Transmigration of souls

The belief in the transmigration of souls, or reincarnation, one way or another, is present in all religions. A man is easier to realize that after the death of his immortal soul will not disappear but will continue its path, embodied in the new body.

The body is a temporary shell, so after his death, the soul takes on a different form, and continues to live with the memory of this experience erased previous life. According to some legends, the soul can transform into animals, plants, or even inanimate objects, so, for example, in ancient India, people tried not to sin, not to reincarnate. For example, in the stone. Part of the soul is endowed with unique features only for this life, the other part of it — it's common that manifest and after transformation. And to find the statuses about life and reincarnation, you can portal

At present, no one can say for sure is it possible reincarnation. However, there are cases where a serious illness a person is highly variable, gets unexpected abilities, begins to know the languages that do not never studied. All this makes us think that the reincarnation of the soul is real. There are cases of so-called multiple personality disorder, when in one body there were two completely different souls, one of which — an ordinary man, "host body", the other owner of such knowledge that this man could not have. For example, the famous case in which the ordinary man woke up craving for drawing and he drew unsurpassed scenery. In a year when there was a desire to have died a famous landscape painter.

However, Christianity denies the possibility of reincarnation, believing that after death the soul enters eternity in hell or heaven. In contrast, Asian religions, more ancient, firmly believe in the reincarnation of souls. In support of that reincarnation was not to be, acts and a sense of "deja vu" when it seems that this event has been and prophetic dreams, premonitions, anticipate. In general, the belief in reincarnation and rebirth of a new body comes from the fact that the human soul — is so energetically powerful substance that after the death of the body, it can not disappear. So looking for a new body in which, and continues to exist. Recorded a truly amazing cases where the year of death of the artist or writer of genius child was born, endowed with such talents. What is it — a coincidence, or the reincarnation of the soul of the great? The answer to this question yet.

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