Torsion fields — had spoken to the human DNA

A man surrounded by biofield, in today's presentation — aura, a set of torsion fields (special state of matter existing in the physical vacuum of the universe.) The term "torsion fields" appeared in 1922 to refer to a hypothetical physical field, which is generated by the torsion of space, ie torsion fields are everywhere, where there is a twist (rotation).

Rotating planet, the solar system, the galaxy, etc., so torsion fields surrounded by all. Stone, wood, people, planet surrounded by torsion fields, which interact with each other, changing and creating new torsion fields. Torsion fields are a huge flow of information to form general boundless system, in which the instantaneous velocity of propagation (the concept of "time" does not exist.) No wonder our ancestors believed any stone, wood, water, clouds, Earth-Sun Yarylo alive. According to the faith of our ancestors (Ingliizm) Life is given to man to realize himself as an integral part of the universe, and for the knowledge of the universe, as an integral part of themselves.

Man does not rotate, but the generator of the torsion fields of varying intensity. Scientists believe that the idea — it is the matter of which is constructed of torsion field and on the torsion bars a person can be affected. For example, our ancestors, when things were given or exchanged, said thanks, and destroying all negative. Modern scientists have proved that water changes its structure in response to the environment (thoughts, words, music, etc.). But the real sensational scientific data from people hiding and otherwise impede the work of scientists as their findings confirm the existence of one God, the Creator:

1. Words affect not only water, but also on human DNA.

2. Genetic apparatus has the ability to think.

3. DNA and proteins contain iron atoms and antennas are facing in space. Take some control information, which determines how to look people, plants, animals. Human genetic apparatus is almost identical to the fruit fly, earthworms, monkeys or pigs that Proteins are the working set is universal for all organisms, which provides metabolic rate (metabolism), and the information of torsion fields determines the sequence in which, according to which matrix protein (RNA) will build an amino acid.

4. GMOs (genetically modified food) — poison food Frankenstein.

"The main structure of man — a word that has a lot to do with our genetic apparatus. Spiritual body moves us, without him we are messy and diverse mix of muscles, tendons, bones, etc. "- Dr. Sci Peter Garyaev.

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