Ukrainian talismans and symbols

Ukrainian talismans and symbols

Millennia tested tradition to decorate and protect your home charms.

Wisely used by our ancestors of plants, flowers and various fruits of our great earth. Amulet not only gives a unique flavor to the "country" style to your home, but also help to keep the peace, love and well-being — so necessary in this difficult time.

Value oberegovi characters:

Cereals, legumes — A symbol of prosperity, full life, thriving in a material respect.
Bast symbolize the comfort of home, family happiness.
Poppy, corn poppy — A symbol of wish-fulfillment.
ToRAAS hot peppers — Masculinity, a symbol of men's health.
Bump — A symbol of hard work and success.
Medicinal herbs, berries, rose hips — A symbol of good health.
Bow protects the family from tears.

Rowan berries — Symbol of feminine youth and beauty.
Immortelle — A symbol of longevity.
Sacking — Abundance.
Pumpkin, pumpkin seeds — The symbol of fertility, female.
Bread — A head — consent and prosperity at home.
Bay leaf — Fame, success.
Weaving symbolizes dating, friendship with new people.
Sun flower sunflower — The main Slavic charm, Slavic children of the sun.
Sunflower seeds — The health of children in the home.
Seed — The birth of a new life.
Pitcher — The symbol of water, a full cup of the house.
Egg — Procreation.
Corn — A symbol of health in children, procreation, family cohesion, mutual understanding.
Broom, directed downward, sweeps quarrel in public.
Broom, directed upwards, — Money.
Nut — A symbol of strength and mental health.
Coin — Success in business.
Pots of porridge and milk — Prosperity.
Figurines of men and women, tied with strings — Love, inseparable bond.
Cockerel Sugar — That the house sounded joyful laughter of children.
Garlic and Pepper exorcise.
Homemade cookies symbolizes hospitable.
Dried flowers — Symbolize the warmth and beauty.
Bag of juniper — Symbolize the purity of thought.
Peas — Peace and friendship.
Bag — A symbol of wealth.
Canvas — Happiness in the house.
Nodule protects from scandals at home.
Jack — Procreation.
Bagel, chain — continuous ring, a symbol of a strong family.
Lodge — The symbol of the family.
Mill — Grind — the flour will be.
Groats — Peace, harmony in the home, wishing that, after the wedding of young showered grains.
Spikes, berries, nature gifts — Crop on the farm.
Spit, wreath — Symbols of infinity and continuity of family, increasing well-being.

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