There was a massive set of NCO corps

The Ministry of Defence of Russia beginning of a massive set of contractors in the rank and file, who will serve in Moscow and the Moscow region, the newspaper "Izvestia". Set to occupy a central recruitment office in Moscow. According to a source in the military newspaper, wanting to serve in these positions until the contract is not much. Future military offered a salary of 20-35 thousand rubles a month. Contract is set to Motorized Infantry Brigade in Moscow, located at the metro station "Tula" in airborne communications center and Kubinka airfield near Moscow. Of motorized rifle brigade on "Tula" in the future will be formed brigade military police. The contracts will be signed with those wishing for a period of three years, but after going through a three-month trial period of 30 training centers. The suitability of volunteers to contract service will be determined by several parameters, the main ones are the level of education and physical fitness. After successful completion of a three-year contract employees will be able to extend it to arrive at a reduced ability to use military mortgage without interest. A set of contract is made in all regions of Russia. According to the plans of the Department of Education of the Ministry of Defence of Russia, in 2017 it is planned to recruit 425,000 contract. A source in the department told the newspaper that the plan is doable. In December 2011, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said in an address to the Federal Assembly, that by 2017, the number of contractors in the Russian Armed Forces should reach 425,000 people, or a little less than half of the total number of troops.

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