They read the children, or the horrors and absurdities of childrens literature

Open the book, and no longer afraid to read — a prospect today is very real for many children in Moscow. In pursuit of sales publishers are increasingly upset the balance between form and content of the books. Of course, not in favor of the content. As a result, the capital's shops were flooded with low-quality literature. How to protect children from at least the most shocking instances?

Look in the book — and you see there sometimes surprising things. In pursuit of customer publishers even primary school age offers truly portrayed Dracula, stirring Medusa and many other exciting characters.

Horror books for middle school age for a thousand rubles. Meet — Zombies: height, weight, hair, eyes. Three ways to kill zombies — or simply cut off the head with something heavy to break through the skull, burn or put through a zombie electricity. Or the guillotine, we read: "Sometimes the executioner failed the first time to cut off his head. We had to cut down again and again. " So it is written — the horror, right? Indeed, and it is shown very clearly.

As follows from the statistics, the book trade, and especially — quality children's books published beautiful today as they say, is on the rise.

"There are popular books with some sekretiki, some attachments, because children, in practice, this is not a lot of reading. Of course, this all comes from the parents, but that's our publishers — including, and we — are trying to teach children to read through the game somehow so that way, "- said the deputy director of commercial online bookstores Natalia Nikulshina.

The fact that today's children are reading a little, one of those who took to speculate on the subject, do not say just lazy. And yet, according to experts, in fact, claim the parents come down to the fact that books are not the ones in their eyes.

"When we say that they do not read, or they read little, we, first of all, we mean that they do not read what we read and what we loved — says Chief Editor of" Preschool Education ", Ph.D. Marina Aromshtam. — Our book's value field for some reason does not go to children by inheritance. "

In the Center of the psychological evaluation games books also received considerable attention. A collection of the most ridiculous instances are growing. And strictly speaking this is not a book at all, because the content here again — in the first place various decorations. A toy is applied — is a separate song.

"Manufacturers tend to surprise customers — parents, in the first place — and so they are trying to invent something, it is not focusing on the needs of children", — said the head of scientific-methodological department of the Moscow city center, psychological, educational games and toys expert at the Moscow State Psychological-Pedagogical University Yelena Shein.

No pre-examination sense everything that falls today on the shelves of children's shops, not pass. Sellers denied some absolutely egregious cases.

"On the bookshelf gets different, and it is clear that parents are not viewing, because if he buys a novel, he read it, probably, abstract, and even more, choose a picture and will focus on the picture, because the visual perception — is that now is our customer, "- says Marina Aromshtam.

With one voice, experts advise that parents at least flip through the book before you buy, focusing on bright pictures.

— It turns out that you buy the book, but it does not teach anything, no content in it. For example, a good book with good bright illustrations, even a toy is added, but the content of the book — zarifmovka simple words: "Gosh can do click, but what kind of a good judge."

Public Council of the experts could put on a proven publication stamp of approval to help parents navigate the vast sea of books. Not oppose major publishers: in the hope that such expertise will help them reinforce consumer confidence. But while such advice is only in theory. A controversial opus still in print mark there is, in the end, the reader.

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