Top 10 Best SMGs world.

Top 10 Best SMGs world.
In the post, we will focus on the best 10 SMGs world.
Submachine gun — an indispensable tool for rapid and assault spets.operatsy premises.
More in my best views will be placed in the order of 10 to
Your outlook may be different from mine.
So, the 10-ka best submachine guns of all time.

Tenth place.
Top 10 Best SMGs world.
Heckler und Koch UMP (Germany)

Top 10 Best SMGs world.
HK UMP-45.

Top 10 Best SMGs world.
HK UMP-40 with optional equipment: red-dot sight and tactical flashlight on the shank.

Top 10 Best SMGs world.
HK UMP-9 (direct attention to the curved shop under 9mm cartridge).

Caliber: .45 ACP, .40 SW, 9x19mm Luger / Para
Weight: 2.1 — 2.2 kg
Length (stock closed / open): 450/600 mm
Barrel length: 200 mm
Rate of fire: 600 — 700 rounds per minute
Capacity: 10, 25, 30 rounds
Effective range: 100 meters
Submachine gun UMP (Universal machinen-pistole universal PP) was created by the German company Heckler & Koch in the second half of the 1990s as more and cheapest kind in something more modern dopolnenieya the lineup SMGs MP-5 of the same company. UMP was created first for the police of the U.S. market and therefore was first released under are popular in the USA .45 ACP and .40 SW, and only about a year later — 9mm Parabellum under. First standards with optional equipment% appeared in 1999.

HK UMP is an instrument built by the scheme blowback. Fire from closed bolt, trigger trigger, has a two-way fuse switch fire mode, and slide stop providing bolt stop in the open position after using cartridges in the store. Modes of fire — single, automatic fire and turn on 2 or 3 shots (optional). The bolt is made of a plastic box. To it also adjoins the bottom plastic box with USM receiver store and pistol grip. Folding butt sideways. On the trunk has a mount for the muffler on the shank from the side and top of the receiver — guides for installation of accessories, such as collimator and laser sights, flashlights, etc.
Is used by the German and spets.sluzhb some states of the world.
Top 10 Best SMGs world.

Ninth place.

Top 10 Best SMGs world.
Cedar submachine gun PP-91 / Klin PP-9 (Our Fatherland)

Top 10 Best SMGs world.
Submachine gun «Cedar» PP-91 with butt folded.

Caliber: 9x18mm PM (Cedar); 9h18mmPMM (Wedge)
Weight: 1.55 kg without magazine
Length: 530/305 mm
Barrel length: 120 mm
Rate of fire: 1000 rounds per minute (PP 1200dlya Wedge with chuck PMM)
Shops:, box, double row, on 20ili 30 rounds
Effective range: 50-100metrov (up to 150 meters for PP Wedge with patronomPMM)
Submachine gun «Cedar» was first developed on the basis of the 1990s more of early PP-71 construction Yevgeny Dragunov made in the 1970s for the Russian Army. Title «Cedar» and stands for Design Eugene Dragunov. «Cedar» intended for the armed forces of the USSR Ministry of Internal Affairs and Russia. Since 1994, his replacement was offered the option of «Wedge» PP-9, fitted under a massive ammunition 9x18mm PMM and retained compatibility with the old cartridge 9mm PM. But in connection with the rejection of rounds 9h18PMM (for reasons bezopasnsoti and in connection with the transition to ammunition caliber 9×19) in the series and was only armed with PP-91 «Cedar» under ordinary chuck 9×18. Submachine guns «Cedar» are widely used in the structures of the Interior Ministry and police of. In addition, based on the PP-91 is designed «service rifle» PKSK weapons for personal security structures (9h17 caliber, semi-automatic only, store 10 rounds), as «traumatic weapon of self-defense» ACK-9T «Esaul» by rubber bullets.

PP «Cedar» and «Clean» actually have a similar design, with control based on open shutter. To increase the accuracy of shooting fire from closed bolt, why put into the design of the trigger firing mechanism. USM allows maintenance of a single lamp and fire in bursts, fuse — translator placed right on the receiver. Folding butt up — forward, iron. Chance grade laser designator and muffler sound of a shot.

Eighth place.

Top 10 Best SMGs world.
Submachine gun IMI UZI / Mini UZI / Micro UZI (Israel).

Top 10 Best SMGs world.
Uzi submachine gun with a folding iron butt in the firing position.

Top 10 Best SMGs world.
Uzi submachine gun with a folding iron butt folded.



Caliber: 9x19mm Luger / Para
Weight: 3.7
Length mm: (stock closed / expanded) 470/650
Barrel length, mm: 400
Rate of fire, rds / min: 600
Magazine capacity, rounds 25, 32
Effective range, m: 200


Caliber: 9x19mm Luger / Para
Weight: 2.7
Length mm (stock closed / expanded): 360/600
Barrel length, mm: 197
Rate of fire, rds / min: 950
Magazine capacity, rounds: 20, 25, 32
Effective range, m: 100


Caliber: 9x19mm Luger / Para
Weight: 1.5
Length mm: (stock closed / expanded) 250/460
Barrel length, mm: 117
Rate of fire, rds / min: 1250
Magazine capacity, rounds: 20
Effective range, m: 30
Submachine gun Uzi (Uzi) was created in Israel Army lieutenant Uziel Gal in 1949. It is usually assumed that the basic idea of ​​building a custom sub-machine gun Gal borrowed from Czech PP models 23 and 25 design Holec, but perhaps the fact that the assembly Gal «spied» in experimental British SMGs MCEM-2 developed in 1944. It may also be that he «invented» assembly with a submachine gun store in the handle fire control and ram the gate on the trunk — in the end, similar to the gun assembly used in the late 19th century. Kind whatsoever, Gal did a rather unusual and technological design. Carried Uzi submachine gun izrailskkim weapons now IMI (in the current time — IWI Ltd), in the current issue of time in Israel Uzi discontinued, issued only its smaller versions of Mini-and Micro-Uzi. Uzi submachine gun was or is in service in more than 90 countries, including Israel, Germany, Belgium. Dining Mini-and Micro-Uzi is very popular in the midst of special forces and security services in the world. Uzi was carried out under license in Belgium by FN Herstal, unlicensed copies were made in China and Croatia.

Submachine gun Uzi (as well as his more recent, smaller versions of Mini-Uzi and Micro-Uzi) built under the scheme with a free gate. Fire from open bolt, with all this pinned capsule occurs before arrival gate in the latest frontal position, which reduces the weight of the gate. Options for Mini-Uzi and Micro-Uzi options are also available, leading fire from closed bolt and having a drummer with its own separate mainspring. Micro-Uzi option to reduce the rate of fire with low weight and a small gate in the gate has rollback custom weighting liner made of tungsten. In the latter position, the front gate «accumulates» at the breech, which allows to reduce some long guns. Fuse-translator fire mode is located on the left side of the receiver and has three positions — not dangerous, single, automatic fire. In addition, on the back side of the handle button placed Breaker, allowing to keep the fire only when it enters the pen hand. Receiver — stamped from steel, fastened behind her folding butt. There he made Uzi folding down, Mini-Uzi and Micro-Uzi — sideways. Earliest versions of full-size Uzi submachine guns could also be equipped with a removable wood butts. Charging handle located at the top of the receiver and motionless while shooting. All options Uzi submachine guns can be equipped with silencers shot sound, «full» options can also be used for launching rifle grenades from the barrel using special blank cartridges. In addition, «full» options created for infantry weapons, could be equipped with a detachable bayonet.

Top 10 Best SMGs world.

Seventh place.

Top 10 Best SMGs world.

Heckler und Koch MP-5 (Germany)

Submachine gun HK MP-54, or HK-54 pre-production model (1965). Earliest PP MP-5A1, adopted by the German armed police and border guards, looked exactly the same. Pay attention that the muzzle of the barrel and sights are different from the later models. The store also of early-type line.

Top 10 Best SMGs world.
HK MP-5A2 with fixed butt and All-plastic module USM smarkirovkoy «SE-F» («Harmless-single — turn»).

Top 10 Best SMGs world.
HK MP-5A3 with retractable telescopic butt. Earliest model with ribbed forearm stamped steel trigger module housing.

Top 10 Best SMGs world.
HK MP-5N. Modern version, specially developed for the Navy United States. Different sofa butt configuration A3, All-plastic body with two-way trigger interpreter modes of fire and oboznacheniyamiv as «icons». In addition, at the muzzle of the barrel are threaded for mounting removable silencers American design.



Caliber: 9x19mm Parabellum (also .40 S & W and 10mm Auto)
Weight unloaded: 2.54 kg
Length: 680 mm
Barrel length: 225 mm
Rate of fire: 800 rounds per minute
Shops: 15 and 30 rounds


Caliber: 9x19mm Parabellum (also .40 S & W and 10mm Auto)
Weight unloaded: 2.88 kg
Length: 490/660 mm
Barrel length: 225 mm
Rate of fire: 800 rounds per minute.
Shops: 15 and 30 rounds.

Has also created a special shortened modification — MP-5K.

MP-5 has proved the reliability and dependability in the framework of the 10 armed conflicts and tyschah spets.operatsiyah around the world, and for sure it is used in this 10s spets.sluzhb worldwide.

Sixth place.

Top 10 Best SMGs world.
Submachine gun Steyr AUG Para 9mm (Austria)

Top 10 Best SMGs world.
Submachine gun Steyr AUG A3 XS 9mm.

Caliber 9x19mm Luger / Parabellum
Weight 3.0 kg without magazine
Length 610 mm
Barrel length 325 mm
Magazine capacity of 25 rounds
Rate of fire 700 rounds per minute
Effective firing range — 200-250 meters.

Submachine gun Steyr AUG is a conversion (remake) machine / 5.56mm caliber assault rifle Steyr AUG under 9mm pistol cartridge. Top nick similar conversion SMGs — police forces and special operations units are different. Remaking rifles (machine) in the sub-machine gun and back can be done by hand, by partial disassembly tools and substitution of the required parts (barrel, slide group, 9mm Adapter for stores). As required by the barrel submachine gun can be mounted muffler. May be used for the conversion of all options automatic Steyr AUG, from A1 to A3.

Submachine gun Steyr AUG has automatic blowback. Fire from closed bolt, single shots and bursts. All major sights and mechanisms inherited from the base machine Steyr AUG.

5th place.

Top 10 Best SMGs world.
Submachine gun ST Kinetics CPW — Compact Personal Weapon (Singapore)

Top 10 Best SMGs world.
Submachine gun ST Kinetics CPW with red-dot sight; the stock closed.


Caliber: 9x19mm Luger / Parabellum
Weight: 1.5 kg
Length: (stock closed / open) 350/500 mm
Barrel length: 180 mm
Rate of fire: 900 — 1100 rounds per minute
Magazine capacity: 30 rounds
Effective: range of 100 meters
Submachine gun CPW (Compact Personal Weapon — small-sized personal instrument) was in 2008 for the first time presented a Singaporean company ST Kinetics. It is a tool meant to use as a substitute for the role of guns in self-defense weapon troops, with all this implies a company that in the future as needed will be able to simply change the nick caliber submachine gun in accordance with the changing requirements (for example, in connection with the transition to small-caliber ammunition overpriced to penetration, such as 4.6h30 HK or 5.7×28 FN). Changing caliber can do specifically in the military takeover battle by larvae shutter barrel and shops. CPW submachine gun has small size and weight, can be carried in a special holster, but hits very highest rate of fire, which is sure to make more difficult the effective application of this instrument malopodgotovlennymi arrows. But taking into account what is now shown only layout of this tool, it is possible that its performance characteristics will vary, and the real effectiveness of its still too early to read.
CPW submachine gun uses automatic delayed blowback with lever brake. Fire is delivered by single shots and bursts. All controls tool (fuse translator fire mode, cocking handle, magazine catch) are bilateral, are equally comfortable for both right-and left-handers. Corpus tools made of high impact plastic, the back of the pistol handle is made of translucent, as the body shop that allows you to rapidly evaluate the residue rounds in the weapon. CPW submachine gun equipped with a retractable telescopic nominally butt sights installed on a rail type integral Picatinny rail on the lid of the receiver and can be produced, or open, or as a collimator sight.

4th place.

Top 10 Best SMGs world.
Submachine gun TDI Kriss Super V (USA)

Top 10 Best SMGs world.
Submachine gun KrissSuper V, layout.
Top 10 Best SMGs world.
This submachine gun on so much comfort that allows no particular problems keep fire from one hand.

Caliber: .45 ACP
Weight bezmagazina: 2.18 kg (layout) ,1.8-2, 0 kg (estimated for serial guns).
Length: (stock closed / expanded) 406/635 mm
Barrel length: 140 mm
Rate of fire: 800 — 1100 rounds per minute
Magazine capacity: 13 rounds (30patronov for serial samples)
Effective range :100-125 meters.
Submachine gun Kriss Super V in real time (Spring 2007) is an experimental prototype undergoing tests with the role of the research center the U.S. Army (US Army ARDEC). In developing this sub-machine gun aim was to increase very patterning automatic fire, while maintaining small size and weight and the use of guns rather massive .45 ACP cartridges deliver maximum stopping power at short distances. The database sub-machine gun Kriss Super V laid patents Kirby Frenchman Renaud (Renaud Kerbad), an employee of the Swiss company Gamma. This company also owns the American company and Transformational Defense Industries, Inc. (TDI), and which is engaged in development of the new tool. According to test results of the first prototype submachine gun Kriss Super V, which began in 2005, the brand new system provides significantly smallest toss barrel with automatic fire, and also means the best accuracy and maneuverability of fire than such well-known standards and tools as HKMP5 HK UMP-45.

Submachine gun Kriss Super V uses rather unusual scheme with automatic delayed blowback recoil momentum and redirection moving parts down. Pretty easy bolt submachine gun has lateral projections included in the balance inclined grooves bulky moving inside the body guns up and down. When fired, the reverse movement of the shutter is converted into vertical motion of the balance down, with all this at the expense of variable groove angle at which the shutter slide projections, at an early stage of its rollback shutter is slowing. Shooting from closed bolt, trigger trigger mechanism located above the axis of the barrel. Cocking handle a convertible placed on the left of the body by firing guns and remains motionless. Translator fire mode is located on the box the trigger approximately halfway long guns, and provides firing single shots and bursts. Separate fuse located above the pistol grip. To increase the stability and further reduce gun barrel toss when shooting without using butt pistol grip is raised relative to the bore axis, so that the shoulder recoil force in relation to the holding hand gun a little (similar decision was previously used in the Russian Olympic small-caliber pistol MP-3, also known as «frame Sheptarskogo»). The receiver stores placed before the fire control knob. Currently, used a 13-round magazine from the Glock 21 pistol, but in the upcoming plan to develop its own stores of greater capacity. To increase the accuracy of shooting SMG Kriss Super V resettled sofa sideways butt and a removable front handle. Sights installed on located on top of the rail gun type Picatinny rail. The front of the box trigger above the barrel has a cavity which can be mounted lantern manufactured by Surefire.

Top 10 Best SMGs world.

Third place.

Top 10 Best SMGs world.
Submachine gun / personal defense weapon troops FN P90 (Belgium)

Top 10 Best SMGs world.
Submachine gun FN P90 in the basic version, the view on the right.

Top 10 Best SMGs world.
Submachine gun FN P90 TR (triple rail) with established freelance optical sight, silencer and tactical flashlight shot sound.


Caliber: 5.7x28mm SS190
Weight: 2.54 kg empty; 3 kg with magazine and 50 cartridges
Length: 500 mm
Barrel length: 263 mm
Rate of fire: 900 rounds per minute
Magazine capacity: 50 rounds
Effective range: 200 meters

PP P90 was developed in the late 1980s by FN Herstal (Belgium) as a weapon of self-defense for those soldiers who are not entitled to state machines (the crews of tanks and combat vehicles, artillery calculations, etc.). Because pistol cartridges used in ordinary PP pistol and ineffective against modern body armor, received wide distribution in the armies of the world, FN has developed a new cartridge, which has the highest penetration of a bullet at the applicable slaughter and stop the action. The new cartridge has a 5.7mm caliber and is a somewhat reduced 5.56mm NATO, with a pointed bullet with an iron core. This bullet is fired from the P90, develops a muzzle velocity up to 715 m / s and is capable of hitting targets in Kevlar body armor at ranges up to 200 meters.

Top 10 Best SMGs world.

Submachine gun FN P90 has a bullpup assembly, its body is made of durable plastic. Automatic FN P90 built under the scheme with a free gate, shooting from closed bolt. Stock is made from the store, located above the barrel. Cartridges in the store and placed perpendicular to the trunk before being deployed in the trunk of an integrated rail turning into the store. FN P90 has handles loading, on both sides of gun guard / translator fire mode is located under the trigger. Shoot liner thrown down through the hollow handle fire control.

P90 is equipped with an integrated red-dot sight with the sighting of the multiplicity 1X network as bukovkoy T. reticle machine has adjustable backlight depending on ambient light. In addition, the P90 is equipped with spare open iron sights. Option FN P90 TR has no regular optical sight — instead of it there are three types of rail Picatinny rail, on which you can install different versions of optical and night sights, additional equipment (tactical lights, etc.)

P90 can be equipped with special laser designators visible or infrared spectrum, as well as a silencer (requests the use of special ammunition subsonic bullets).

P90 is a limited service in the armed forces and the police forces of Belgium, Denmark, the United States (a number of police departments and Hidden Service guarding the president and senior officials of the country), Saudi Arabia, Peru and Thailand, are also widely offered for export.

Second place.

Top 10 Best SMGs world.
Submachine gun PP-2000 (Our Fatherland).

Top 10 Best SMGs world.
Submachine gun PP-2000 contemporary issue (2006), with a folding stock and red-dot sight; right view, the stock closed.

Caliber: 9x19mm Luger / Para and 9×19 7N31
Weight: about 1.4 kg
Length (stock closed / open): 340/582 mm
Barrel length: unknown
Rate of fire: 600 rounds per minute
Capacity: 20 or 30 rounds
Effective range: 100-150 meters.
Submachine gun PP-2000 is designed to Instrument Design Bureau (KBP) in the town of Tula, our homeland, and was first shown publicly in 2004, although a patent for his design was registered in 2001. PP-2000 is a natural way for the role of self-defense or military weapons (PDW), or as a weapon for close combat special operations forces like the army and police / militia, first criteria for action in town. PP-2000 is made small and light as possible, with the least number of parts and the usual design, providing ordinary operation and low price. The ability to use armor-piercing ammunition oversized 7N21 and 7N31, originally developed for the gun GS-18, allows the use of PP-2000 to fight opponents in personal protective equipment (helmets, flak jackets) are also excellent to hit targets that are inside the car. With all of this in comparison with small-caliber counterparts issued in Western countries, such as the Belgian FN P90 5.7mm or 4.6mm German HK MP-7, PP-2000 through the use of 9mm bullets provides tremendous effectiveness against targets not protected by body armor. Currently, the PP-2000 is already in mass production and enters the armed forces of the Interior Ministry.

Submachine gun PP-2000 is based on automatic blowback. Fire PP-2000 from closed bolt, trigger mechanism trigger. Housing sub-machine gun made of plastic integral with pistol grip and a larger trigger guard, providing as required hold guns with 2 hands. Bolt sticking out above the barrel in front of the set it deflected to the right or to the left cocking handle. Shop inserted in the pistol grip, magazine catch button is placed at the base of the trigger guard. Translator — fuse located on the left side of the gun above the pistol grip, and can fire a single shot, and queues. A distinctive feature of the PP-2000 is protected by a patent — in the back of his body holds spare magazine slot. When inserted in the slot store it may be used as a rudimentary shoulder rest (butt). Sovremenenye production versions PP-2000 equipped with a detachable pull-out sideways butt ustanvlivaemym the slot for a spare magazine. On the upper surface of the receiver cover made rail-type Picatinny rail, allows you to set various additional sighting prispsosobleniya on the respective mounts.

First place.

Top 10 Best SMGs world.
Submachine gun Heckler — Koch HK MP7A1 PDW (Germany).

Top 10 Best SMGs world.
Submachine gun Heckler — Koch HK MP7A1 with buttstock and front handle.

Top 10 Best SMGs world.
Submachine gun Heckler — Koch HK MP7A1 with extended magazine for 40 rounds, night sight and silencer.


Caliber: 4.6x30mm
Weight: 1.5 kg
Length (stock closed / open): 340/540 mm
Barrel length: 180 mm
Rate of fire: 950 rounds per minute
Capacity: 20, 40 rounds
Effective range: 200 meters

Submachine gun Heckler — Koch HK MP7, developed in the late 1990s by the German company Heckler & Koch, adopted by the west ordering refers to the brand new class of small guns — Individual self-defense weapons (Personal Defence Weapon — PDW), and is designed for armed troops statewide not put a real machine (assault rifle), in other words the crews of military equipment, calculation tools, etc. Previously such military weapons used pistols or submachine guns under pistol cartridges, but the overall implementation of personal protective equipment (vests, helmets) sharply limited the effectiveness of tools for the standard pistol cartridge.

Top 10 Best SMGs world.

In this connection, to increase the effectiveness of personal guns began to develop new weapons systems, consisting of a small sample of small guns (pistol class or sub-machine gun), but under the new reduced-caliber cartridges with pointed bullets with high-speed penetration. The first such system was the Belgian complex of 5.7mm cartridge SS190, Five-seveN pistol and submachine gun P90. Submachine gun HK MP7A1 German development became the second representative of the serial class implements PDW — its the first time in 2001, and he was to come into service some German special units, and in 2006 he adopted for all the German Armed Forces. Since 2005 submachine gun HK MP7A1 is in service with the military police UK. In addition, MP7 FNP90 rivals for a place in the system of standard NATO weapons.

In technical terms, HK MP7A1 — automatic weapon designed specifically for 4.6mm caliber cartridge (designation 4.6h30mm chuck, chuck outside resembles a smaller 5.56mm NATO). HK MP7A1 arranged by type compact submachine gun, the store is inserted into the pistol grip, a folding butt , telescopic front has extra folding handle to hold the gun with 2 hands. Automation HK MP7A1 built under the scheme with a gas engine with a small stroke gas piston, locking — turning the bolt. In general, automatic and USMHK MP7A1 very similar rifle G36 appropriate elements of the same office. HKMP7A1 housing is made of plastic on top of the body are made rails for mounting various sights. Modes of fire — single shots and turn and switch fire mode also plays a role fuse and operated on both sides of the gun. Cocking handle is placed on the rear side of the hull above the butt, has a T-shaped (like the cocking handle M16) and motionless while shooting. Fire from closed bolt.

Due to the successful assembly of HK MP7A1 with folded butt and front handle can be carried in a holster-type pistol. Shooting from the MP7 can be conducted on the pistol (with one or with 2-hand), with the introduction of the front handle and to improve the precision and accuracy of fire — with buttstock. This design provides a huge, compared with the Belgian FN P90, maneuverability, particularly in tight criteria that makes a cute HK MP7A1 not only as a defensive weapon, and as an offensive weapon for various special purpose entities, requiring close combat weapons , efficiently against enemies in flak jackets. Of the drawbacks mentioned HK MP7A1 little butt, not providing a comfortable handiness guns, also put it mildly, questionable effectiveness small caliber rounds based on beliefs stopping act.

From the standpoint of the ammunition used 4.6mm cartridge HK MP7A1 approximately comparable with 5.7mm cartridge Belgian development. The initial velocity of the bullet cartridge 4.6h30mm is 725 m / s at 1.6, the mass of the bullet in the base version of the bullet-steel equipment, in the copper shell cartridges are also available options with tracer bullets. weighted with subsonic bullets, training and others. Issue cartridges 4.6h30 well underway in England, factory Radway Green, owned concern BAE Aerospace. Manufacturers stated 100% penetration of the personal protective equipment standard CRISAT (1.6mm titanium plate plus 20 layers of Kevlar fabric) at a range of up to 200 meters.


Well ah so that’s how I laid out the best 10 SMGs world.
With a winner for a long time could not obuslovitsya.No pochitav and poizuchal huge number of samples of this class implements, came to this here vozzreniyu.Vsem thanks for watching and fortune for you!

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