UFO in the center of Moscow?




The reader "KP" has brought to the Editor videotape, which filmed the strange object hovering above the city. What was it?

Almost ten minutes to several times changed its shape.

In the night sky over Zamoskvorech'e shone bright yellow spot. By chance I saw it in the window 16-year-old Sasha Prianishnikov and called their parents. "Bring your camcorder" — ordered the father. Just recently, a familiar sold on the cheap an old "Sony". "Unbelievable!" — Said Alexander, focusing the lens on the brightest point in the sky. Zoom in and considered that it changes shape: the object that became similar to a hang glider, then some sort of cigar, and then all became like a barrel, surrounded by bright stripes. Five minutes later, the UFO disappeared behind the neighboring house. But what is surprising: the next day at the same place and at the same time appeared again! And, as if teasing observers once again began to get up various miracles, turning from the point of a huge sparkling ball and even in the face of an alien creature. And once again disappeared after five minutes. In the following days he did not appear.

— What the hell! — In the hearts of the Russian president said Boris Shurinov UFO community, which we have shown this videotape. — Never in the decades to study UFOs seen anything like it.

Were shocked by what they saw and two of his assistants on "consultation", which we have collected to establish the truth. Researcher at the Institute for High Temperatures Anatoly Listratov watching the development of the action in the film, even jumped up from his chair and came closer to the TV. A former Central Television cameraman Vladimir Kobychev all slid off the couch, watching with amazement at what is happening on the screen.

— This is not unique — almost in unison they uttered.

However, with an hour or so after sitting over a cup of tea, one of the experts slapped his hand to his forehead.

— Eureka! — He exclaimed happily. -I know what it is.

Dear readers, we also know the answer to this mystery. But as long as you do not say. I wonder which one of you conceive faster to the right answer?

So, the options are many: "Flying Saucer" materialization aliens from other worlds, a bright star, a meteor flying plane, weather balloon, spent rocket stages, which are included in the upper atmosphere, the cloud of the freakish form, which is illuminated from below by the setting sun or a laser beam . Or is it something else?

A schematic map of the place where the family of Muscovites watched the celestial anomaly.

These solutions to the problem:

Time of observation: 4 and 5 April 2004 at 21.37 to 21.27 Moscow time.

Moscow, Zamoskvorech'e, st. Malaya Ordynka between underground "Dobryninskaya" and "Glade".

Finding an object in the sky: the west.

The first reader who decided to correct the problem, will receive a prize from the "KP": 1000. By the way, the grandfather of Sasha Vyacheslav Prianishnikov some effort to bring the tape to the editor, the editorial receive 500 rubles. The same prize awaits anyone who will share with us some interesting news.

So, if you know the answer to this riddle or seen something as mysterious, waiting for your letters to: "Komsomolskaya Pravda", st. "Pravda", 24, 6th floor, Moscow, 125993. Make a mark on the envelope "UFO in Moscow." Or send your request by e-mail: kuzina@kp.ru.

Svetlana COUSIN
Photo by Anatoly Belyasova. September 13, 2004

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