UFO activity on Earth




Because "people with UFO" claim that they are engaged in research of the Earth, to the extent it can be expected that someone would have seen them for this study. A careful examination of the Earth includes a number of huge number of various works. When it comes to the environment, it is absolutely necessary to collect and analyze all kinds of samples, including samples of flora and fauna, rocks and soil, water and atmosphere. Is also required to perform a series of measurements, such as gravity, magnetism, geological structures and radioactivity. Finally, some interest may present themselves by man structures, samples of industrial products, etc.

Gathering samples

UFO people are showing great interest in plants and, in particular, to the plants cultivated by man. In France, two undersized UFO people involved in the survey lavender plantation (1). In Brazil, two other attracted attention tomatoes (2), and their colleagues collected tobacco plants (3).

Hefty enterprise and organization showed the UFO people in Portugal, gathering once "flowers, shrubs and twigs samples in the glowing box" (4). Three stunted creatures interested in a "herbs, flowers, leaves of trees" in Brazil (5). "With the beautiful white smile two dwarf UFO people took a vase of flowers from a woman in Italy" (6). In other cases, fewer intelligible, "they collected some plants", "picking up something," etc. Prospector in Brazil saw two dwarfs, "digging a hole in the ground" (7). Two others saw a farmer in the piece. New York, each of them was carrying a tray "with something that was more like the soil of the field" (8). In Venezuela, the UFO people were selected and studied the stones (9). In yet another report said that two dwarf, "loaded with rocks and other samples" were seen during the landing in round apparatus (10). Among the various types of animals, according to reports, took on board a UFO, mentioned chickens (11), and "in spite of the objections of the owner" — a few domestic rabbits (12).

Attempts UFO people get dogs with serious difficulties. Frisk dog, which belonged to 12-year-old boy seen in a field along with other dogs near a UFO with four normal-looking UFO people, two men and two women. When one of the men tried to grab Frisco, she growled and always backed away from him before. Trying to catch another dog also ended in failure: the UFO people bitten by a dog retired (13). In another case, the owner of the dog came in extremely irritating when a dwarf asked him for his favorite. The case ended with the dwarf had to flee in his car (14).

In areas where UFO activity continues for several days, often report a loss of many animals, including cattle. Local people usually associate their loss with a UFO, but not lead direct evidence of theft.

The newspaper in Rio de Janeiro and in local newspapers Manaus in the piece. Amazonas September 18, 1962 reported that a flying saucer was taken away from him seventeen chickens, six pigs and two cows from the area of Barcelos.

Confirmation messages of this kind took place near Twin Falls in the piece. Idaho, where the victims have seen the work of criminals. They are seen as "people with UFO" bull loaded into his car, which, according to witnesses, was sixty feet in diameter. The witnesses included the local notary, the owner of the farm and two workers (15).

Most, if not all of these cases, the collection of samples can be explained by the desire to study them objectively. But something was interested dwarf HLO-signing shielding for astronauts may have required them personally. It is possible that they needed a fresh meal. The soup of chicken, roasted rabbit or pork chop certainly preferable to the dietary "from rye and wheat flour" and other such ingredients. Some observers have reported seeing the UFO people for cooking inside the UFO. One of them even got four of culinary products, which were then tested, were analyzed, which tried to eat (16).

Often report that the UFO people get their water. To determine the presence of minerals in the water and the level of soiling — or chemical, bacterial or — a small enough amount of water. However, the UFO people sometimes take water in considerable quantities. In 1950, the Canadian and his wife saw a large UFO with hatches on it, "descended to the surface of the lake." Ten of the UFO people of small stature on the deck "hose dipped into the lake," as it were, by pumping water into your unit (17). Almost the same, and also in Canada, eight witnesses watched for 36 years before. At the time, dwarf UFO people dropped the hose into the lake from a spherical vessel, resting on the water (18). When fishing in the piece. New York electronics engineer saw the landing facility. Two dwarfs "came out of the car with a hose and pumped water into it from the river" (19). Another fisherman, this time Italian, saw a UFO hovering for 10 minutes over the river with a "hose submerged in the water" (20).

Application hoses involves sampling significant quantities of water. It is possible that the UFO people not only meet so their current needs but also the needs of many of their colleagues who are elsewhere.

In one case, the purpose of water intake UFO people became absolutely clear poultry farmers in the piece. Wisconsin. Near his house stood upright the fallen object, in which he, through the open door, he saw three men. One of them gave him a "silvery" pitcher with two "handles" or "gestured that he was drinking." Jar was filled with water and returned (21).

In this case, repeat the circumstances previously mentioned our requests for water made by a strange-looking woman in Brazil, which in this case used the word "Rempaua" (22). In another case, in Chile, two light-skinned men came out of the UFO and asked the miner water "mixture of English and Spanish." Shakhtar poured them some water out of the radiator motor (21).

UFO people get water in small quantities and without the help of people. Two miners have seen a UFO, is stranded on a sand spit on the River in California. Out of the car came a dwarf, "a luminous vessel filled with water and gave it to someone, stay in the car" (24). Another UFO landed not far from the Brazilian-fisherman who saw one of the three little people "glowing metal pipe filled with water from the river" (25).

Despite the declared objective UFO people with their earthly activities mentioned above cases the collection of water (with one possible exception) are clearly not connected with the research. It all looks as if the water is needed for drinking or for other purposes those individuals who are involved in procuring her — and not only them, but also to many of their colleagues.

Because the secrecy and "unsociable" UFO people — this is their usual demeanor, all the cases of their personal appeal to the man with requests to give them water bear the imprint of a pressing need, or even despair.

UFO people are showing very little interest to the products of our production. A railroad worker was very surprised when a strange creature appeared in the car, where he was at the time reading something. "Filling the lubricant out of the canister in a small bottle of" UFO people somewhere out "(26). Visitor This is clearly an urgent need for lubrication. Second known case of a person of interest in the products took place in the piece. New York. Two short people, the emergence of which was associated with UFOs, discussed some issues with livestock farming. At their request, he went for fertilizer, but returned and found no one. fertilizer He left brought on-site interviews, but the next day it was not there (27) .

Interest in the buildings and structures

Several UFO people are paying more attention to the different structures created by people on the ground. Usually UFOs and their crews are observed near highways and railways. It is possible that these roads are best suited for a UFO landing. However, the UFO people and show them some curiosity. For example, three dwarf in the early morning hours considered in the light of a lantern railroad tracks (26). Abandoned oil rigs in Texas attracted the attention of some figures, the growth of 1 meter, which appeared from a large UFO (29). The object is very similar to a UFO seen on the ground near the scene of the explosion of the first atomic bomb (30) in the piece. New Mexico, although no members of his crew to review failed.

Evidence on any scientific measurements could be installed on the ground kakih-nibud special equipment sets. In this context, we can understand only two messages. In the piece. Ohio humanoid creatures came out of the egg-shaped object, and "were placed around his car a few small balls" (31). It is possible that the exact same device as a "pale blue sphere" was holding the UFO people, observed in Argentina (32).

To summarize, we can say that the idea that people with UFOs on Earth spend some organized and expedient research is not supported by the available information at our disposal. Their activity on Earth has some weird and random unorganized. Along with the collection of vegetables, small animals and water, possibly for personal use, other pieces they are interested only on a case by case basis. Similarly, examination of their man-made structures more like a manifestation of curiosity than for organized study.

Instead of carrying out any thoughtful review of the Earth from the UFO people, apparently, just pry into other people's business, or maybe looking for something on Earth, something natural, or a plant or mineral.


UFO people sometimes observed activity can not be related to the objectives of the study of nature surrounding them, as all the guests' attention focused on their own machine.

In January 1967 a UFO, with a diameter of about 24 meters with a three-legged chassis down on the highway in the piece. Minnesota. Using the lift, out came a man in blue overalls and a glass helmet. "It seemed like before you depart, he checked something" (33). The same follow-up examinations of the UFO crews were observed in France (34), San Salvador (35), Argentina (36) and in the U.S. in the piece. Minnesota (37).

UFO landing to inspect the machine has been used and its pilots to survey the region and "collecting samples in a large box" (38). Sometimes there was a need and making repairs. A woman in France, approached the drive to make a landing at 30 meters, said, "that she saw a man repairing this machine" (39). External repairs are also carried out on the machines, landed in the U.S., pieces. Minnesota and Denmark (41).

Maintenance or adjustment of the equipment inside the UFO may also require planting. Libyan farmer who touches the car to make a landing, was warned by gestures with one of the crew members to step aside. Within 20 minutes, he watched as the "six people inside a UFO doing some devices" (42). Of course, they may at this time to perform any measurement, but this assumption seems to be unlikely, if acknowledge incident below.

One of the two UFOs flying at a low altitude, sat on the ground near an amateur geologist, somewhere in a remote area of Canada. Within 20-30 minutes geologist was sitting quietly on the spot sketching the object and did not notice any activity on it. Then the door opened on UFOs and geologist smelled "like the burned motor" (43). Since this was clearly smell inside the machine, so far it is obvious that the UFO landing had to the need to correct irregularities in the operation of electric machines or circuits, or perhaps the need to put out the fire.

In both cases, the figures inside the UFOs were busy working with electrical equipment. "Man is made landing vehicles in Argentina saw a piece of paper, and its companion in the car sitting in front of a remote control devices" (44). On the platform stood a UFO on the ground in Brazil saw three human figures, which seem to guard the car, as they were armed and another figure in the car under a transparent dome "was engaged in remote control" (45). In other words, there are also such a UFO landing, during which the UFO people have no interest in his surroundings. The purpose of such crops apparently consists in their own inspection machine outside and performing repair, if necessary. On the contrary, all the attention UFO people in these cases focuses on control panels and the instrument panel inside the machine. This group of cases observed probably corresponds to the observations of the nature of the emergency landings in order to eliminate irregularities in the functioning of the equipment or prevent failures.

Although the UFO clearly represent the product very advanced technology, they obviously are not foolproof. With a large number of expeditions carried out by UFOs probably happens so that the necessary repairs can not be performed and UFOs should be thrown on the ground. Or the failure of the equipment in flight causes the destruction of the device, or an accident occurs while landing on the ground.

Records show that case, both types of these misfortunes. UFO in Brazil who committed a low-altitude flight of some very labored, suddenly soared and "disintegrated into thousands of pieces of fire, shine brightly in the fall." Some of the fragments that had fallen in a shallow pond, were subsequently identified as magnesium (46).

In 1952, on the island of Spitsbergen in the Arctic Ocean were found fragments of a UFO. Their study was carried out by the Norwegian Bureau of Investigation. Upon completion of the investigation of the Bureau announced that "the object was not — we particularly stress — built by any country in the world" (47).

Both of these incidents were reviewed by the Committee Condon and very cleverly sent to the back burner some questionable way. In 1950, there were three more accidents descriptions of UFOs in the American deserts. One of these was a saucer-shaped UFO unit diameter of about 30 meters it killed 16 "short man". Growth of these men was 61 to 107 cm (48). All such messages will never be like have not been investigated and is not described publicly because the phones and the bodies were allegedly handed over to the Air Force.

UFO people moving

An effective way to survey the secret UFO any restricted area or region is likely to be one in which a UFO is landing at night, drops intelligence team and flies away. Upon completion of the job, this command sends a signal back to the UFO encounters ship or in any pre-agreed place and at the appointed time.

Something like this seems to be happening, and when a police officer in New York, saw a cigar-shaped UFO, lands in the parking lot at night in 20 hours. 15 minutes. Observing this object in the headlights of his car, he noticed two dwarfs dressed in "glowing black clothes", came running from somewhere in the darkness, they entered into the machine, which immediately flew away. Black uniforms, apparently, are best suited to a secret UFO people evacuated during the night (49). It is also clear that the UFO people for the transition from one to the other UFO, both cars must make a simultaneous landing. This operation was observed in Central Australia Aboriginal group in 1951, they saw a UFO on the ground and saw the close of the second UFO sat down at first moved dwarf (50). In 1954 in France, several witnesses saw even double jump. Two discs in the sky, connected by "some luminous bridge between them" sat together on the ground. Of each machine came on one of dwarf UFO people, after which they are "without haste" reversed. After this exchange of crew members both of the UFO flew away (51). All these little dramas, unfortunately, does not explain the reasons for these transitions, but quite clearly point to another destination UFO landing.

General considerations about UFO landings

As it happens in many cases, investigations UFO landings problem is much more complex than originally anticipated. And really, why UFOs refuse safely at high altitudes, down to earth, or even sitting on it?

Posts observers clearly indicate that the UFO landing more often associated with studies of the nature of the Earth. UFO people often collect samples of the most varied nature, but their actions in this area do not appear to be some systematic. There is a need for unexplained UFO people in the water in amounts from pitcher to many hundreds of liters, forcing to land on the ground and in urgent or emergency circumstances, even turn to help people.

Irregularities in the functioning of the motor system control or lead to a forced landing for inspection and repairs. Sometimes they need a pick up for the landing or taking on board passengers. Another reason for UFO landings associated with the research and study of the people in the next section.


Based on the above data, it can be assumed that the infiltration of the UFO people of average height in modern human society could occur without major difficulties. They — it's obvious — are able to breathe the air of the earth, but in appearance they can not distinguish in a crowd. Of course, they would have won a lot, learned to speak fluent in the language, and they certainly need to be ordinary for the area clothing. In a well-planned expedition of one or more of the UFO people can be planted on the ground, say, in the middle of the night and not very far away from the populated area, proceed to the city and mingle with its population on street pavements. If they also have sufficient funds, you can create yourself comfortable residence, to be hired for a job and become indistinguishable from other elements of society.

Features motion UFO people on earth

Every kind of animal is characterized by its own style of movement and its typical limb movements during walking or running. Although these differences can sometimes be very small, they are still easily discernible. Even some individuals within a species have their own style of movement, which can be learned. Often manage to find each other, for example, walk, even at a great distance. It follows that a careful study of the movement of the UFO people can help clarify their relations with the strange, the observers referred to in their reports.

In most of the reports of sightings UFO people say that they are moving the most common human way when strolling about their UFO, or pick up something from the ground or when they escape to their ships and climb on them. However, four dwarf in France in 1957 showed some movement surprised the observers, in particular, went to "waddle" (53). The same type of gait apparently saw the peasant woman in Peru, which described the six dwarfs "those who went out like ducks" (54). Since in both cases the observed group of dwarf UFO people, not individual, in so far in these observations describes the general, and not an individual. Conversely, in a number of other strange species gait UFO people include movements such as jumping (55), the movement of stiff-legged (56) or movement as a series of jumps on two legs at once (57). We were surprised coins similarity of these descriptions with descriptions strange gait, assimilated by astronauts of "Apollo" in their movements on the lunar surface. Everyone who saw the televised may recall how they stooped forward, performing rapid jumps, as they turned, "spinning" the case and something reminded frolicking children.

The output of this should be such that the UFO people in the world are experiencing the gravitational effect is weaker than that to which they are accustomed. This fact permeates across multiple reports. Professor in Brazil noticed that when returning to your ship two UFO people of average height with ease jumped on the full height of the stairs, holding the railing with one hand, and he was following them, beat the ladder, using both rails (56) and both hands.

Two dwarf UFO people in Venezuela, loaded with samples of soil or rocks, with great ease jumped inside a glowing sphere, steamed over the earth at a height of about 1.8 meters (59).

A very impressive performance, which lasted, according to the Brazilian worker, half an hour, was arranged in three two meters tall creatures who with extraordinary vividness jumped, jumped, and the huge stones were moved, and then went back to his ship (60).

The argument that the birthplace of the UFO people are somewhere in the world, has never been very much convincing (61). The only alternative for the physically real UFO people can only consist in the fact that it should be somewhere else. Exactly where it is — is unknown. This question we will try to see in the next chapter. And here we are only ideas about gravity.

In comparison with the voltage of gravity on the Earth's surface taken at 1 g, similar characteristics to the solar system ranging from 0,27 g of Mercury and up to 2,64 g for Jupiter. Only three of the nine planets have gravity in the range of 20% of the earth (64). The gravitational field on the celestial homeland of the UFO people, wherever it is found — in this or any other solar system — probably not the same as on Earth.

During the implementation of space programs installed surprising tolerance of the human body and the extremes of gravity or gravitational forces, which are known to be equivalent. In lunar missions astronauts to withstand short-term acceleration during launch rocket boosters prolonged weightlessness in Earth or lunar orbit and the Earth-Moon flights, one-sixth g when on the surface of the moon or the lunar module. With sufficiently good design supports and the correct orientation of the body relative to the direction overload astronauts may also transfer speed when entering the Earth's atmosphere, reaching 8-10 g, maintaining the required minimum ability to think, see, work with your hands. But a person's ability to walk, ability to stand up from a lying position in a strong gravitational field — is quite another matter. A person can walk in the gravitational field is twice stronger than Earth's, which is more than twice the weight of normal. This will require a large expenditure of energy, so that intense exercise will tire him quickly. With three times the gravity is doubtful that a person can do more than crawl, and then only with great difficulty, and perhaps could not have even that. Therefore, people will not be able to do the study of celestial bodies, which is much greater than the earth's gravity, without any mechanical amplifier for their limbs and an auxiliary source of power. This concept is being actively developed for many years. Exploration of planets and moons with weak gravity will be relatively easy, and perhaps even pleasant cost of human physical energy.

Since all of these considerations equally applicable to the inhabitants of other worlds that would want to explore space, to the extent they are in favorable terms, getting on the planet with a relatively weak gravity. In all likelihood, the gravity at home significantly more intense UFO people on earth, as it follows from the fact of their mobility and the lack of special equipment for walking on Earth.

Creation of nature evolved into almost an infinite number of forms. Each of them live in conditions that ensure adequate food and the right to life of the external environment. In spite of the greatest diversity of all of their development is determined by external natural factors such as temperature, pressure, light and gravity.

The latter is now for us a special interest. Which creatures and plants would have lived on Earth if its gravitational field would be about four times weaker than that available, or, on the contrary, is four times stronger than the existing one? Certain differences in these conditions necessarily have arisen.

However, given the happy circumstance that on Earth there creating all sizes, from the ant to the elephant, we can assume that the force of gravity is not too seriously limits the size of living beings. But she manages their proportions due to the dependence of the total weight. This circumstance becomes clearer by the example of plants and trees. The tree trunk, for example, should be strong enough to hold the weight of the wood. It must also not bend in buckling, which would lead to its destruction. The same applies to the limbs of animals, which must be relatively more durable and tough. The cross section of the limbs should increase in length, as is evident when comparing the limbs elephant and an ant. This relationship is enhanced in the high gravity and weakened in the weaker gravity.

Consequently, the shape of the body UFO people should reflect the influence of gravitational conditions in their home country if they were not the same as on Earth.

All of these creatures vary greatly in height. Their growth can be half a meter and three meters. At the same time, they are lean, to judge by human standards. These considerations as if that familiar to them weaker than Earth's gravity. But given the many other factors that enter into certain we can do.

Gravity is determined not only by the Constitution and the power of animal limbs, but also almost all other aspects of its existence and, including the factors of metabolism, body surface area, respiratory rate and heart rate. All these characteristics are amenable to expression in mathematical form, associated with the prevailing value of gravity (63). The absence of excessive fullness may also submit themselves an advantage in terms of the heat balance of the body in a hot climate. It is clear that in order to clarify this whole topic will make for a very, very great deal of effort.

UFO people are able to fly?

On first acquaintance with the literature on UFOs readers tend to ignore any mention of the fact that dwarf the UFO people have seen flying or hovering above the ground. Readers tend to dismiss such stories as not having anything to do with the UFO phenomenon. However, if we delve into the question, to maintain this position becomes difficult.

The fact that some messages undergoing study, states that fly UFO people that were seen in the driving mode, in many cases, so that these events must be considered objectively.

In Venezuela saw a flying object, then committed a landing near the bridge. At first an observer of the event thought it was a heron, but then considered instead of human bird short, all the characteristics that fit the description of dwarf UFO people (64). In another case, a witness got up shaking his bed, he saw a small-sized creature, departing at this time through the open window towards a bright light source (65). In the third case, a dwarf, vozivshiysya with a horse after the fall of the observer through the gates of the shed (66).

All such strange observations that stand somewhat "alone" could be ignored if we did not have the following certificates, which are very specific way these flying creatures associated with UFOs.

The normal way to enter the UFO UFO people is to use the hatch or door in the side wall or lift or staircase that descends from the bottom of a hovering machine. When the car stopped too high or if they are very much in a hurry, they just "fly in" to it.

Small growth being in the luminous clothes seemed "flying" through the air, when it moved to a UFO that hung over the earth at an altitude of a few less than two meters. The machine "that is revealed" and it being "jumped in" (67)

Two substantive white suits and helmets observed in Canada "during flight back to large disc-shaped unit" (68). Two guys in France have seen "four little imps that hovered and flew around the two-meter sphere, and then dived into it" (69), two days later in Venezuela police officer saw a dwarf in a silver "metallic" look jumpsuit, which first took to the air per meter, then two, then the object to fall on top of it and "floated" on it in the open door (70). In this case it is necessary to pay attention to the value of clothing.

These puzzling us messages, however, are in elementary accordance with the following two certificates, which, despite its strangeness, provide a key to understanding the phenomenon. Twenty-three woman and her parents saw a strange little man, surrounded by the blue and yellow glow floating in the air above the neighboring roofs (71). There is a direct association of flying and luminosity. About the same relationship described in the notice of a strange creature in the growth of more than 2 meters, which hovered in the air near a bright object. His body is light (72). The bodies of two dwarfs seemed glowing when they emerged from the UFO, landed in New York (73). Colouring glow was variable.

Perhaps the witnesses admit confusion when talking about the glow of the body. Perhaps it would be better to talk about the clothes glow UFO people and the atmosphere surrounding these creatures. Three three meters tall giant UFO people were dressed in shining clothes when coming out of a huge UFO-high 10-storey building (74). An official in the piece. Ohio saw the silhouette of a man in a luminous suit near his home (75). Man growth of 2.5 m, to peer into his car, wearing a glowing shoes without heels. This observation took place in San Salvador (76).

Most luminous bodies in the air and the changing colors of the light effects are known to us in connection with a major UFO phenomenon, as there is completely repeated phenomenon of light emission by the UFO in flight. Obviously, people of UFOs use the same propulsion system for personal flying and to move their ships.

It seems that the "glow" of their clothes, their radiation — is a necessary attribute of the system. The requirements of this system, probably, are the reason for the unusual type of clothing UFO people and may explain the lack of buttons, fasteners and seams. For any electromagnetic system, which includes the surface clothing UFO people, any discontinuities created by fasteners and seams must be unwelcome.

The gap between the cuffs of trousers and shoes, apparently, is excluded organic insertion of shoes in the design of overalls. Similar nature taking care of giving the ultimate smooth surfaces seen, obviously, with regard to the ships themselves.

In two other detached observations appear to impact another aspect of the problem of flying UFO people. Two guys in Brazil, 9 and 11 years, saw a glowing sphere at the height of treetops from which landed tall creature, "plans" down to the ground along two vertical beams of light. Since UFOs are often sent down to earth strong rays of light, to the extent possible, and that these rays are not related to the descent down the UFO people, because in one case the UFO people flew, rose to a spherical machine without using beams (77). More definite indication that the light beams from the UFO are important in Venezuela were obtained three years later. Two beings came out of the oval shape of the object, using a system of light rays, and then went back into the "as if they were dragged there by light" (78).

Two skiers in the forest near Helsinki described in great detail the process (79). Thus, the ability of the flight of at least three UFO people may indicate the possibility of their use of the light beams totally unique way. It was noted above that the people of UFOs are not of special equipment to protect their bodies from the powerful gravity. This fact was used as an argument in favor of the assumption that they came to us from a place where gravity is stronger than ours.

Now it becomes clear that their wonderful clothes completely replace such equipment and frees them from the burdensome body gravitational forces. If the clothes UFO people can completely remove the body weight UFO people, she can shoot it, and partly by facilitating the movement in abnormally high gravity. Numerous observations of the bright glow of the UFO people while walking the earth, which they are engaged, instead of flying, it was at this point how to use clothes.

Very small stature creature seen in Chaklakay in Peru, calmly walking the streets of the city, leaving a luminous trail. This feature is commonly associated with UFOs, and in this context, it becomes clear (80).

It seems to us that the clothing provides protection from the UFO people of gravity and, on this basis, it is reasonable assumption that gravity is the home of people with UFO weaker than on Earth.

Attitudes towards people

With very few exceptions, the UFO people explicitly refrained from interfering in the affairs of earthly humanity. To this end, they even try to prevent their detection in human beings. Their desire to avoid staying over continental areas and islands reflected in the fact that UFOs are most often caused by the sea and fly away towards the sea.

If we take into account that at any given time in the seas or in the oceans is a limited number of people, it would seem, one can only wonder a large number of UFO sightings at sea.

Collected and analyzed numerous reports of UFO sightings, plunging into the oceans or escaping from under the water, provoking a violent agitation, and then flying off somewhere. For example, in 1945, the crew U.S. Army transport ship "Delarof" making the transition in the north-eastern part of the Pacific Ocean to the port of Seattle, saw a large, round object with a diameter of at their assessment, in 45-75 meters, escaped from under-water, twice or three times flown Transport, and then flown away to the south (81). A similar observation was the case in the Italian coastal waters, where at a distance of about 1 km away from the boat with four passengers out of the water, creating on the surface of a huge bubble popped UFO, hovered for a moment and then flew off at high speed (82) Similar events have been observed in many rivers and lakes. It is not known why the UFOs visiting Earth's water, but lost in them, they are certainly well hidden from humanity.

In most states of daily observations of metallic disk-shaped devices which are flying in the sky for some strange "jumping" trajectories. At night, the UFO behave accordingly and are visible as bright lights. UFO sighting at short distances or hovering at low altitude or at rest on Earth — it is a rare event.

Reliable statistics, we do not have, but a rough estimate of the relative frequency of landings possible. From Gallup poll shows that five million Americans are convinced that they had seen a UFO. If true only part of these statements, the total number of observations on a global scale must be quite large, about 50,000,000!

On the other hand, the number of documented reports of landings or nearly UFO landing is only about 1,000. It is not known how many observations have been recorded and how many landings eluded observers.

Based on these scarce and fragmentary data, it is possible to determine the ratio of the number of landings to the number of flights as a fraction the size of one ten-thousandth. So, no matter what is actually the right numbers, people on UFOs, apparently achieve their goals, mostly without resorting to land on Earth.

The situation is further complicated when you consider that these rare events occur almost exclusively at night. The frequency of observations neighbor is growing rapidly and reaches a maximum in about an hour after sunset. Later in the evening and during the night the number of observations all decreases as the potential observers in a growing number go to sleep (83). This distribution of the number of landings may, among other things, be significant here in any respect. During the evening twilight brightness of direct sunlight is reduced, although the level of ambient light is quite sufficient for good visibility. It is possible that the inhabitants of UFOs do not like or can not tolerate broadband sunlight or even bright light. Several observations provide some evidence for this assumption.

A police officer in g.Chalak in Argentina with 50 Toba Indians of the tribe saw three stunted people who come from a UFO. One observer of the event began to photograph them, using the flashlight, and noticed that they were afraid of bright light (84). In California, a creature that looks like a robot all night trying to somehow get to the hunter who tried to escape from his pursuer on the branches of a tree. This hunter managed to scare off "robot", sparking pieces of his clothes and throwing them down at his tormentor (85). In Brazil, an attempt to kidnap a witness three tall UFO people fell through because they are clearly afraid of sunlight (86).

From these fragmentary data can not, of course, to deduce any conclusions, but it is clear that the inhabitants of UFO prefers to land after sunset — probably because the conventional fluorescent light blinds them as owls. Eyes most animals can adapt to very low levels of illumination and, at the same time, their ability to block excessive brightness sharply bounded. Reluctance UFO people go to bright light may indicate that they were used to light, much weaker than fluorescent lighting in the world. This may explain why the UFO people — dwarfs have large "bulging" eyes and why some observers insist that the night their eyes give a reddish glow, as seen on Earth for some nocturnal animals (87).

Of course, the simplest solution would have been wearing sunglasses, but they do not wear them. On the other hand, may serve as well for that helmets appropriately tinted glass. As such helmets have excellent reflexivity insofar consider wearing a helmet features must be difficult. And so it happens in some cases. Are the UFO people helmets under bright light more often than at night — is unknown.

At the time, it was shown that planting in France during the wave of UFO activity in 1954 occurred in areas of low population density (88). In other words, the UFO pilots tend to avoid planting in urban areas and prefer rural or more remote areas of bogs and forests. The same trend is evident in other countries.

It is remarkable that, without having detailed information about the behavior of people with UFOs on Earth, we are still able to celebrate their alienation, the desire to stay away and to identify some of the reasons for this behavior.

Typical near UFO sighting consists of the following stages:

1. Witness sees HLO at a considerable height, and watching an object is approaching, freezes and makes a landing somewhere nearby.

2. Object out of one or more of the UFO people.

3. UFO people deliberately engaged in any activity.

4. UFO people finish work and go back on board the ship.

5. UFO takes off and removed.

Approximately half of all cases of UFO sightings with the UFO people events develop according to this scheme. In this case, we can assume that they are choosing a location for planting, in which, as they think their landing remains invisible. With this in mind, and they conduct their mission on earth and are not taking any action in order to ascertain: whether watching them any of the people on Earth. This should not be interpreted to mean that they are indifferent, watching them or not. This idea does not fit with the fact that they choose to deliberately isolated landing sites.

In many cases, the above sequence of events is repeated, sometimes with slight variations. Sometimes, for example, it so happens that a witness misses an opportunity to actually see the UFO landing, so that the entire episode begins with Phase 2 of the UFO or obscured trees and thus can not be observed steps 2 and 4. All of these variations do not alter the basic scheme, and perhaps even amplify the conclusion that the people on the UFO deliberately seek to fulfill their mission undetected and think that they succeed. Its presence and activity in the world, they tend to make confidential. If the UFO people and observers on Earth yet come to any interaction, such a course of events should be considered only exception or deviation from the basic scheme.

Witnesses rarely report anything about the facial expressions of a UFO-signing shielding for astronauts, which seems incomprehensible to them. Sometimes, however, mentioned the smile on the face of the UFO people (89). An English woman reported that she had seen two men looked around at her from the hovering UFO "strict but friendly, almost with sadness and sympathy" (90). A woman farmer from the pc. Pennsylvania man's face appeared in the UFO "playful, crafty" (91).

It is clear that the facial expressions of the UFO people do not understand their attitude towards people. They hardly express normal, warm human relationship to the people, when waving their hands or do some strange gestures (92), rarely perceived as a threat (93), or when they say something to the viewer, which usually does not understand them (94) .

People with HLO not behave as if they were afraid of us. On the contrary, it was the witnesses and participants of the meeting in a panic get away from them (95). The Italian had once seen a UFO, and he emerged from the two men in yellow overalls with wide belts. Noticing that the observer was afraid one of the UFO people, moving away from him, soothed him with gestures (96). In general we can say that the UFO people are secretive, rarely show their emotions, set up friendly but reserved.

Random acts of aggression on their part seem to us more acts of self-defense than manifestations of hostility. If the case ends with injuries, it is likely that they should be regarded as random.

Eighteen year old Venezuelan was somehow paralyzed arms when he saw six dwarfs, loads stones in UFOs (97). Paralysis caused no long-term effects and phenomena in general paralysis in these cases lasted about as long as the UFO people need to have time to disappear. And yet, sometimes they last for a while. When the farmer Frenchman suddenly appeared in front of the two dwarfs who studied plants, he fell into a paralytic state after one of the two dwarfs sent him a small device. Then they left him alone in his field, and within 20 minutes he was unable to move or call for help. And, as was to be expected, the farmer was scared procedure (98)

Weapons used in these attacks UFO people, has a unique effect on the human nervous system, in the sense that usually deprives him of the ability to consciously control their muscles, but does not interfere with the unconscious processes in the human body and does not deprive a person of consciousness. Sometimes, however, this weapon causes unconsciousness. A strange-looking man in the piece. Illinois stunned witnesses by giving them the instrument, "from which consciousness is dissolved" (99) Hunter in the Everglades, approaching two meters to a large UFO, lost consciousness for 24 hours after it's forehead was directed beam. When he awoke, he found that the blind in the right eye and poor vision left. He was put in the hospital for five days (100) Other symptoms reported by victims of such attacks — an electric shock (101), burns (102), physical disability (103) and headaches (104).

To 18 messages can get an idea of two or three types of weapons that are seen by witnesses, but that does not always apply. Most frequently mentioned small metal tube, which, judging by a brief description, a little more than a ballpoint pen. Another large device like a flashlight under the two batteries. And finally, a little "flashing" box too, apparently, is a weapon. In most cases, people with a UFO just carry around this little box (105), but one witness, it seems, still suffered from being armed in this drawer (106). A woman in a luminous clothes standing near a UFO in New York, seems to have been well armed — a pipe in one hand and a drawer in the other, but neither of which did not shoot (107).

A curious feature of these weapons is that they emit a beam of light that witnesses see with their eyes and describe it as having a certain color: green (108), Blue (109) Purple (110) and red (111), or sometimes just bright (112) or blinding (113). Data in order to establish the relationship between the color of the beam and its effect on the victim is not enough, although in two cases the red rays and glowing red balls into the hands of the UFO people inflicted burns (114). You also can not figure out what kind of impact on eyewitness has what weapon.

Another factor that can not be studied more deeply, due to the fact that the intensity of the beam is governed by demand and produces a greater or lesser effect on the victim.

Discussion on the beam pistols, hath caused its victims into a state of paralysis, it sounds like science fiction. The victims of radiation attacks treated it very seriously and certainly unlikely that anyone would undertake to injure himself for the sake of deception. It would be useful to find out the true nature of these weapons, as his use of the representatives of law and order services would be most effective and humane. In fact, such weapons may already be created. It is said that the FAA conducted a so-called "Operation Zexu" under the direction of Dr. H. L. Reinhardt to somehow cope with the epidemic of hijackings to Cuba in the late sixties. Was developed device emits a high-frequency radiation, which was to deprive the victim of consciousness instantly. Hijacker, caught between two such radial "box", was "awake, wondering what is wrong with him." These devices have never been applied in the case in connection with the characteristics of uncertainty and risk that could arise if the plane would have been just two hijackers (115).

In a famous case in the piece. New Hampshire, two husbands against their will were kidnapped and taken aboard a UFO, and within two hours there were some biomedical experiments (116).

Young people in Brazil, despite the valiant resistance, was also taken to the UFO for a medical examination. In the description of the incident was also reported on the intimate relationship of the man with the "strange attractive" woman on UFOs (117).

The possible significance of this case lies in the fact that people in the UFO genetically compatible with the people of Earth, nothing human is alien. Maybe they had a common ancestor of humanity, or one of these groups comes from the other. The question of what is right in these assumptions, and how it could happen, goes far beyond the scope of this book and we do not dwell on it.

There are cases where attempts have failed abduction UFO people (118), and when held for kidnapping reported by other witnesses (119). The literature on UFOs, of course, does not include reports from people who dared to ever get away from us at a UFO.

People arriving to us on UFOs, are familiar with humanity, but, with few exceptions, they do not want to set us straight friendly relations. They prefer to operate in the world in a secret, really care about is that they have not seen. They are protected, if necessary, but do not wish harm to humanity, even when people are abducted for short-term experiments.

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