UFO flying over the Cheetah night of July 2, by a strange path

July 6, 2012 10:33

Two unidentified luminous object, the trajectory of which was strange, flying over Chita first neighborhoods on the night of July 2.

The correspondent of IA "Chita.Ru" said member of the project "Be a famous reporter."

"At the beginning of the first hour of the night through the window of the fourth floor of a house in one neighborhood saw two glowing objects over Chita. The trajectory of each, to put it mildly, was strange: it will hang, then fly at high speed and sharp change of direction. While I would walk the cell phone to remove the video, one object has disappeared and the other managed to shoot. Unfortunately camera at hand was not, so the image quality is poor. But the fact of the strange flying object was captured. By the way, any sound data objects are not published, "- told the agency.

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