The web is spreading rapidly letter to Putin from RUSSIAN nationalists

The web is spreading rapidly letter to Putin, in which the author has put quite fair and correct, but not new questions, which, however, until there is no answer. Politicians do not like direct questions on the merits …

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An open letter to Putin on Russian nationalist

Author — Yuri Averyanov

Mr Putin, you are drawn to a Russian citizen of Russian nationality. Yes, thatRussian, instead of "Russian" as you would like. Despite all your efforts set up by the roots of the Russian nation, it still exists and calls itself so! And now I will speak on behalf of the Russian people.

Who gave me such a right?

My Russian soul, my Russian spirit, my Russian blood, through which every Rusich sense of unity with the people, responsibility for it, and the pain of his suffering.

Naturally, in the absence of that you have all these qualities, you do not understand. But it does not matter. Not that you can understand, I want to find this letter, it would have to rely, at least, strange. I just want to ask you questions, you never hear about in the theatrical productions called "straight line with Putin." These questions you want to askevery Russian, where you and your hosts were quick to put bold cross and write off. And respond to you sooner or later. Be sure you have answered all and for all!

So, the questions!

Tell me, when in 1999family, represented Dyachenko, Yumashev Voloshin and Deripaska has chosen you by the project manager, "Disposal of Russia" as president of the Russian Federation, that you it feel? The joy of career prospects or ashamed to betray the motherland?

Tell me, when after a series ofexplosionshomes in September 1999, the FSB unexpectedlypiercedand were caught red-handed trying to undermine another building in Ryazan on September 23, you afraid of what people would guess about your role in the attacks or were you confident of their impunity? Did you feel sorry for the innocent people that you blew up sleeping in their homes?

Tell me, when in August 2000, which has no analogues in the world nuclear submarine "Kursk" was an American submarine torpedoed "Memphis", and you, with eyes full of fear and trembling lips lisped something unintelligible to reporters, then what are you afraid of the most? Deteriorating relations with the United States or that the country finds out about your inability (unwillingness) to protect its own people? Once you deliberately delayed the rescue work, condemning to death of our submariners, that they were not able to tell the world about the real causes of the tragedy in the Barents Sea, then you do not have to face the shame of their family?

In 2001, you, at the request of the Americans,close both our intelligence centerCuba and Vietnam, from which we received 70% intelligence. This step you explained the savings on which to build houses. Tell me, how many houses have been built for the Russian people on the saved money? How specifically Russian families received from the state tax free housing during this period?

At the request of the Americans in March 2001, you drop to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean the space station "Mir", to give up to 30% of the intelligence. So we finally lost foreign intelligence and self-development of the domestic space. The official reason is the same: a lack of money for its maintenance and upgrading. And specifically —$ 70 million, which Russia was not.

Indeed, there is much more important projects on which to spend money than saving a space station. For example, the purchase and maintenance of the governor of Chukotka Abramovich football club "Chelsea" for the total amountMore than 1 billion, bulging from Russia or $ 1.4 billion allocation Thalmann Ishmael to build a hotel in Turkey, do not you, Vladimir Vladimirovich.? And that does not include the $ 1 billion that are offered in China, if only we kept the "World".

Tell me, what purpose you in 2005sold to Chinanative Russian land — the islands' Tarabarov "and" Big Ussuri "on the Amur River, and the island of the" Big "in the Argun River in the Chita region, a total of a total of 367 square meters. miles of our territory? Who gave you the right to manage on your own that our ancestors mastered and defended over the centuries?

Explain how is it that after the announcement of your fighter with the oligarchs, the number of billionaires in Russiaincreased several times, and on this parameter, we took the first place in Europe? ThoughYour personal wealth, according to research by prominent political scientists, alreadyexceeded the 40 (!) billion. This is against the background of the general impoverishment of the population, more than half of Russians can not afford the basic necessities.

During your reign mortality in Russia and in particular its Russian part has reached fantastic proportions. According to the Central Analytical Center of the Russian Federation by the OCS on June 1, 2010 in the Russian Federation, according to the documents listed only living population 89,654,325 (!) People, not 142 million, as stated in the official census. Died in 2009 5,000,854 people. In the period from January 1, 2010 to June 1, 2010 died 4,678,856 people. The fact of the monstrous crime of concealing the scalekillingpeople points to the intentional infliction of you, Mr Putin, the conditions of life in the country, calculated to bring about physical destruction of the Russian population. The situation can be assessed only as disastrous, particularly for state-forming nation — Russian, whose number has decreased exponentially.

Fantastic level of reduction of the population (5 million people each year) — The main outcome of your decade-long war with the Russian people. At this rate, our destruction, the Russian nationfullydisappear from the face of the Earth has a maximum of 10-20 years!

Rapidly emptying Russian land you inhabit come from Asia and the Caucasus, thus provoking ethnic conflicts and pursuing a policy of "soft" genocide of the Russian people with the pull of his native land and paternal substitute outsiders ethnicities. I will not ask you why you are doing this, and I ask only one thing: not on whether you are on the ground under the feet of the feeling of self bastard? No? Do not worry, soon will be on. Very soon!

Their actions to attract migrants do you explain the fact that our growing economy can not do without additional labor, as its population has long been lacking. Tell me, Mr. Putin,the hell we gave this your growing economy, catastrophically when people are dying out? You for whom the economy, it developing? Tomorrow we have no survivors will be left, and all of you think about money. Well, now we are dying poor and hungry, and we will die for money and well-fed (if we assume that the growing economy in any way affect the well-being of ordinary workers). So what? How long you are going to hang noodles on our record level of GDP and the increasing purchasing power of the population, with a modest but says nothing about the total genocide of the people themselves?

May 23, 2007 you, Mr Putin, signed№ 410940-4 contract with NATOthat in the event of civil unrest and technological disasters, NATO troops can occupy Russian territory without hindrance and to conduct military operations on it. Say, for protection from whom you have signed this treacherous document? Do you really think that when the popular uprising (and they will come and very soon) when driven to despair by the Russian people will overthrow the anti-people occupation Jewish-democratic regime, your overseas managers can help you? You're wrong, because at this time in America and in Europe will be the same.

The power of the Jews and the Yid capital already fed up with the whole world! Keep your criminal regime does not even help your allies in the war against the Russian people — wild Caucasians, that you are building a hard enforcement bodies, based on the old principle: if you want loyal employees who do not falter, with orders to shoot to kill — approaching people without complexes " love for his people. " Rest assured, while Russian riot, swift and merciless, Caucasians first as you and betray. Such is their bestial parasitic species — bring the weaker allies and wag his tail in front of the winners.

From the moment you came to power dramatically increased alcohol consumption. Beer consumptionincreased annually by 60%, which is a blow to the nation's gene pool. Because of this, today60%(!) Men of military age are not capable of procreation. SayYou know, What is used for making beer hops contain a substance — tarragon, similar in their chemical properties with estrageolom — female sex hormone, which, with the systematic use leads tobezplodiyu? I am sure that we know, otherwise there would have such an aggressive beer advertising, promotion, his youth and supporting breweries at the state level. Is not it Vladimir Vladimirovich?

At the last meeting of the State Council in 2010, you are a couple with Medvedev put forward the idea of a"Russian nation"and "all-Russian patriotism." Tell me, is all that you have managed to suffer as a national idea in the ten years of his stay at the trough of power? You know, your zeal and diligence to their ḳahal owners can only envy. To your energy, but to the protection of the Russian people, the price would have been! But your over-activity and you also ruin. You are so in a hurry to permanently close Russian question, an overtly policy annihilation of the Russian nation, which have completely forgotten about the conspiracy.

Do you think that the Russian people are so mindless cattle that he does not know against who sharpened the project "Russian nation"? His anti-Russian orientation, so obvious that simply amazing in its cynicism. Small Peoples of Russia, who have their national states are protected from this project melting pot. They will remain the Tatars, Kalmyks, Yakuts … The so-called "Russians", a kind of rootless cosmopolitans imperial you plan to do only Russian. Even a child understands this.

You are so obsessed in his Russophobic activity, and so afraid of the people is rapidly emerging Russian national identity that does not come up with anything better than to declare war with the Russian, and only with Russian nationalism (nationalism — the love of the nation, nationalist — who loves his nation) domestic policy. Small wonder that in 2008 was liquidated department for combating organized crime (OBOP), and at its base a department to combat extremism (Centre E). That's it. Apparently not for you and your hosts frightening and dangerous criminals in the country than the Russian nationalists.

Tell me why today on Russian soilmost bezpravnym, very poor, the most miserable and oppressed people is the state-building is the Russian people? Yes, the disadvantaged position of the Russian nation — a centuries-old basic paradigm of Russian statehood, even from the first of the Romanovs. And the kings, and the communists, and the Democrats control of the "Great Russian chauvinism" was and is a hallmark russkonenavistnicheskoy occupying power. But you, Mr Putin, outdid them all together! Such sophisticated genocide that you arranged one of the greatest nations on his home turf, did not know the history of the world! How long you are going to play with the Russian long-suffering? Mature, swell, ready to break through the blood, bunches of popular anger …

At the expense of impoverished Russian regions are funds for the "restoration" of Chechnya and South Ossetia, the scam to the Olympic Games in Sochi, FIFA World Cup, etc, etc. Per resident parasitic North Caucasus region of the national budget is allocated 50 thousand rubles, and a resident of Russian region — 5000, 10 (!) Times smaller. And, of course, continues settling Central Asians and Caucasians ancient Russian territory of European Russia. Despite the fact that Siberia and the Far East is completely put at the mercy of foreigners, mostly Chinese.

Tell me, Mr. Putin, when you are on par with Medvedev, military "reforms" were deprived of the Russian Armed Forces operational capability,you do it for?To disarmament and reduced army could not offer resistance alleged military seizure of Russia or that it does not become the core of organized popular resistance against your cannibalistic power?

In parallel with the collapse of the army, your government has practically destroyed the national education and science. One of the best systems of education and training and you turned into a training ground for the inhuman experiments. And not just an experiment. It is not difficult to trace the trend, according to which, in our country, with maniacal persistence introduced just those "educational innovations" that have shown their effectiveness in the western world in the …mental debilitation of the population. During your presidency, you, Mr Putin, who finally managed to destroy everything that maintained our status as a great scientific and industrial nation, at the same time can not build anything in return.

The results of your work exciting: a demographic catastrophe, the collapse of industry and agriculture, the sharp decline in defense capabilities, deterioration of infrastructure and industrial equipment, degradation of social, moral decline. Enormous enrichment hyperfine parasitic layer (70% of Russia's capital is owned by the Jewish business), pumping wealth of Russia on their foreign accounts and do not have a long-term interests of our country. GDP may grow at the same time, andmajority of people live from hand to mouth and dies. Cold, hunger, poverty, disease, unemployment, hopelessness reduced and entombed millions of our fellow citizens.

Hatred and contempt for you all the Russian people just do not know borders. On your smug face of every decent person is just sick. I do not knowno one, which he would have himself or his friends and family would have voted for you or for your flawed game"Eating Russia". In this regard, the question of where to vote (70%), Vladimir Vladimirovich.? When you are in Russia, is not that the president, in live one does not want to see! Do not tell you the mysteries? I do not whether those 50 million dead souls, which every hour more and more, are the backbone of your "voters"?

Apparently, so you so boldly stated that you are going to go for the presidency in 2012. Judging by your ostentatious self-confidence, the election results do not interest you at all, once you declare in advance that the future president. Excuse me, but you're actually a bush with mountains such that, without asking the opinion of the people decide to become the head of a huge country?

I remind you — just a pawn, set on a playing field, the same hand that were delivered after execution of your mission — the destruction of the Russian nation, will also be careless with her brush away as waste material. But do not worry, this will not happen. Sooner you will be swept away rapidly resurgent wave of Russian nation!

Your so-called "Power" and "power" of your half-circumcised owners with their draw wrappers, exists only because we recognize it when you have no right to govern, and there can not be by definition. All your fictional power, all your artificial financial supremacy over us exists only in the minds of the deceived people. Once a critical mass of people will realize the truth and cease to acknowledge your power over you — your imaginary power will melt away like smoke! Close the time, oh, close!

I personally, Mr Putin, do not recognize your authority over himself in any way. You are nothing to me, a complete nonentity, as for millions of other Russian people! I Spit On Your Jewish-democratic laws, spit on you personally, I despise and hate you immensely to all my Russian heart! I'm not afraid of your imaginary greatness and ready to tell you all of the above in the eye.

For what you have done and continue to do against it, trust you with the Russian people,You will not be sorry for ever and ever!You are sureFor all of, cruel answer!

For every Russian unborn child for each led to a suicide of a Russian officer, for the killing of a Russian guy and a Russian girl raped immigrants from the Caucasus and Central Asia, for every Russian scientist, who left to work abroad, for every meter of Russian land sold to foreigners, for each bezprizornogo child for every ruble allocated for the maintenance of murderers and rapists in prison, for every Russian child, gave up for adoption to foreigners, for each registered miscarriage, brought to America for sale.

For every drug addict, an alcoholic and a prostitute who could not become an engineer, military or many children, for every Jew oligarch living by robbing the Russian people, hungry for each worker, for every Russian unemployed, for each imported into the country of the foreigner; for rolled out of the country every ruble, for each of the deceased out of despair of the Russian people, for each hidden and overt propaganda in the media of sexual promiscuity, homosexuality, Russophobia zhidopoklonstva, cowardice, alcoholism, drug addiction, prostitution, tolerance, cosmopolitanism, Judeo-Christianity and other western " multicultural values. "

For every corrupt Russian child, for every broken Russian destiny, for every Russian guy sitting on a fictional extremist article, for each Document and the official, fleecing the Russian people, for each abandoned to their fate of the Russian people living in the former Soviet Union, for each killed by your actions Rusich, such as tens of millions more, for each of your lies.

For each of your treachery, for all this and more you will answer in full. Be sure of that. Russian national revival is coming …



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