ability to make a profit from interest, they must impose interest! In other words, for the use of money to be charged: "Only money obsolete, like newspapers, rotting, potatoes, rust like iron, and fading, as ether, can be a worthy tool for the exchange of potatoes, newspapers, iron and ether. Since only the money, buyers and sellers would not prefer most items. And then we will leave with the goods for the money only because we need the money as a means of exchange, not because we expect to benefit from the possession of money themselves. "


The moral foundations of the economy. Efimov VA

I accidentally made a reservation that the concept Freigeld groundbreaking for a new time. The biggest revelation of free money Silvio Gesell concluded that not only the idea, but the experience of its application in practice to ancient history! I think the reader will be interested to know that free money for a long time were used in ancient Egypt …! "The units of money with demurrage / A contemporary synonyms Freigeld (along with" neutral "," negative "," free "money):" You can compare the money to the railway carriage, which, like money, easier exchange of goods. It goes without saying that the railway company is not paying a premium (interest) to those who use the trolley, for his discharge, to ensure its continued use, but the user pays a small "fee simple" (demurrage), if not provided unloading wagons. This is basically all that we should have done with the money, to avoid the negative impact of interest. Each user allocates a small "fee for setting the parking lot," if the money holds for longer than is necessary for the purpose of exchange "(Margrit Kennedy." Money without interest and inflation "). / In Egypt were coarse fragments of pottery, called" ostraca " (ostraka). In fact, these fragments were receipts for deposits made by farmers in the local stores: A farmer was taking corn and received "ostraca."

And it really sensational information about the different variations on the theme Freigeld were the main form of money in medieval Europe from X to XIII century!

"In the German states it was" bracteates »(bracteaten), thin silver plates, which were derived from the circulation and replaced with new ones every year." And also: "In 930 AD. e. English King Etelstan found that every small town should have its own mint! In the context of this tradition of local lords growing revenue through «Renovatio Monetae» (literally "The resumption of issue") has been established everywhere. For example, in 973 Edgar reversed coining English penny. Almost six years later, the young King Ethelred II began minting new coins. He repeated it since in about equal intervals. The main motivation was that the royal treasurer was given only three new coins for four old, equivalent to a 25% tax every six years on any capital contained in the coins, or about 0.35% per month. Thus, a new coinage was a crude form of payment for storage. "

Priority free money over credit, observed at the origins of European civilization, is more proof (in addition to the traditional Christian prohibition on usury) our obsession: bank capitalism that dominates the modern economy is by no means an organic development of social relations, but only records the defeat tradition, she inflicted alien moral and ethical system.


Masters of money — part 1


Masters of money — part 2

If the U.S. is once again befall the Great Depression, the consequences will feel the whole world. That's why economists look closer Freigeld, an alternative to conventional dengam.Kak we already explained, the fundamental difference between the free money from the loan is generally accepted that free money not only does not earn interest, but, in contrast, are taxed for storage. Silvio Gesell originally proposed four forms of the principle Freigeld (table free money, fine, serial and optional), but then stopped for a branded form, which has been implemented in practice in Austria, Switzerland, Germany and America.

That form Freigeld branded under the name "vintage certificates" Irving Fisher described in his book. The main characteristics of free money: like regular money, they can be put into the account, invest or spend, but they can not multiply. This is achieved as follows. Suppose the city authorities decide to issue free money, whose value-equivalent set by agreement at a thousand dollars. Purpose of issue — subsidizing municipal building for one year. Success requires good will, at least two parties: the workers involved in the construction, and the merchants who these workers are purchased. First have to agree to take free money as compensation, the latter — as payment for goods. Fisher holds that this need not enter into a contract with all the trade organizations: just a few that others voluntarily pulled up by the competition. Free money are issued for a period of one year, after which they may be exchanged for regular dollars. For the exchange of the municipal authorities at the time of expiration of living require thousands of dollars, which, in addition to traditional bank loans, you can get most of the emission, since branding model free money allows for sustainability of the project.


That's how the world works monetary system!

Here's how it looks. The front side of vintage certificates are generally similar to the usual money. It indicates the value equivalent (for example, one dollar), the name of the issuer, the terms and conditions in exchange for ordinary money. On the reverse side are 52 cells that need weekly stamp. Suppose, by arrangement control day of the week Wednesday. So, vintage certificate may be in circulation with the old mark on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, and next Wednesday the last holder of the certificate is required to paste a new brand. Mark's two cents worth is sold by municipal authorities that implement the project of free money.

Now I understand where the money come from for the free exchange of money for a normal expiration at the time: in the end, every branded certificate will have 52 labels or stamps that are sold to the municipality for $ 1 4 cents. Emissions in 1000 dollars, so, brings 1040 dollars of cash. 1000 will go to cover the exchange, and 40 — for the cost of administering the project.

However, the self-sufficiency of vintage certificates — minor matters. Importantly, the weekly expiration of free money leads to an unheard of turnover! Judge: each holder of a certificate of brand wants to get rid of it as soon as possible in order to avoid paying the tax next Wednesday in the form of two-cent stamps. Eventually all the free certificates Tuesday night accumulate at retailers, wholesalers or manufacturers that stamp — a form of tax — with great pleasure: these vigorous money gives them unprecedented trading volumes. According to the calculations of Irving Fisher, turnover free money in hundreds of American cities during the Great Depression, at least 12 times (!) Exceeded the normal turnover of dollars! It is this property of free money lets talk about their unique performance, which, as you know, is defined by "the amount, multiplied by the velocity of circulation."


As the U.S. Federal Reserve makes money out of nothing — FROM THE AIR

Danger to the status quo of the world financial elite, lingering in the concept Freigeld, incomparably higher than that of all the possible variations on the theme of "Capital," Karl Marksa.Model functioning of free money, described by Irving Fisher, was literally verbatim already implemented in the very first tests of the concept of Gesell in practice. First in Germany — the owner of a coal mine Max Hebeker resurrected from the ashes of a Bavarian village Shvanenkirhen whose population (500 people), the last two years, there was enough to eat for state unemployment benefits: "A few months after the reopening of the mine Shvanenkirhen was not to learn — the workers and owners of shops completely pay off all their debts, and a new spirit of freedom and life literally hovered over the city. The news of the prosperity of the village in the midst of the economic depression that hit Germany, instantly spread around. Reporters from around the country wrote about the "miracle Shvanenkirhena", and even the United States can be read about the experiment in the financial sections of major newspapers. "


Money — the pyramid of debt

A year later, the German experience was triumphantly repeated Austrian town mayor Vergel Mikael Unterguggenbergerom. After the introduction of the free circulation of money created by the type of vintage certificates / Marks on free money Vergelya pasted once a month rather than weekly / city tax is payable over five years rose from 21 thousand to 118 thousand shillings, proceeded to maturity is in the first month (4,542 shillings). In the next six months issue of "free shillings," the equivalent of 32 thousand ordinary shillings, provided public works for the sum of 100 thousand shillings: 7 streets were paved, 12 improved roads, drainage expanded to two new quarter, a new park, built bridges and provided 50 new jobs are unemployed.

January 1, 1933 in Vergele started construction of a new ski resort and water reservoir for fire service. The nearby town with a population of 20,000 people in a hurry to issue began preparing their own money to spend. When experience Vergelya interested in 300 communities in the country, the National Bank of Austria, feeling the threat to its monopoly, prohibited the printing of free local money.

After World vision-free money has gone in two directions: the local mutual credit (called. LETS — Local Exchange Trading Systems), is used instead of a physical certificate or checks or electronic forms of netting, and the system time banking, allowing project participants to exchange his work on Vol. "Time dollars." The latest model is particularly simple to implement: you spend your free time to do any work for other project participants: walk the dog, sit with someone else's child, mowing the barbershop, provide dental services, bake bread, mow lawns. For each hour of work, you are paid the local currency at the agreed taxi, for example, 10 "time dollars." Then on the money you can buy, or other services that are registered in the so-called. "Time bank", or goods in the stores participating in the project.


On the banks of time

The first "time dollars" were introduced in 1986 and became very popular mainly in the U.S. and Japan. The most successful examples of implementation of the scheme: Ithaca Hours (Ithaca, NY: The project involved more than 500 local businesses — from medical centers, restaurants and cinemas to farmers and estate agents), Japanese "currency Health», ROCs (Robust Currency System). The latter system (ROCs), not only combines the time banking and mutual credit, and consistently implements the classical function of free money Gesell — demurrage.

The most powerful system of free money — Swiss WIR (Wirtschaftsring-Genossenschaft, Cooperative Economic Circle), involving 62,000 participants and provides an annual turnover equivalent to 1 billion 650 million Swiss francs. (!) Despite the fact that the WIR is not a complete system of free money, since it lacks demurrage, it is in principle opposed to credit money, as fully — interest-free. Bank credit WIR system participants, also bearing.


VA Efimov — Lecture for the FSB — the introduction of CRR


Be U.S. $ valuable part 1.1


Be U.S. $ valuable part 1.2


Be U.S. $ valuable part 2.1


Be part of the U.S. $ 2.2 valuable


Spirit of the Times — Part 1


Spirit of the Times — Part 2


Spirit of the Times — Part 3


The Ring of Power




Forward to the past. Part 1 of 8


Secret Knowledge and Science


Demon short — Parable

The parable of the book "New Civilization" series "The Ringing Cedars of Russia"

Slaves were slowly one after another, and each carried a polished stone. Four ranks, the length of a mile each, stonecutter from the place where the construction of a fortress, guarded the guards. A dozen slaves relied one armed warrior-guard. Aside from reaching slaves on top of the man-made mountain trinadtsatimetrovoy of polished stones, sitting short — one of the high priests, for four months, he silently watched the scene .. He was not distracted, no one dared look to interrupt his thoughts. The slaves and the guards perceived artificial mountain with a throne on top as an integral part of the landscape. And man, sitting motionless on the throne, then walk about the site on the top of the mountain, no one paid attention. Kratom set out to rebuild the country, to strengthen the power of the priests of the millennium, subjecting them to all the people of the Earth, to make them all, including the governor of the state, the slaves of the priests.


Once Kratom came down, leaving the throne to his double. Priest changed clothes, took off his wig. Ordered the captain to be put in chains as a simple servant, and set up in a row, with the young and strong slave named Nard.
Looking into the faces of slaves, times have noticed that this young man's inquisitive mind and pricing, and not wandering or detached as many. Narda face was concentrated and thoughtful, then excited. "So, he hatched his plan for a" — understood the priest, but wanted to make sure how accurate was his observation.
Two days Kratom watched Nardi, silently dragging stones, sat next to him during the meal and slept next to his bunk. On the third night, when the team came to "sleep", times turned to the young slave and whispered with bitterness and despair, said it is not clear who the question: "Is this continues for the rest of your life?".
Priest saw a young slave winced and immediately turned around to face the priest, his eyes glistening. They shone even in the dim light of torches large barracks.
— It will not be for long. I think out a plan. And you, old man, too, can take part in it, — whispered a young slave.
— What's the plan? — Calmly and with a sigh he asked the priest.
Nard warmly and confidently went on to explain:
— And you, man, and I, and we'll soon be free men, not slaves. Have you considered the old man: for every ten slaves, there is one guard. And for fifteen slaves who prepare write, sew clothes, watches also one guard. If in due time, all we jumped the guards, then win it. Let the guards are armed, and we are chained. Have ten each, and the chain can also be used as a weapon, putting them under the blow of the sword. We will disarm all guards, connect them and seize weapons.
— Oh, boy, — sighed Cratylus and seemingly indifferent said: — Your plan nedodumali: guards who are watching us, you can disarm, but soon the government will send a new, perhaps even a whole army, and kill the rebel slaves.
— I thought about it, man. Have to choose a time when there is no army. And that time is coming. We all see how the army was preparing to march. Harvest the purveyance of three months way. So, three months after the army come at the appointed place and join the battle. In battle, it will weaken, but to win, to capture many new slaves. For them is building new barracks. We must begin to disarm the guard, as our ruler's army fought against another army. Messengers take a month, that would deliver a message about the need for an immediate refund. Weakened the army will return for at least three months. For four months we will be able to prepare for the meeting. We will not be less than a soldier in the army. Captured slaves want to be with us, when they see what has happened. Am I correct in all predestined, man.
— Yes, young man, are you up with their thoughts can disarm the guards and defeat the army — the priest answered already encouragingly and said, — but then what will become slaves to do and what will happen to the governors, guards and soldiers?
— This is what I was thinking a little bit. And while one comes to mind: all who were slaves, will nerabami. All those who today are not slaves, the slaves would be — as if thinking aloud, not quite confidently replied Nard.
— A priest? Tell me boy, slaves or nerabam priests, when you win, calling it?
— Priests? This, too, I thought. But now imagine: let priests remain as is. They listen to the slaves, the rulers. Although they are sometimes difficult to understand, but I think they are harmless. Let them talk about the gods, and his life as we know ourselves better live.
— As better — it's good — the priest answered and pretended to be terribly sleepy.
Kratom but this night was not sleeping. He mused. "Of course — thought Kratom — the easiest way to inform the governor of the conspiracy, and grabbed the boy-slave, he is clearly the main inspiration for others. But this does not solve the problem .. Desire for liberation from slavery will always be a slave. Will have new leaders, new plans will be developed, and if so — the main threat to the state will always be present in the state. "
Before Kratom task was: to develop a plan for the enslavement of the entire world. He realized that to reach the goal with just physical violence will not succeed. Necessary psychological effect on everyone, to entire nations. Need to transform the idea of human, impress everyone: slavery is the highest good. You must start the self-developing a program that will disorient entire nations in space, time and terms. But most importantly — an adequate perception of reality. Thought Kratom worked all "faster, he stopped feeling body, heavy shackles on his hands and feet. And suddenly, like a bolt of lightning, there was a program. Not yet detailed and can not be explained, but it feels and searing in its scale. Kratom felt absolute ruler of the world.
Priest was lying on his bunk in chains, and admired by itself: "Tomorrow morning, when the lead all to work, I'll give symbol, and the security chief ordered to withdraw me from the ranks of slaves, to remove the shackles. I detail his program, said a few words, and the world will change. Incredible! Just a few words — and the world will obey me, my thoughts. God did give us strength, which has no equal in the universe, this force — the human mind. She put the word out and change the course of history.

Remarkably successful the situation. Slaves have prepared a plan of the uprising. He is rational, the plan, and would probably result in a positive for them the intermediate result. But I'm only a few words, not only them, but also the descendants of today's slaves, and slaves of the rulers of the earth to be thousands of years to come will make. "
Morning in sign Kratom security chief had taken his shackles. And the next day on his observation platform were invited five other priests and pharaohs. The crowd was Cratylus began his speech:
— What you are about to hear, should not be anything written or retold. Around us, there are no walls, and my words no one but you will not hear. I figured out a way to turn all the people living on Earth, our slaves of Pharaoh. Even do this with the help of numerous troops and debilitating wars impossible. But I'll do it in a few sentences. Will take place just two days after their utterance, and you see how the world will change. See: down long rows of chained slaves bear one stone. Protects them many soldiers. The more slaves, the better for the country — as we have always believed. The more slaves, the more they have to fear rebellion. We are strengthening security. We have to feed their slaves well, otherwise they will not be able to do heavy physical work. But they are still lazy and prone to rebellion. See how they move slowly, and do not get lazy guard chases them with whips and beats even healthy and strong slaves. But they will move much faster. They will not need a guardian. The guards also become slaves. Accomplish the same can be true. Let today before sunset heralds smash decree of Pharaoh, which will be said: "With the dawn of a new day all slaves granted complete freedom. For every stone delivered to the city, a free man will get one coin. The coins can be exchanged for food, clothing, shelter, Palace in the city itself. From now on you — free people. "
When the priests realized Kratom said one of them, the eldest, said:
— You're a demon, times. You conceived demonism many nations of the earth will cover.
— I let the demon, and I let people conceived in the future is called democracy.


The decree was announced at sunset slaves, they were amazed, and many did not sleep at night, thinking about new and happy life.
The next morning the priests and Pharaoh again reached the area of artificial mountains. The picture appears to the eye, are dazzling. Thousands of people, former slaves, dragged to race the same stones as before. Sweating, many carrying two stones. Others, who have had one, and fled, raising dust. Some guards also dragged stones. People, who considered themselves to be free — because they took off with irons, tried to get the most coveted coins to build your happy life.
Kratom has spent several months on its site, with satisfaction watching the scene below. And the changes have been enormous. The slaves came together in small groups, have built trolley and loaded the top with stones, sweating, pushing those carts.
"They have a lot of devices naizobretayut — welcomed thought to myself Kratom — that's already there and internal services: water and food hawkers. The slaves were eating on the go, not wanting to spend time on the road to the barracks for a meal, and it paid off with a tray received coins. Wow, and doctors came from them, on the go help the victims have, and also for the coins. And traffic control selected. Soon will choose a captain, and judges. Let choose: because they believe themselves to be free, but the essence has not changed, they still carry stones … ".
And they fled through the millennia, in the dust, sweating, carrying heavy stones. Today the descendants of those slaves continue their mindless running …

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