Turkey completes the development of cruise missiles SOM-B2

Turkey completes the development of cruise missiles SOM-B2
TSAMTO, March 12. Project development of long-range cruise missile SOM (Stand off Missile) is nearing completion. As planned, the test launches improved version of the KR SOM-B2 on board F-16C will be held in the midst of the current year.
The program development KR SOM implemented by the Scientific Research and Design Institute of Defense Industry Council of scientific and technical research in Turkey (Tubitak-SAGE) since 2006. First controlled flight of the missile took place in August 2011. Create missiles will produce the company «Roketsan.»

KR SOM developed in several steps with a gradual complication. The base version of SOM-A is a 610-kg unobtrusive cruise missile, created to engage stationary and moving ground and surface targets at ranges up to 200 km. Guidance KR midcourse line motion carried with the introduction of GPS / inertial guidance system with the correlation contour of the terrain. Warhead weight — 230 kg.

Unlike SOM-A rocket modifications improved SOM-B1 and SOM-B2 for guidance on final line of motion additionally equipped with infrared homing. The missile is also capable of producing a comparison inherent in the frame memory main route points from the current picture. Infrared seeker and a correlation contour terrain allow a rocket to search for objective criteria in the absence of a signal system GPS. Tests munition SOM-B1 with infrared homing began in late February 2012. KR SOM-A and SOM-B1 is already in service with the upgraded F-4E-2020.

KR SOM-B2 will be equipped with 660-kg tandem warhead to defeat principal protected objects. The missile can be programmed to attack targets at different angles to ensure that the desired efficiency. Weight of warhead KR — 500 pounds (230 kg).

Flight tests version SOM-B2 on board the F-4 was completed in 2012. For disk imaging company «Roketsan» produced about 10 starts munition. In the current work was underway to integrate CR SOM-B2 on board F-16C, tests are conducted without removal of ammunition. First launch is planned to produce the middle of 2013.

Range Launch CR SOM has been tested in flight tests at the site in the Black Sea region and Konya. In Turkey, there is no test site that allows to perform rocket launch in a straight line to the highest range of motion. Because rocket flight made by the points inside the designated area. According to the statement «Roketsan» test area outside the country will not be held for judgment secrecy.

As planned, the mass production of all 3 versions of the rocket will begin in late 2013.

In the current time are also working on creating options for KR F-35 «Lightning 2». For placing the inner compartment CR current aircraft missiles need to reduce the size, the cross section also reduce its weight. In the future, the company «Roketsan» wants to offer all KR SOM zabugornye buyers F-35 and F-16 report «Janes missaylz End Rockets.»

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