Underwater plans up to 2050

Underwater plans up to 2050
According to statements by Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, 2020 our navy will receive 24 new submarines. Such ships of different classes and upgrade project will contribute real and tangible part of the fleet to raise its military capabilities. With all of this it should be noted that the update of the Navy must go in accordance with certain plans right. According to recent reports, the fleet command and control of the Defense Ministry already has some eyes on the development of the submarine fleet in the coming decades.

General information about the future of Russian submarines citing Navy Commander Admiral Vladimir CHirkova published by RIA Novosti. According to her, in the current time perspectives and plans for submarines are divided into three periods, each of which will have their own goals and features. First period is already underway and will finish in 2020. Immediately after the start the second segment, which ends in 2030. 3rd step on its own duration is equal to the first two taken together and will run from 2031 to 2050. Despite the different plans for any of the periods, they all have the same goal: to update the technique Russian submarine fleet and bring it to the level of world leaders. Typically, the amount of information that either another step back in proportion to its proximity. There is a lot of information and details about the work until 2020, but after the events of 2031 can only guess based on the available crumbs of information.

First step

The main objective of the first step in the process of renovation — construction of new nuclear submarines carrying strategic missiles. At the current time in Russian Navy ships have similar projects 667BDR «Squid» 667BDRM «Dolphin», 941 and 941U «Shark» also 955 «Borey». With all this projects 941U and 955 presented only one boat each. So Makar, the strategic forces Russian Navy can not be called completely modern. Y of old boats over time will end life and useful substitute. She will be nuclear-powered submarines of projects 955 and 955A. The lead ship of K-535 «Yury Dolgoruky» has joined the Navy, and the second — K-550 «Alexander Nevsky» will begin with this year. The subsequent year’s scheduled adoption commissioned third submarine «Vladimir Monomakh». 4th missile submarine, named «Prince Vladimir», is already under construction, and in the summer and autumn of the current 2013 will lay another 2-hoo «Boreas». Total 2020 is planned to build eight submarines of projects 955 and 955A. After the adoption of the eight operational nuclear submarines will be able to keep right on duty more than two hundred missiles R-30 «Bulava». This is the third part more than once able to carry all of our existing fleet of boats and projects 667BDR 667BDRM. Must also be considered an advantage of high-quality new missiles over the old.

As we see, several projects submarines carrying ballistic missiles over the coming years will give way to a new submarine 1st project and its modernization. The same thing will happen with multipurpose nuclear submarines. Currently, the Russian Navy has a fairly wide «park» projects similar technology. The fleet boats are third generation projects 945 «Barracuda», 945A «Condor», 949A «Antey», 971 «Pike-B», etc. The Navy wants to finish with time tending to the operation of the mass of boats of different projects. For the replacement of the current «raznotipyu» come multipurpose nuclear submarines fourth generation — Project 885 «Ash». These submarines can storm a target using torpedoes, anti-submarine and anti-ship missiles of several types. One «Ash» has 10 torpedo tubes 533 mm and eight launchers on four cruise missiles each. Maybe the introduction of missiles P-800 «Onyx», ammunition family «Movement» and X-101. So Makar, the submarine project 885 can do a wide range of problems, if any other available in the current moment of the Russian Navy multipurpose submarines. The lead ship of the project — K-560 «Severodvinsk» — will join the fleet later this year, also built the second submarine «Kazan». Number of relevant fleet «Ash» not once corrected. At various times called the number from 6 to 10 units. Over the past few months, official data featured on a series of eight submarines. Yet, in an interview with CEO nedavneshnem SPMBM «Malachite» Dorofeev appeared more than a fascinating information. Bureaucrat of the words we can conclude that a series of «Ash» for some reason has been reduced from eight to seven ships. Details are not voiced and now all have reason to believe this information is usually slip of the tongue.

Underwater plans up to 2050

As for the diesel-electric submarines, this part of the Russian Navy is different type of small quantity. All available in a system built on diesel-electric submarines of Project 877 «Halibut» and refreshed versions. In the coming years, they will join the project six submarines 636.3 «Varshavyanka.» In the longer term plan to build a certain number of diesel-electric submarines, made by refreshed project 677 «Lada». Head boat project entitled B-585 «St. Petersburg» has already been built and passed the tests, but so far in trial operation. According to the latest data, the project will be finalized 677, receive the latest power plant, and possibly in the upcoming series will be delivered in the establishment. Production volumes, for obvious reasons, have not yet been declared.

Second step

For all the same reasons of secrecy and uncertainty with certain plans is too early to talk about the details of the implementation of the second step, designed for 2021-2030 years. As told Admiral Teals, at this time continue to update the naval component of the nuclear triad. Boats of old worn-out projects will be written off evenly, and to replace them come submarine new fourth generation. About the same, of course, can be said about other classes of submarines. So Makar, over the next 15-20 years, the challenge will be the substitution of obsolete equipment at the latest. Immediately this will create new projects submarines fifth generation.

According to the views of the General Director SPMBM «Malachite», one of the main directions of development of boats fifth generation can become electrical systems. According to the concept itself, the submarine should liaise with other ships, as the «Parties» intelligence systems: aircraft and satellites. In this case, it is able to react to emerging threats. At the same time, intense exchange of information is able to unmask the submarine and to deprive the brain of her own dignity. So Makarov, more research is needed on the prospects of such an approach. The remaining details of the projects will be developed along the same path as before. New boats are faster, stronger and less boomy than available. With all of this in relation to the maximum speed and depth also requires further research. The greatest impact in these areas have been achieved during the time of the second generation of nuclear submarines, then conspicuous breaks out.

Creating a project submarine always takes a lot of time, because the first work in the direction of fifth generation began. As said a few days back the CEO of CDB ME «Rubin» J. Villeneuve already started forming species submarines fifth generation. With all of this addresses issues related to nuclear submarines, as well as diesel-electric. Already at this point in research employs several related companies and research institutes. Details of the form of submarines fifth generation were not disclosed. It is clear only that the formation requirements promising submarines accounted for suggestions and criticism submariners. Of course, in the fifth generation will not be any revolutionary thoughts on the conceptual level, while they themselves will be a submarine modified impressive ships of the previous generation, kitted out with new systems.

Third step

By the beginning of implementation of the third step should form requirements for nuclear and diesel-electric submarines of the sixth generation. Specifically so distant past to practical use can reach the most daring of the currently available thoughts. For example, Admiral Chirkov mentioned that after 2031 may be the creation and construction of the first Russian submarines from representing themselves as referred underwater platform. This means that shipbuilders will be able to build a submarine universal platform, which, depending on customer requirements, will be installed the necessary equipment and weapons.

Despite the apparent difficulties similar concept has a number of related benefits. First, it is the highest degree of commonality submarines for various purposes, but similar tonnage and dimensions. Of unification should be another plus — like submarines will eventually be cheaper for such equipment and armament, but built during several independent projects. In the end, substantially simplified service and the real part of the training of personnel. At the same time, for the creation of modular submarines useful to review some concepts that underlie the modern submarines. Because the occurrence of similar ships carry only the distant future.

By the end of the third step of the development of the Russian Navy can expect even more ambitious projects. Already at this point in time makes suggestions according to which the boat should not be built, and equipped with a modular design. This means that any submarine, regardless of the military-political situation in the short term can be converted for other tasks. Modules with anti-ship missiles in this case replaced by ballistic modules and vice versa. This idea for many years, but so far it remains controversial. Not all behold the unification in a similar multi-purpose submarines and strategic necessity, and in addition, the implementation of such concept prevents a number of technical and legal reasons. Submarine with the possibility of substitution of weapons and the use of strategic missiles fall under the international agreements on nuclear weapons and therefore not very profitable to operate. In this context, we can recall the tanks with guns of 152 mm caliber, which have not reached mass production, including, and because of the theoretical possibility of using special (nuclear) missiles and the respective legal restrictions.

At the moment, we can imagine that, in accordance with current plans of the command of the Navy in the 30s will be used variant of the modular scheme, allowing to build on the same platform ships for various purposes. With all of this should not exclude the possibility of the idea of ​​submarines with the capability comparable frisky re-configuration purpose. But complex projects is attributed to the second half of the century today.


As we see, is currently define the main directions of development of the Russian Navy for four decades immediately ahead. Completely clear that even before the second step (2021-2030), these plans can not exchange once in the direction of reducing, and in the direction of increasing the amount of relevant submarines. In addition, we can expect the level of adjustments defense doctrine. More or less accurate and can only be considered a definite plan for the first period, which will end in 2020. Currently, already seen some success in his incarnation, also formed the trends that will benefit the embodiment of all the plans right up to mid-century.

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