The victory against the demolition of private homes

Residents of the suburban village of Victory, which, according to the decision of the Gomel authorities went to the regional center, protesting against the plan to demolish part of the city executive committee of private homes and in their place build a four-lane bypass road.

July 30 about fifty villagers Winning the spontaneous meeting of collected signatures for a collective letter to the chairman of the Gomel City Executive Committee Victor Piliptse. Handling read Sergei Rogov:

Sergei Rogov, read a joint letter to the chairman of the city executive committee

"Development settlement victory since joining the Gomel not happen. Contrary, worsen living conditions in connection with the planned expansion of Main Street — that the construction of four-lane highway. Construction involves the demolition of one of the sides of the street in Central. This will lead to a deterioration of the environmental situation and increase the danger of traumatic travel transport ".

How people think of Victory, the decision of the city authorities violated articles 21, 44 and 46 of the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus.

The intention to demolish the homes on either side of Main Street, said June 21 at a meeting at the House of Culture of the suburban village of Birches First Deputy Chairman of the Executive Committee Sergei Kovalev.

Victory residents outraged at the prospect of development of the regional center. They offer the authorities to pay attention to the parallel street, which was once called the Way, and is now called Dobrush.

Says pansiyanerka Raisa:

"According toWhy there do not do this way? Do not touch our village, and go that way — at Dobrush. This we called — the Way. After it expires, and for the whole village cemetery overlooks the village and on to Vlukave Dobruš. It was the road to war. We back our soldiers ran to meet. Were small, they were going and we are on this Path met them. It is necessary to make a path and where he was. And leave people alone, not to terrorize them. "

Mrs. Larisa draws attention to the fact that in the case of the demolition of private homes authorities nothing good can not offer:

"Why should demolish our oldest street? This central street in the victory built in the 25th year. Our ancestors settled here first, and we are here. And why do we need to destroy, they say, both mentally and physically — in all directions? And what they have to offer — a one-room apartment instead of my home? And why do I need it? "

According to the general plan of development of Gomel, except for roads, power, suggests a victory in paselshchah, Jubilee, Birches, Ulukave so-called "Bedroom community" of the regional center.

Residents Victory acquainted with the contents of the letter and offer to build a road along the street Dobrush

Victory residents are not against new roads and residential areas, but not at the expense of unnecessary wear and tear of residential homes:

"Just let the government think about costs and how much grief will be. Vaughn Russian show — there are houses burning and people cry. Same thing here would be. So there's a fire, natural disaster, and then just throw it on the street. Their apartment and I gift is not necessary. Suppose that in such a case is being built, if not this piece of land can not be avoided. But let them first prove that the causes for the need to do such madness. "

Due to the construction of the north-eastern side of Gomel bypass road has destroyed much of the green space beyond the river, as well as the ancient settlement near the village Jakubkova.

Petition against the demolition was carried out on a stool

Petition against the demolition was carried out on a stool

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