Ukrainian Air Force is increasing grouping off BORDERS CRIMEA

Ukrainian Air Force is increasing grouping off BORDERS CRIMEA

Due to the difficult situation on the border with the Crimea, Ukraine has taken steps towards building up their military forces in the south, reported April 7.

During the last week of March in the southern Ukrainian city of Nikolayev arrived four modernized Su-27 fighter from the 831 th Brigade Combat Air Forces of Ukraine. The main base in Mirhorod (western Ukraine) are combat ready 9 more Su-27 and Su-27UB 5.

At the landfill, near Kiev accomplished demonstration of new military hardware, communications and personal protective equipment, small tools, absolutely made Ukrainian military industry. Some of them were superior to the best foreign candidates. For example, a bulletproof vest on his own strength exceeds the standards of NATO.

New tanks «Citadel» and «Bulat» During the shooting showed the highest accuracy of defeats the purpose of the move as well as the parking lot. Shooting also took the role of BTR-3 and BTR-4. Planes and helicopters made maneuvers to evade the fire of enemy air defenses. Acting President of Ukraine Alekandr Turchinov was pleased with what he saw and said that the Russian arms industry is able to create a closed cycle. He also said that despite the difficult economic conditions the country will do everything possible for rearmament. Industry representatives expressed the view that the best support for the military-industrial complex will not breaks and subsidies, and permanent government orders.

At the final briefing Turchynov said that in the XXI century may be the emergence of local and regional military conflicts, modern country can not exist without a modern army. «During the past 4 years the army systematically destroyed at the request of another country, the army was absolutely disarmed, many experts from its ranks. When the anger against Ukraine and Crimea annexed Our homeland, we are faced with the harsh neuvvyazkami defense. Task now is to return the army. As soon as possible Ukrainian armed forces put on alert, but the question rearmament firmly on the agenda of a day or, «said Turchinov.

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