Theory of life

This article is about the theory of life. It has no practical importance. It does not tell about how to make a million, becoming a general or win beauty. Life is not so in this article is not about that. Nothing serious. For the most part everything is represented here, not evidence. The only thing that may interest the reader, is almost at the end of the article — this is another way of "how to manage life."

On the face of life — a collection of all
gadgets, which give us the opportunity to

someone be
do something
and anything to have.

Each of us wants to be someone — a teacher, husband, director, father or citizen, and for some it is a desirable dream (boss, mother, Olympic champion).

Each of us wants to do something (to manage, cook, kiss, play kata).

Oh, and, of course, each of us wants to have anything (cottage, car, office, or just a lot of respect for the dialogue).

What you have just read — is the formula of life. That is, if someone wants to control life, and so are you and formula. Manage life without it — is very difficult. It is possible, but difficult.

The question in the structure.

What would be the master of life to understand life — to understand, so to speak, its structure. We will not argue that we can drive a car, with no understanding of its structure (engine, ignition, transmission, etc.).
Life is manifested in the three dimensions: to be — to do — to have. The sequence of states of "being" to "have" — is required. If you want to have something, you need to understand one thing. First you need someone to be, then make and then maybe something to have. If you want bread, it needs to bake, but it needs to become a baker, that is, to do so, what was your pekarstvo essence. Vysotsky seems it could do filigree. It does not matter, you know how to bake or not. Home Become a baker inside. See yourself baker, feel it, feel it.

A couple of examples.

Being a father, make babies and have them — this is the correct sequence and not a choice of one of these states. That is why, at times, we see a man who has a child (to have), but he is not aware of a father (to be), but clearly something is done …

Being a father — is the internal state. Which may not be a man, despite the fact that the child was born from it. It all starts with "Being." You've heard it — "I AM."

Be / do / have — this is how life actually appears. Well, how else to explain something that is known, in general, to all, but is still not clear or anyone? So they have to resort to all sorts of tricks out there. The question is not humorous — manage life that really turns out to be possible.

A girl becomes a mother, she declares, a runner runs, the buyer is the new owner. But this is only the manifestation of life. And what is life itself is not clear. How to see it? How to touch it, or feel?

Yes, life is the air of the forest. This Khrushchev and Stalin project, people, homeless people and politicians, summer rain, sunshine, Hurricane Katrina or the New Year snow. Wind in your face, kiss the girl, the smell of roses.

The list is endless, but "it's still not that of which, in fact, is life.
There is more. This is something is the main ingredient of life. If you do not know about it — you can not control life and is not possible, could not and can not operate the machine in which no gasoline or a computer that does not have electricity. Simply put, if you know the second element of life, only you can realize what life is.

This second component, which is, in fact, the key to the secret door called life. Name it — Prana. Prana (for details, see "Life Management") — is energy. This life energy. This is — the divine energy.

Prana — the force that is the cause of physical reality in the form in which we see it with you — matter, energy, space and time (MEVP). All that we see or tangible — it's not just the boat, as we usually think. This is a matter in some form (boat), the energy, the time in which it resides and the location in which it is located (space).

The second component of a life — is prana, which together with the first component (air, flora, houses, people, metals, raw materials, snow or wind), and a formula for life: "Prana + MEVP = LIFE. Life — a collection MEVP and Prana.
MEVP — is not just an acronym.
MEVP — this is what is the reality of our physical, but on condition that it "wraps" prana. For example, a car is a matter (mass), it is the energy that is always in a certain place (space), and in a certain time (MEVP). But in it (in this very mevpe e) there is another thing. This — Prana. It is not visible, but it is all over.

Now, let's not linger long on one question. What is in life.

Life is made up of four support arms.

First. Life (ie, Prana + MEVP) creates. It creates a new home, new media, new technologies, children are born, grow trees, the mountains appear. All this creates life.
The second support arm. Destroys life. Endangered species and classes, and the elements take down entire communities dry up the sea, the drought is killing all life, the bullet stops the heart of a warrior.
Third. Life (prana MEVP +) seeks to know anything. New discoveries, the pursuit of the other planets, the thirst to solve the mystery, just to peep through the keyhole — is the simplest proof that life — is the desire to know.
Fourth. Life may not have the desire to know anything. And someone does not want to go into panic room or ride a roller coaster, watch movies or participate in the elections.

All four support arms of life (creation, destruction, appreciation and appreciation) — is the action set in motion with the help of prana — the life energy (as does a petrol car, the electricity to the computer). And if the light is not on, but the car does not drive — it does not mean that they are not prana. Just have not had the spark. Someone else is not turned on the ignition.

But here there is a spark. Someone put the key in the ignition. This wrench is the postulate!

What is a postulate can be found in the book "Found manuscripts." And for those who do not have not read it, you can say this: The postulate — is categorically a command or prohibition, expressed in the form of thoughts or ideas, such as: "I will be the best cook."

That postulate is the key, which creates a spark, which in turn is connected with Prana, creates a thin hologram on the manifest level, not in the form of future MEVP (physical reality nd). Bentley and Holy Dormition Cathedral — this is MEVP, but when they were not such (physical objects) — they were already in the higher plane (in the mind of some engineers and architects). Some of them to create a fashionable car or architectural masterpiece, first as a postulate. Prana = Life + postulate + MEVP (matter, energy, space and time). Life without prana and postulate might look something (other forms of life), but not as we see it — in matter, energy, space and time.

The meaning of life to create the effect.

So, what is created is destroyed, it is known (to know) or is a secret (not know), created by the postulate of prana and called the effect. If the elevator where you go along with the crowd of the same, you hear the sound of a rude, you know — it was an effect that could never occur without the postulate.

Effect — that is, in fact, the result of a postulate. When a person creates a postulate (for example, I'll cook), he does it in the name of the effect (the real work of a chef), and for a reason. By the way, on this basis, it is possible to recognize any seller, and especially a lawyer or politician — selfishly concerned, and unable to be objective. What they do (make) — it is the result of a postulate, which already has a well-known desired effect. That is why the reassurance — not effective. It's not possible! Possible — make that is not ethical. Possible to create a common (for two or three) postulate. But you can not convince, because when you hear the opponent's argument — a manifestation of the postulate, which is part of the future effect, which the author has agreed to at the time of the adoption of the postulate. Give it up impossible. This inseparable things. It turns out this thing — any person who has committed an act which made him only because the exact scenario that action was formulated postulate. Action (in the form of words, waving hands or splash saliva) — this is a consequence of the postulate. Manifestation of the postulate expressed intelligent opinion or proving rabid, foaming at the mouth, you can not change, just as it is impossible to change a brand new Lambardzhini just came out of the studio, as he — a consequence of the idea (postulate) developer.

So, making the postulate (the order in the form of thought), people expect something to happen now. He did nothing that postulate?! When there is no effect, the person is upset. And understandably so! The meaning of life — to create the effect. This is the main function of man, namely, to create effects. And this (creating the effect) dysfunction, if a person does not create any effects. If a person has ceased to create effects — he wrecked biological format, only superficially resembling humans. It is possible, it would be generally said that the classification of offenses (including crime), the most important — is a misdemeanor which deny the ability to create their own postulates, because, in this way, a person loses the ability to make effects.

In other words, a person loses the meaning of life, as the latter is to create effects. All, even those in the elevator. This is certainly not ethical, but only if the sound was not arbitrary. And if you intentionally — this, though amused (or resent), but is a sign of life. And the only one who is not able to make a deliberate effect, is, in fact, corpse. When a person does not believe that it can create the effect — it is not something that would start to fade. It can be said anymore. If you see the body — it does not mean that the person in front of you. Death occurs not when vital organs fail, but when an individual has lost the ability to postulate that would create at least some effect.

Have four main types of postulate. Not any more. And this ease of training a professional investigator. After all, he needs to understand all four types postulate. Here they are.

1. I want to be famous.
2. I want to be anonymous.
3. I want to know.
4. Not want to know.

Anyone even slightly, educated seller, lawyer, politician, or just hang on the market, a success only if it "controls" — which of the above postulates, now "is" his opponent. Many do not do this consciously, but they did not interfere with truly miraculous and skill of persuasion.

In general, neither of which is particularly difficult. With respect to any situation in life, a person has one of these four tenets. For example, if you see a neighbor's fence, he has about his family obviously is a postulate (2). Well, he does not want to be known, that is, he wants to be known (the particle "not" in the postulates is not used.) At the same time in relation to a different situation, he might have a different premise. For example, his wife, excellent beauty and what the light is not seen, is cheating on him. And he does not want to know about it. (4). It happens. The very same changes to whip her. But when she asked him where he was yesterday, he raised his chin is not very ambiguous makes her understand where actually it was yesterday (here, he obviously wants to be known). Notice as it points to the postulate of "I want to know" is not difficult at all (3). Well, when he stands in front of a microphone in front of a large audience (certainly not at the command of Sergeant) — this is clearly postulate (1).

Every person, at different times and in different situations is one of the four postulates. And it's important to learn to "see."


Postulates (1) and (3), (2) and (4) are called "related tenets." For example, if you want, what would you tell someone something (he is glad to do it), your postulate (I want to know the "3") and his postulate (I want to be famous "1") are bound by the precepts (they logically linked) and increase the mutual arrangement.

Postulates (1) and (4), (2) and (3) are called "unbound postulates." For example, if you catch up someone, and he does not want, what would you have caught up with him, then your postulate (I want to make it known "1") and his postulate (do not want to know "4") are opposed to each other (contrary) and reduce the relative position.
So, it is the opposition of postulates is in fact what we call a game whose purpose only — to make such an individual life circumstances in which he would not suffer because of "doing nothing." After all, in such circumstances (doing nothing), a person does not produce effects (meaningless), that sounds familiar to many — "there is no meaning in life." It is not because the person has ceased to create effects (results of its tenets).

All games (from simple — dominoes, to complex — in politics) is, in fact, the confrontation of the postulates and nothing more. When a player loses the game — that is, that he simply took another postulate.

That's when the problems start all rights. They begin when a person does not create its own postulates, because he already has someone else's. Though imposed, but not his. He, however, said, "Why create their postulates? After all, you can use other people's. " This creates a habit of not doing their postulates, because the individual decided (because of the imposition of) that "all the same, their own postulates" will not be accepted (rejected). Why, they say, then make your own. Enough. It is like useless.

It never occurred to him that his power and authority is only one — in its ability to make effective their postulates (effective, effects).

The game is won when one who is lost, agreed with the postulate of winning.

That is why we admire certain individuals like Hemingway hero (hero of this novel mocking beaten for love of a woman). So, that's why we admire certain individuals like Hemingway hero, looking at how they do not agree with another's postulates, even if outwardly game is lost. It can kick, he can lie real and writhe in pain, but he did not agree with another's postulate of "Do not go there ever!". He never lost, even when it was unconscious. And he never lost, even when never regained consciousness. After postulate thing everlasting Create it once — no one can destroy it, except the one who created it. That bullfighter who beat to death, could say, "The hell with you, I'll leave it on, just stop hitting me." And then this postulate would be the guideline in the fate of the individual. This creates karma. A postulate — this is only the cement that holds the participants of the incident in his future lives. But our hero repeating to himself that he alone decides with whom to be, and with whom he was not to be. He did not take another postulate, and thus, did not create "a bunch", hold it and the owners imposed postulate stronger than steel cable.

It makes you want to shout, "Do not ever settle with anyone and do not, under any circumstances, if the order (postulate in your address) you imposed against your will. Agreeing that way (submitting) you reduce your ability to postulate. No objective truth. Each postulate — this is true only for those who took it. You can play along or create joint postulates, but take others' (instead of their own) — this is the beginning of its own end. Taking another postulate (instead of their own), we kill ourselves, for our lives washed away to create an effect that is done only with the help of their own tenets, not strangers.

The game is won when one who is lost, agreed with the postulate of winning.

Loss (which, in fact, there is a penalty to postulate) — it is always the result of the suppression of others postulate and impose their own. You say, "I'll be a surgeon." And you said, twirling a finger pistol, "No, you'll be a lawyer." You, of course, agree. But this is not just a loss. Was silenced by your premise. And because of that you have reduced their ability to do their postulates, have an opinion. You have reduced what is the condition for the maintenance of your life and its meaning.
If you do put down another postulate (something like we do with children) — is a misdemeanor. The suppression of the postulate of the enemy — it is always a misdemeanor, and misdemeanors are not forgotten.

Lethal winning.

Do not right woman when this is true, and you know the bitter taste of victory. So, it seems, says a true gentleman. True — it is as much true to himself. It just such a law. If a player loses the game, which is considered a serious, all he have to do — is to accuse the winner of something that shows the winner is not honest. And make no mistake — every second will do just that. And if the winner receives a charge, he feels guilty. This often happens in life. It seems to have won, and would be happy. En, no! Felt a whiff. The prosecution and the wine — is a sweet couple. One without the other does not exist.
The task of "saving the game" is more important than the task "to win it."
We, the people have a unique ability — the ability to control each game (start and finish it it), provided that one is aware that any gain leads to the end game — and thus to its loss. And it is the lack game is the most that is not painful for the person reasonable.

It is this — the loss of the game — always "afraid" of the Japanese samurai. After killing the enemy, he loses a game called organic growth (development). Therefore the task of a reasonable person is to save the game. This task is more important than the task of winning.

Just think. Enough to make a bound or unbound postulate that would end the conflict or the start (in terms of what is appropriate and ethical.) Do not you want to play — to related postulate. You want to play — the unrelated postulate. Related postulates enhance life. This is very important for life! A non postulates debilitating. And it is no less important to her now! Do you want to create a game that used to be not boring? Look for any postulate in society, family, or in the yard and make him not associated postulate. Want, do not go crazy with boredom — save (saving you created a game), learn to do it for the major players associated postulates.

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