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Without domestic filter — either the amplitude or sudi
The tap water: to drink or not to drink? The survey on the subject, held on the site "Arguments and Facts" shows that in Russia there was tap revolution. We stopped drinking the water as it did in the early 1990's — straight from the tap or boiled.

So continue to drink only a third of respondents, a quarter of all those involved in the survey boil water, and another 11% drink it without using any cleaning filters. Eight percent of the hunt for spring water, seventeen — prefer bottled, and the vast majority, which is 33%, mainly used filter jugs. There is even evidence that in cities in every ten families are six such filters.

Cleaning at home
Why do we have an additional clean water at home? Even in large cities, such as Moscow, where the water utility works pretty well, periodically there excesses: we feel that the water flowing from the tap, is not okay. Many people feel a little manure odor that sometimes occurs in the spring. Why does this happen, and what can get into tap water at all?

With manure smell is clear. In spring, when the snow melts quickly, melt water washed from the fields with manure and agricultural run-part guide all water bodies. Even the emergency measures taken at water stations can not always eliminate manure smell and taste in the water.

Fall into water and discharges enterprises. Only in the Moscow region of chemically hazardous production over seventy. According to experts, the water in the Moscow River in the professional language is assessed by such terms as "polluted", "dirty" and "very dirty." And the amount of sulfites, chlorides, iron, copper, phenol and other toxic chemicals discharged by municipal and regional water bodies in the basin of the Oka is sufficiently large. For example, in the waters Fakhra was fixed phenol concentration exceeding the maximum permissible concentration (MPC) of 28 times, oil — 6.8 MAC, ammonium nitrogen — in 16.7, fosofora and copper — 29. Of course, all this natural water before it reaches us in the kitchen, is treated in wastewater treatment plants. After they have cleaner water comes, as we often say, is not worse than in civilized Europe. All Macs have such water is not exceeded.

But with these maximum allowable concentrations are not so simple. The late Alexander RANS Cullberg said that define limit values for each substance, and not very professional: they can interact with each other and with their effects are often amplified.

But this is not all. After treatment facilities — "the case tube." About 70% of the pipelines Russia deteriorated, over 50% of lost integrity. Many were built in the 50's and 80's, when saved, and cheap steel tubes used instead of cast iron. Now the concentration of iron in the water supply systems is high. But they are dangerous, not only this, corroded, they are not an insurmountable obstacle for sewage, trash like all the rich chemistry, bacteria, viruses, and petroleum products. It is no secret that such pipelines are actively grow roots by bacteria, often their colonies synthesize antibiotics and toxins.
Chlorine is not terrible?
Partially neutralize their chlorine. But some scientists believe that they themselves are very harmful, even in normal concentrations. For example, the experts of the American Cancer Institute estimated that "thanks" only chloroform in drinking water, there is about two percent of cancers of the liver and kidneys. Came to similar conclusions and Finnish scientists, with the only difference being that they have not only studied the chloroform, and all residual chlorine contained in the water. In addition, chlorine blame and other ailments — colds diseases, gastritis and other diseases that attacks the mucous membranes of the respiratory and digestive tracts. And it is clear, chlorine and most of what he gets out, refers to a very active chemicals.

Interestingly, the chlorine in the water, we are afraid not many. According to an online survey, only 8% chlorine in tap water cause the greatest concern. Some participants even elaborated on his position, and told how they struggle with these compounds, "Before you drink the water I give to settle 12:00," or "Nothing to do, just a little to defend tap to remove chlorine." And rightly so, really chlorine evaporates when the water will stand half a day, or if it is just to boil.

But still, this does not relieve the water from other unwholesome substances and substances. What? Seven percent of the respondents are most afraid of bacterial and viral contamination, and 6% — heavy metals. A vast number of people who are interested in this topic drinking, said that they are concerned any contamination (42%) and 38% emphasized that water should be clean at all. What does that mean?
A comprehensive approach
Very simply, the water is probably one of the oldest symbols of purity — it is transparent and therefore clean. And clear it is necessary not only chlorine, heavy metals, iron, bacteria, or, as in general — a complex. Not only the use of these substances and beings, but also other pollutants. And the idea of this cleaning is best embodied in the most common type of filter jug. Person understands that, passing through the cartridge, the water is purified, not only against bacteria, viruses, and mechanical impurities, but also from many harmful substances. And 33% of respondents believed that this effective treatment, and the same gain similar jug type filters. According to statistics, most people choose "Aquaphor". Perhaps this is due to its democratic price. And perhaps the fact that he had three times been named the best in testing different "pots" in the popular television show. I think many buyers will remember and take into account when buying. I saw a program where only the filter was able to clean 170 liters of water — such toner cartridge indicated in the documentation. Other filters to purify water has stopped after they have passed through about 100 gallons of water. And already at work on a story I was pointed to the results of testing filter jug type in Ukraine, just published in the magazine "Consumer Guide" (this publication without advertising like our "demand"). So, "Aquaphor" won a clear advantage, and most of its rivals can be bought in Russia. So, our customers are consciously vote for quality.

Pitchers filters purify water really complex: chlorine, heavy metals, mechanical parts, iron and eliminate unpleasant tastes and odors. Many hardness salts are removed, making the water softer and therefore more delicious. But studies show that when using such filters is important to follow the instructions and do not forget the time to change cartridges. Savings they can backfire — water after additional filtering will not only poorly treated, but also enriched bacteria. So, buying such individual means of protection as a filter, please be kind enough to use it correctly.

Maxim Chistyakov

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