Tickets for the ark, and tours in paradise as entrepreneurs earn at the end of the world

Russian businessmen are trying to monetize the apocalypse

According to sociological research company Ipsos Global Public Affairs, doomsday in their lifetime waiting 14% of the world population, but 10% of people with sure disaster happens projected Mayan Indian — December 21, 2012 — that is, less than a month. Russia is one of the most pessimistic countries: here waiting for the end of the world 13% of the population, specify the sociologists. People's attitudes have already affect the domestic consumer market. A growing number of people offering themed products and services.

Three weeks ago, Tomsk wedding agency "Marina Mendelssohn" released the first batch of "Set for the end of the world".
The box collected essentials: validol, a small bottle of vodka or water of life, buckwheat, sprats, soap, rope, valerian, notebook, pencil, charcoal and fun instruction. Retail price of the package, which is advertised as a great gift, 890 rubles.

Company director Julian Shchegolev said that the idea came by accident: the doomsday message she learned from a friend that was able to excite and herself. But, understand the situation, the owner of Interior decided to turn a potential threat into a business plan. "Surprisingly, it was found that these goods in Russia still has not released", — the head of the agency. According Shchegoleva, at the moment the company has executed a number of private and non-recurring corporate orders: sets so far ordered only as a subject of gifts. Offers from retailers of the company has not yet been reported.

Best on the possible end of the world was able to earn the designers and builders of underground shelters. In profile the company say that the demand for bunkers for the past year was approximately doubled for the year of one organization can build about twenty such objects. In "DelyuksBunker" clarify: to disseminate information about the apocalypse bunkers ordered primarily by people who are afraid of the threat of military invasion by traditional rivals Russia. However, most ordinary Russians establish underground shelters are not equipped with the computer systems of life support. The cost of the simplest — about 1.5 million. These "smart" bins in the country there is little, the price is usually higher than the sum of one million dollars and is too expensive for most "survivalist."

Meanwhile Ufa company "Ark N" a few months ago made a statement about the possible construction of a collective bunker. Construction intended to build on the money shareholders: a bed in the shelter should have cost 125 thousand rubles, a small room 690 thousand, and the apartment for four people for about 1.7 million of the project required merchants to attract money about 300 investors. But to find a sufficient number of private investors have not yet succeeded.

The increasing popularity of social networking is gaining another apocalyptic project: tickets for the ark, built in anticipation of the end of the world. On Internet sites appeared several announcements about sending a ship from Nizhny Novgorod, Tver, Moscow and Yekaterinburg. The declared cost of swimming varies from 30 to 100 thousand rubles. However, the real basis for a message does not have all these numbers belong to random people that are in a conversation with told dozens of incoming calls and assured that they have no relation to the ship. On the photographs used in the text is actually a smaller version of Noah's Ark, which in 2005 built the Dutch artist Johan Huibers (Johan Huibers). Since its inception, the construction is in the port of the small town Schagen. The vessel is placed on a barge and in real voyage never came out — a task in front of him did not set initially. In interviews, the artist said that the main aim of his work — to draw people's attention to the Bible, not to save the world from another universal flood.

Keep up with Russia and neighboring countries. Thus, in mid-October, the Latvian insurance company Balta told reporters about an unusual request: music festival organizers wanted to buy a policy that could protect participants and guests "from the appearance of the waters of the Baltic Sea space creatures Cthulhu", the winner of the abduction by aliens and Armageddon. However, the unusual customers insurers have decided to refuse, citing the inability to calculate the risk and the amount of insurance, according to the official website of the organization.

One of the most original projects have come up with Ukrainian businessmen. At a specially registered portal users are offered a symbolic purchase tickets to heaven and hell. The first package contains a certificate confirming that the name in the "Book of Light", the ticket for the flight, identity and travel guide. Offer price 120 hryvnia (457 rubles). Place in hell pay more: the same package (entry in the book "The Tablet of Satan", a ticket for a free fall, a certificate and a guide), potential tourists are asked to pay 150 hryvnia (571 rubles).

Despite the fact that most private initiatives look ridiculous, get real profit still managed a Mexican tourist and service companies. According to British newspaper The Telegraph UK, the inflow travelers in the south-east of the country, which have traditionally been considered the birthplace of Maya Indians, has more than doubled, from 22 to 52 million people. In turn, the government plan of the country for a year is said to hold more than 500 events on topics maya.

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