U.S.: Democracy in Action. Video

In the U.S. scandal erupted because of the situation with a brutal crackdown "Occupy" in Davis, California. Police during the dispersal of the rally sprayed participants, local university students, pepper sprays, reports Associated Press.

In the video, filmed eyewitness and published by all major U.S. media, it is seen as a police officer comes to sitting on the ground and hand-holding protesters without warning starts to spray them in the face of pepper gas.

Police officials explained these actions of his employee that he had no other choice — students are not dismantled the camp in the stipulated time and refused to leave the campus, so the law enforcement officers had to use force.

Clarifies that the students received a written warning from the requirement for a certain time to stop the protest, but an hour after the appointed time, the camp was on the ground, surrounded by 50 young people

As a result of acceleration camp 10 students were arrested, and 11 — to the hospital with various injuries.

It should be noted that of the video made clear that the protesters did not resist the police, therefore, according to the representative of the movement "Occupy" in Denver, the guards exceeds the authority having used against protesters pepper sprays.

Leaders of the University announced the launch of its own investigation of the incident. The university has requested a written explanation from the police about the incident.

Recall the New York stock protesters "Occupy Wall Street", which was later turned into a global movement, "Occupy", was born in early September, when its members staged a picket in front of the stock exchange. Their requirements are reduced to greater social responsibility of large corporations and banks that are getting richer, while the life of "99% of the rest of the citizens" is becoming harder. Besides the U.S. movement received considerable support in Canada, UK, Germany and Italy.

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