Ufologists are asked Putin to speak out on the issue of UFOs

Ufologists from Perm and Tomsk Putin asked to speak on the issue of UFOs

Perm ufologists addressed to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin with questions about Russia's official position regarding UFOs, UFO Research and Policy declassification of documents on the subject.

These issues are public members of the Russian UFO organization RUFORS, based in Perm, in the form of an appeal sent to Putin in the organizing committee for the preparation of a straight line with the President of the Russian Federation on December 19, reports Urfo.ru.

In the letter of appeal Perm ufologists ask the president whether the Russian public is acquainted with the results of the UFO "military research programs such as" Grid-AN "," grid-MO "," Horizon "and others."

As the head of RUFORS Nikolai Subbotin, a similar letter with questions on the issue of UFOs sent to the President and the paranormal investigators from the city of Tomsk.


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