U.S. Navy presented an outline of its development

U.S. Navy presented an outline of its development
U.S. Navy reported a 5-year plan for military shipbuilding corrected within applets fleet development.
These data are shown in a new report, U.S. Congressional Research Service

In January 2013, the Navy submitted to Congress a plan for bringing the strength of the fleet to 306 ships with the specification of the type and number.

According to the 5-year plan 2013-2017 shipbuilding f.gg. funding is being requested on the ship instead of 41 previously planned 57 ships (28 percent reduction of 16 units).

According to the plans of naval shipbuilding in the United States 2013-2017 f.gg. in the near 5 years will be built and commissioned Navy ships following one heavy nuclear aircraft carrier (AUT) «Gerald Ford» (CVN-78), nine submarines with missile and torpedo (CARDS) of the «Virginia» (SSN-774 ), 9 destroyers like «Arleigh Burke (DDG-51), 16 warships coastal type LCS (Littoral Combat Ship), one amphibious assault ship (UDC)» America »LHA-6, 2 tugs, one landing platform MLP (Mobile Landing Platform), a high-speed catamaran transport JHSV (Joint High Speed ​​Vessel), one tanker. Total fleet will be delivered 41 ship, including in 2013 FY — 10 units in FY 2014 -7 Units., In FY 2015 — 8 units., In 2016 FY — 9 units., FY 2017 — 7 units.

On average, once a year the U.S. Navy will receive from the shipbuilding industry for the coming 5 years of 8.2 warships, while more of early development plans provided for the transfer of the fleet fleet once a year and more than 10 warships.

Temp substitute ship of the fleet strength to 306 ships with an average duration of operation in 35 years will be 8.7 times the ship in the year.

In the long term, shipbuilding and related applets will experience financial difficulties due to new funding and possible shortcomings of the defense budget sequestration that affect the priority programm as building nuclear aircraft carrier CVN-78, construction of the complex atomic load nuclear fuel carriers, destroyers programmke URO type DDG-51, and the construction of amphibious ships programmke funded in previous years.

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