True Stories

Spring 42nd …
…Sevastopol. Neighborhood. Early morning. Sunrise.

20 meters from the line of our trenches in neutral — two. She and her. Snipers. The first senior — brunette with the Kiev region. The second is 8 years old and younger blonde burning of Moscow.

They called each other and LyudOk LizOk.

In less than a month ago, the first husband died. Also sniper, by the way. Sitting, you know, hugged his wife, and then a shell … Her his wife — nothing but a peasant seven penetrating shrapnel and hand blown off. The same one where his wife hugged.

The second — not married, volunteer went to the front, fought near Odessa. More than 20 killed in the account. In short, life is also seen a …
Now they have two dusty and dirty blissfully silhouettes barely discernible in the sickly bush. Immediately — two rifles wrapped in rags, gazing eastward. The first barrel was called "Svetka", the second — "Mosya."

— Well?
— Not LizOk not see.
— And I do not see LyudOk.
— That's the same thing …

The fourth day, they were hunting for a German sniper, who at this site COP-defense and not let anyone raise their heads. Yesterday, they even calculated the maturation of the parasite and offered to cover it with mortars. But our ammunition was running out and ordered the weaker sex "deal on their own."

Before dawn pair chewed on the tile scarce chocolate, washed down with tea is the case, making it easier and crawled into neutral.


— Well?
— He is there, but is not put out.
— Smart.
— Uh-huh. And wants to live.
— And his supervisor?
— On the spot. Vaughn turns the periscope.
— How did Fritz lure, eh LyudOk? We can not lie here forever.
— If crawled for advanced — will not see anything. And as the sun beats directly in the eye … So lie. We are waiting for.
— You're older — you know better.

So, without movement, under sporadic shootings and Crimean sun, the couple lay in neutral until the evening. The most painful ordeal was thirsty. No, the water-that was with him. And the girls were applied periodically to her. But quite a few. Just to moisten the mouth. You'll be drinking lots of water — you want to wind. Meanwhile, near the toilets somehow not in sight, but a crap yourself a pair of disdain. And every move in neutral could be the last.

Hour after hour. Between natives and foreigners. Licking his dry and cracked lips. Slowly, slowly, and quite a bit by moving the arms and legs to stretch their limbs. Staring teary-eyed at the German positions.

Hour after hour.

…And then the setting sun shot a fun flare on the lens of Fritz. LyudOk without words at a good pace to thrust back of SVT goodies heels of 7.62 and LizOk kicked out trehlineyki at periscope observer. After that, the girls picked up and, screaming in pain in the legs completely numb, rushed to her. The Germans came around later. Covered neytralku crossfire only when LyudOk and LizOk already rolled over the parapet …

Then overpower a couple of Red Army soldiers at the hands of potash for posts moves to the rear, and the girls from the realization that survived, like the mare whinnied.

Loud and sharp snore.

Then they dropped in a dugout. Watered and fed. Moaning on wobbly legs, and LyudOk LizOk dragged report superiors. Then wrapped themselves in the cloak-tent and slept like tsutsiki.

It's after midnight girls woke personally Brigade Commander, dimensions more like a bear. Kissed him on the cheek and out of their "strategic reserves" has given a flask of alcohol. It was found that during the night the Marines took the "language." That said — Herr sniper everything. Amba. Alles kaput.
— Devanki mine, you head off this nit demolished!

This phrase Brigade Commander Fang smiled, ordered sleep on and fled to shooting night.

The girls looked at each other, prinykali flask. Again disconnected. Until the morning. As dawn broke, right after breakfast, hit the road for a pair of aviators and bartered them for premium "awl" chocolate. After that, slowly walked to the front line.

To look any further.

LyudOk had risen to the rank of major, will receive the GSS, will visit Canada and the United States, will be the main character kantreshnoy songs of Woody Guthrie and survive the war. Died in 1974. Will be buried in the Novodevichy Cemetery in Moscow. LizOk had risen to the corporal, in 1943, near Novorossiysk were seriously injured and die from purulent peritonitis in 19 years. Will be buried in Gelendzhik.

Here's what we should shoot movies.

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