Traditional Russian culture. The history of the universe. Golden path of spiritual ascent

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How lived the ancient Slavs and Aryans, we can learn from ancient texts, such as the Russian Veda. Slavic-Aryan Vedas written on gold plates over 40,000 years ago. They set out the history of settlement of the Earth, knowledge of the laws of nature, the commandments of our ancestors and forecasts for the future events. Although these sacred texts were for a long time, now they are made public and available for inspection to the public.

Old Russian people believed that the most supreme God Ra-Ha-M (Sanskrit Bramha) created the world and its three aspects: rules, Reveal and Navi. Was created countless measurements and time space, where were their sun and stars. The ancients believed in the existence of gods and that they all existed at different levels. For example, they knew that Svarozhich — Light Gods, well above the people of the time, but they were not the highest gods. Different Gods created various creatures and worlds full of harmony and beauty.

The ancients also believed that the smallest particles of bodies of people relate to the high gods. Here is what is written in Russian Vedas: "Every iota of our body, stone, wood is original solar system, Yarily-Sun, surrounded by land on which they live and develop billions of sentient beings, and sometimes in their intellectual and moral development we, the people, superior ". (The first book, Harati first). It can be concluded that the ancient rusichi already knew of the existence of atoms and electrons, and even more minute particles. They also believed that what is "below" is a reflection of what is going on "upstairs."

Once upon a time there was a land Da'Arias (also called Hyperborea), which after a time because of the decline of morality and people were destroyed, and people moved from her Antlan (Greeks called Atlantis). Antlan — the country of the Ants, was on the big island, which sank in the Atlantic Ocean about 13,000 years ago.

So, we know that 111,810 years ago the Great Flood, and our ancestors moved from the sacred Daarija country, which was at the north pole of the Earth, in Eurasia. After retiring from the white-skinned people Daarija first went south from Rhipaean (Ural) mountains, where settled. Then most of the labor of our ancestors populated the island of Buyan in the East Sea, obzhivaya the river Irtysh (Iriy quietest). After complete flooding Daarija retreated West and East Sea, and ancestors have occupied the land, formerly the seabed of the East Sea. Because of heavenly purity water quietest Iria blessed land, lived-wise Asami, named Belovodye. More detail about the history of the Russian people will be written in the following articles.

According to Russian Vedas, in a great country Ta-Chemie (Ta-Chemie — the ancient name of the country that existed in the north of the African continent, in the territory of modern Egypt), which is located east of Antlan (Atlantis) and the south of the Great Venei lived many blacks tribes, Arabs and some Semitic peoples. (Great Vienna — a country that is home to clans and tribes of Wends, the territory of modern Europe).

Among these tribes, there were two powerful caste of priests, and they had three spiritual teachings that he gave the Aryans, who came from the country of Ants. (Historians have confirmed that the ancient inhabitants of Egypt were whites, and many sources point to the fact that they were refugees from Atlantis).

One scientist says that after the death of noble souls reincarnated in the body of the leader or priest. And if a person lived a life unworthy, it is embodied in the body of an animal, insect or plant. Priests themselves believed that the souls embodied not only in Midgard — Earth (the ancient name of the Earth), but also on other planets and in other dimensions, according to their deeds, and they called the law of karma, in honor of the Goddess of Karna, which monitors observance of the Law of spiritual perfection.

However, among the priests of the second caste was a group of more highly dedicated, very few people from the lower castes of priests known, and she had another spiritual teaching is very different from the other two. It said that around us explicit Peace, peace, yellow stars and solar systems, just a speck in the infinite universe. That there are stars and the sun white, blue, purple, pink, green, stars, and sun flowers, unseen by us, our feelings do not comprehend.

The number of these worlds is infinite, as well as their diversity. And all these different worlds — nothing to other worlds that exist outside of our universe, and again infinitely great number and immeasurably great is their diversity. If the four-dimensional world of people, the chart located on the Gold paths are measured from 16 to 65.5364096 (in degree 4096). At the end is the boundary beyond which begins the world of law.

Old Russian people also know that the universe has no boundaries in time, and we knew that once there was a battle in Heaven between darkness and light, as the sons of darkness wanted to bypass laws cunning spiritual ascent on the golden path of spiritual development. They also believed that the Earth (Midgard) is located on the line between light and darkness.

Example, the space and the reality, the smaller the number of measurements can serve Worlds sounds, shadows, specular maps, ever-changing images that are undergoing constant transformation. There can be a flower in a moment scroll Harati, then the worm, trot, etc. And all these worlds and realities are not separate, and penetrate each other.

The global structure of the feature is that all the worlds, all reality independent of determining their dimension, are in the same place, with respect to human understanding and infinite closed, thus filling the entire Universe. But between the Worlds and the reality of different measurements are the barriers to overcome that and join the life of a World or Reality can only be corresponding to that world or reality.

So, the ancients believed that the rise of man to a higher world or ultimate reality is only possible as a result of spiritual development. To do this, the world of the gods and the people came Teachers of humanity, there is a higher order of complexity that come down to management and transmission of the upward call of Knowledge and Commandments. The ancients knew that to develop spiritual and emotional nature of man works not only himself, but also the Universal Force, elevating human or delaying its spiritual and emotional development.

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