The unusual thing for Ukrainian cinema


February 7 in wide release movie came out domestic production (which in itself is a solemn occasion and the "unusual case"), entitled "Common Cause" — social tragicomedy about how impractical to think poetically in our harsh reality.

Director, script writer, editor and composer gave debutant Valentin Vasyanovych — a graduate of the Kiev University Theatre. Karpenko-Kary (Operator's Certificate and director of documentary films) and the Warsaw School student directorial skill by Andrzej Wajda. Financed the picture of the State Agency for the movie (budget of 6 million hryvnia). The premiere took place in July last year as part of the international competition program of the Odessa Film Festival, where the band was awarded the Special Jury Prize "for the step to revive the Ukrainian cinema" and the award of "Don Quixote" by the International Federation of Film Societies.

The story in "normal case" in the first person — doctor-psychiatrist Shred. The film begins with cheerful pictures of family: husband and wife, as children frolic in the water, splashing each other and stoked on the shore watching them much good son and a smiling dog. Behind the scenes sounds desolate, lifeless voice: "Now mi vzhe not Ti. Vtrativ I have a form that th March pogladshala, Hoch won first actress. Ale for nashogo vіku Tse normal. Zvichayna right …".

During a fight with another patient (which Shreds passive-aggressive hate, however, as the bitch-chief physician, was fond of BDSM, and a fellow doctor, disgusting devouring condensed milk) is fired from his job, what a hero incredibly happy: Now, finally, he able to fulfill the dream of his life — to become a poet. But it turns out, writing poetry — hungry and cold …

Work on the "uncommon" Vasyanovych began in 2007 as a student in Warsaw. Initially it was a scenario the 20-minute short, which is based on the true story of a poet and a loser, I suppose, friend or just a friend of the director. Shorties and has not been removed, but the script has grown to polnometrazhki. Then in 2007, just at home Vasyanovych gave samples to which the actor got Taras Denysenko. Subsequently, it was he who played the Shred.

Monotonically, drowsiness and sometimes plaintive, but the director is confident his hero to a dream: in the shit, the scandals with his wife, humiliating undermining clown club, bottle neglazhennost, unwashed, unshaven, lonely cemetery. "The usual thing," says the vital and burning, as it were, in the Soviet as it may sound, that is extremely close to each disaffected Ukrainian audience. Vasyanovych selects a wave of tragic sarcasm and follow it to the end. Only we do poets, writers, actors and directors are sitting in there …, drink too much and get into a mental hospital, the ones that sell for shit and shit beat competitors to become prophets and politicians (Linetskiy / Chervonetsky aroused in the audience nodding their approval and applause.)

It is no coincidence in the episode appears to mental hospital director Michael Ilienko, you can say the game itself. According Vasyanovych, the role was written specifically for him: "Vi bachili yogo? Aja deprivation s so virazom oblichchya mozhna vmikati / vimikati Svitlo razіv 129 a day." Number 129 author does not explain: "I do not know, just beautiful kombіnatsіya. Nіyakogo Censu kabalіstichnogo here nemaє" (laughs).

Good in the film and the leading man, even though he is as monotonous and sometimes down and died, as well as the painting itself. Taras Denysenko not only played a psychiatrist with the soul of a poet, but he wrote a poem for his character, and quite good (especially about "metelika scho sіv on potilitsyu").

"The usual thing" — an unusually decent movie as a product of domestic production. He may lack the style, event, character, texture and money in the end. But he does not want to spit it out, how bad chewed film called "Toyhtoproyshovkrіzvogon" crude, kostrubatuyu, tasteful cheap soap …

See Ukrainian! Appreciate the best!

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