Today and tomorrow, the political appeal

Society activist of "Young Front" Zmicier Fedoruk demobilized from the railway troops in Zhodino after the end of compulsory military service. He was the last of the three political conscripts who were forcibly drafted into the army in 2009. However, social activists believe that the practice of political recruitment in Belarus will continue.

Dmitry Fedoruk released from the military unit and 9-am — exactly one and a half years of service with the rank of corporal. This title is awarded for distinguished service while in the Army Dmitri and took by force. About the feelings of the first civilian hours Zmicier Fedoruk said the following:

Not really hard to believe that in fact it ended in barracks life

"Not very hard to believe that in fact it ended in barracks life. And — of course, very happy to see my mother, home and realize that there is a normal life. Perhaps for my mother this year and a half have been more stressful than for me . And, of course, I want to go to church to thank God for everything, see friends and deal with further training or employment. "

Dmitry Fedoruk was taken to a military unit in handcuffs in January 2009. Before that, it was kept for two days in Minsk prison Akrestsin Street, and a medical examination before the service was done in 40 minutes. As a result politprizyvnik ever had health problems and even had surgery. Therefore, the validity of the expected demobilization was hard to believe until the last minute, says the mother of Dmitri Irina Fedoruk:

"Until the last moment, until it drove away from the part, remained mistrust. How it all began, when it was impossible to believe that in prison, without the survey can be picked up in the army, if it's all happened so loud, and so that's all meaningless to conclude that here so take it and give people back the feeling of some possible provocation remained until the last minute. "

While there is no indication that the young activists will not call for political reasons

Irina Fedoruk
says that all the service with his son felt the support of friends and activists of the Belarusian political movement. Even on the day of the release of about a military unit in Zhodino Dmitry met with her a few activists. Among others — one of the founders of the BCD Aleksei Shein, who does not believe that the release of Dmitry Fedoruk Politprizyv in Belarus will be completed:

"I believe that as long as there is no indication that the young activists will not call for political reasons. This was not any representations or hints. Therefore, it seems to me that the government" run "this option and have it in stock on any active political campaign. "

Zmicier Fedoruk along with two other socio-political activists — Ivan Shyla and Frank Vyachorka — Was forcibly conscripted into the army in 2009. Later, Ivan Shyla and Franak Vyachorka the reserve for health reasons.

Meanwhile, on July 30 Chairman of the Mogilev War Stanislaw R. has to go to a military unit near Minsk. He will take the oath of office in a few weeks.

Earlier Romanovich dropped out of high school with the wording for "academic failure." He himself says that it was for political reasons — after he refused to cooperate with the KGB.

Recently, the guy had surgery on his right hand.


Fedoruk, the troops

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