The war could be completed in 1943. Continued Part 2

— Why?

— And because Churchill on ideology and those who share this ideology in Washington, it was necessary to "hold these Russian barbarians" as far East as soon as possible. If you do not beat the Soviet Union that ultimately weaken him. First of all, the hands of the Germans. So task was.
It's an old, old Churchill's intent. He developed this idea in conversations with General Kutepov back in 1919. The Americans, the British and the French are failing and can not suppress Soviet Russia, he said. It is necessary to assign the task to the Japanese and Germans. At gave similar instructions to Bismarck in 1930, the first secretary of the German Embassy in London. The Germans behaved in World War I, as idiots, he argued. Instead of concentrating on destroying Russia, launched a war on two fronts. If they dealt only with Russia, Britain would have neutralized France.
For Churchill, it was not so much to fight the Bolsheviks as the continuation of the Crimean War of 1853-1856, when the Russian well or poorly tried to put British expansion.

— In the Caucasus, Central Asia, the oil-rich Middle East …

— Of course. Therefore, when we are talking about different versions of war with Nazi Germany, should not forget about the different attitudes to the philosophy of the alliance, the commitments that were taken to Moscow Britain and the U.S.
Digress for a moment. In Ghent in 1954 or 1955 symposium was held on the theme of priests — a kiss angels? After many days of debate, the conclusions are made: kiss, but without passion. Alliances in the anti-Hitler coalition in something reminiscent of angelic fad if not a Judas kiss. The promises are not binding, or — even worse — for the introduction of Soviet partner misleading.
This tactic, remember, tore talks USSR, Britain and France in August 1939, when it was still possible to do something to deter Nazi aggression. Demonstratively left the Soviet leadership with no choice but to conclude the German non-aggression pact. We substitute a blow to manufacture the aggression of the Nazi war machine. I refer to the unit as it was formulated in the office of Chamberlain, "if London does not get away from an agreement with the Soviet Union, Britain's signature under it should not mean that in the case of the German attack on the Soviet Union, the British will come to the aid of the victim of aggression and declare war on Germany. We have to reserve the opportunity to declare that Britain and the Soviet Union have interpreted differently the facts. "

— Well-known historical example, when Germany in September 1939, invaded Poland, an ally of Great Britain, London declared war Berlin, but has not made any serious move to something really help Warsaw.

— But in this case, the speech did not go even a formal declaration of war. Tory proceeded from the fact that the German ice rink will be up to the Urals and in the process all the Ram. No one will complain about the perfidy of Albion.
This connection time, the connection of events existed during the war. She gave food for thought. And these reflections, I believe, were not very optimistic for us.

— But let's go back to the turn of the fourth forty — forty-fifth year. Could we have ended the war before May?

— We pose the question: why the Allied landing is planned for the forty-fourth year? This time for some reason no one focuses. Meanwhile, the date chosen is no coincidence. The West took into account that at Stalingrad, we lost a huge number of soldiers and officers, and military equipment. Enormous sacrifices have been and Kursk … Tanks we have lost more than the Germans.
In the forty-fourth year, the country has mobilized seventeen-year boys. Villages were almost empty. Only at defense plants spared the age of 1926-1927 years — their directors are not released.
American and British intelligence assessed the outlook and agreed that by the spring of 1944, the Soviet Union's offensive potential is exhausted. That manpower will be expended, and the Soviet Union would not be able to put the Wehrmacht blow comparable to Moscow, Stalingrad and Kursk battles. So, by the time of the Allied landings, stuck in confrontation with the Nazis, we give the United States and Britain strategic initiative. By the time of the Allied landings on the continent has been dated and the plot against Hitler. Given to power in the Reich generals had to dissolve the Western Front and allow the Americans and British to occupy Germany and the "liberation" of Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Austria … The Red Army had to be stopped at the borders of 1939.

— I remember that even the Americans and British landed troops in Hungary, near Lake Balaton in order to capture Budapest, but the Germans have shot it all …

— It was not the landing, but rather a contact group to restore relations with the Hungarian anti-fascist forces. But not only that fell through. Hitler survived an assassination attempt, Rommel was seriously injured and was out of the game, although in the West relied on him. Other generals lost their nerve. What happened is what happened. Light march in Germany under the triumphant music of the Americans did not. They got involved in the fighting, at times heavy, let us remember the Ardennes operation. However, to solve their problems. Solved them, at times, quite cynically.
Let me give a specific example. U.S. troops came to Paris. There's uprising began. Americans stopped about thirty kilometers from the capital city of France and waited until the Germans slaughtered the rebels, as it were, first of all, the Communists. Killed were there, there are different data, from three to five thousand people. But the rebels gained control and only if the Americans took Paris. The same is observed in the south of France.
Let's go back to a point from which we began talking.

— Winter forty-four — forty-five.

— Yes. The fall of forty-four, in Germany it took several meetings, which were directed by Hitler, and then on his behalf Jodl and Keitel. Their meaning was as follows — if they could give the Americans a good thrashing, the U.S. and Britain will awaken a great taste to the negotiations, which were conducted in secret from Moscow in 1942-1943.
Battle of the Bulge in Berlin operation was conceived not as an operation to win the war, but the operation is to undermine the alliance between the West and the Soviet Union. The U.S. should have realized how much more powerful Germany as it is interesting for the Western powers in their confrontation with the Soviet Union. And how have the Allies themselves had neither the strength nor the will to stop the "red" on the outskirts of the territory of Germany.
Hitler stressed that no one would talk to a country that is in a difficult situation — the world will speak only when the Wehrmacht will show that he — force.
The surprise was the decisive trump card. The Allies occupied the winter quarters believed that Alsace region, Ardennes — a great place to stay and very bad place for combat operations. Meanwhile, the Germans were going to break through to Rotterdam and cut off the possibility of Americans use the ports of Holland. This fact will solve the entire western company.
Home Ardennes operation was postponed several times. Forces in Germany lacked. And it started at a time when the winter forty-four Red Army was heavy fighting in Hungary, near Lake Balaton and Budapest. At stake were the last sources of oil — in Austria and some in Hungary, which were controlled by the Germans.
It was one of the reasons why Hitler decided to defend Hungary, no matter what. And why is he in the middle of the Ardennes operation and before the start of the Alsace began operations essentially delay the forces from the west and move in troops on the Soviet-Hungarian front. The
main strength Ardennes operation — 6th SS Panzer Army was withdrawn from the Ardennes and transferred to Hungary …

— Under Haymashker.

— Essentially redeployment began even before the panic treatment to Stalin Roosevelt and Churchill when they are translated from the diplomatic into ordinary language, they began to pray: help, save, we were in trouble.
And Hitler kept going, and that there is evidence that if our allies so often put at risk the Soviet Union and waited openly and stand whether Moscow will not break if the Red Army, then we can do that. As in forty-one they were waiting to see when the fall capital of the USSR, when the forty-second not only Turkey and Japan, but the United States waiting for, do not we surrender of Stalingrad, to decide on the revision of its policy. After all, the Allies did not share with us even of intelligence, for example, about the plans of the German offensive across the Don to the Volga and further — to the Caucasus, etc., etc. …

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