United Russia declared that the Russian Federation is the occupying state

Member of the General Council of "United Russia" Yevgeny Fyodorov of the situation (we already gave this video duplicate again to refresh your memory, and of those who have not seen) … Here is the complete version of his speech in text format.

Discuss Russia's sovereignty over the central TV channels banned, and anyone who says it, "clean out completely," said in an interview with "Pravda.Ru" State Duma deputy, member of the general council of the party "United Russia" Yevgeny Fyodorov.

"It is completely forbidden to discuss sovereignty. And censorship is valid not only for me, deputy of the State Duma, but also to Putin and Medvedev. Remember the words of Medvedev that Russia is a velvet revolution. On the Kremlin website you will find that his sentence, but in cyberspace it is prohibited. Censorship in Russia — American, partially conductive through the so-called Kremlin censorship. That is the mechanism of the Kremlin is integrated into the American machinery of censorship "- said E.Fedorov.

And to ask for such things, says E.Fedorov, should "with people who in 1991 did not defend his country." "Further investigation arose due to these reasons," — he explained. "In 1991, there was a failure of one party to the other. The Soviet Union lost the war, because the enemy has studied us well and apply the operation to promote its agent Gorbachev, who for six years has managed to establish a mechanism for the elimination of the country. Gorbachev paved road. It was still in the military intelligence compromising on his family, who went through the Gestapo to Americans. They led him from his youth, "- said Fedorov.

"The Russian Empire destroyed, in fact, nine of empires in the world, we are tough fighters — continued policies. — But not always be the same one wins. Americans have groped our weakness — the power vertical. Condoleezza Rice — criminologist management specialist Soviet Union. For winning the Cold War have done Secretary of State. The Russian system of government by the national structure, geographical location and the north, and geography in general, combines real power, in contrast to Europe, with the power of the public. This is due to the bureaucratic nature of Russian historical state. On this site are fucking weak the last 200 or 300 years. And then they ran like Gorbachev, several hundred people. He ran up to the top, to lead the country, and through his arm, they eliminated the country. "

According to the deputy, "coming to power, Gorbachev set the task — for six years to destroy the state apparatus. He created an artificial, supposedly a national conflict between the regions, which did not exist at all, and those who lived in the Soviet Union, realize that this could not be, by definition. "

"I say this in a professional way, because already in politics — drew attention E.Fedorov. — In 1990, I was sitting in the besieged parliament Baltic with Landsbergis. There have been no slogans or demands to secede from the USSR. Now the facts are revealed in court in the Baltic, that the whole story was a provocation. Gorbachev exiled Baltic even without treatment, and just decided to drive. I'm talking about propaganda winner because it is important. We are discussing is not to raise the dead of old, and for the understanding of today's life. This is the mechanism of propaganda notions, as we now call it, "Velvet Revolution", when out of a minor cause large swells, and he served as a fatal situation. Then, authorities say, "Oh, let's run away, give up, look at how strong the enemy, we can not …" Gorbachev did his job, and today our state apparatus is partially subject to the winner, that is America. "

Now, the MP said the U.S. does not want to be defeated enemies have returned, "there is a ban on the development of a defeated nation," and hence "permanent, annual, progressive our backlog." In addition, he said, there is a ban on the high standard of living a defeated nation, "because the high quality of life can solve the problem of leadership and the enemy could recover again."

Thus "it is desirable that the loser pay tribute," continued the deputy. "We pay tribute to the daily key. Look at any Russian money bill: it says: "Ticket Bank of Russia." If you recall the Soviet money bill first, it said: "The state treasury note." That is, this paper does not state produces the Russian Federation, and this is clearly written on it. This is a consequence of 1991, it was clear. This piece of paper is produced on the basis of the Constitution and the Law on the Central Bank, and the volumes are proportional to the law on the Central Bank and the Constitution of the Russian Federation, the virtual volume purchased foreign currency, through the mechanism of the so-called gold reserves. That is, in order for me to pay the store $ 100, the Russian economy has paid the United States face value. Thus, every year, we pay tribute to the order of 200-300 billion dollars. This corresponds to a total taxation in Russia, without customs duties. The money goes in our mechanism of inflation, they are taken out of the economy, and therefore we will never solve the problem of inflation, without solving the problem of the Central Bank, "- said the politician.

However, Fedorov said, "America has won most of the world" so that "we must not think that it is our particular problem." United States, he said, "use half of the GDP of the world because collect tribute from all, not just with us." "We gave up, and we have established a mechanism of occupation" — summed E.Fedorov.

Talking about how to operate the mechanisms of American propaganda in Russia, E.Fedorov said: "Since 1991, Russia has no control over its information space and half is the occupation mechanism, because the state itself created by the Americans. (…) There are two mechanisms work. One: every major news channel — a joint stock company, which is working to make money. Advertising — the main source of income. Money for advertising they receive through the mechanism of the ratings. Rating engine is tied to New York and built in such a way that they get the money for the systematic shit. Factor rating above, and the coefficients are written by people, not the audience, it was clear. (…) In Russia, the filth are about eight or nine out of ten news stories. (…) And Russia has no right to change the law without the consent of the Americans. This is the mechanism of control. "

The second mechanism is that "the U.S. budget under typeset costs propaganda in Russia (on the internet alone, the media separately, to support charitable foundations), plus money emit various funds." "By the way, money is Hillary Clinton calls publicly in Congress' money to war with Russia", "- said Fedorov. "For example, the Duma recently picket against the law to deprive Putin's powers of appointment of governors elected President, and no one said a picket. This is the point of propaganda mechanism "- said the deputy.

"Every normal person to understand, if you lost the war, you, your children and grandchildren will pay for it for a long time — continued E.Fedorov. — The winner of a mechanism of influence on all processes in the Russian Federation, which arise in the country in terms of sovereignty, the restoration. Let's see the logic of events. 1991 — The loss of the war. Americans came and created the Russian state, while they are directly managed. Kozyrev, Gaidar was just a figure, covered by the U.S. government, which has worked in Moscow through advisers. Next they chose oligarchs gave them the property, the property was transferred to the reliability of its jurisdiction, so that no one rypnulsya, and created in 1996 semibankirschiny mechanism. Oligarch directly ruled by officials through the mechanism of quotas: he obeyed ministers, heads of departments, directors of large state companies. This oligarchic mechanism existed before 1999, while Putin was not destroyed. "

The appearance of figures Vladimir Putin in the "occupation of" E.Fedorov explains as follows: "Yeltsin knew he fictitious president, he did not like. And his departure in 1999 — it was a blitzkrieg: in a few days he was gone, there was Putin, and during the Christmas holidays, the Americans. Because Americans have treated Russia as an important object, they missed the staff turnover in the system. Yeltsin did not want to be the last president of Russia. Do not forget that when it signed the decision on liquidation of the Russian Federation. Khasavyurt agreement, what is it? Were signed on solutions that do not obey the laws of the Republic of Russia, it actually comes out, which means that the output of the rest of the republic: you can not deny Tatarstan in the output, if you choose to leave Chechnya. In fact, Yeltsin was the only option to stop the elimination of the Russian Federation — to make it flourish here with Putin, he did it. "

Putin is convinced Fedorov is a true leader of the national liberation movement, "Putin begins to restore sovereignty. He has not changed the system American influence on Russia, but remove the excesses of external control. Putin immediately destroyed oligarchic control system, abolished the production sharing agreement, won the Chechen campaign, despite the fact that half million from the Army agreed to fight only 45,000 officers and men, that is, the army did not really exist. Putin launched a partial mechanism of national revival, or, I would say release. But the control system is that if one link — the President, for example — is out of U.S. control, it does not change. Even if Putin can go against the Americans (and he talked about this), against the elite of his country, he can not go. American Power in Russia is that in 20 years the Russian elite have become American. Real country manager of the Russian non-national elite. "

Talking about how the American Russian law-making mechanism, the politician said: "The website WikiLeaks published leaked information that the American ambassador has the right to make any law in Russia. When I was talking to Navalny, I showed the mechanism of this right: Ambassador says that such and such a law he does not like, writes to Washington's request to change it. Hillary Clinton says the resolution gives the command, and the law in Russia is changing. " This is achieved thanks to the fact that the Americans — "is 20 000 grantees in Moscow, political consultants, staff, etc. They are in control. Command is sent from Washington to Moscow, Moscow gives a command to the Duma, the Duma passed a law, he wanted the American ambassador. President — the guarantor of the Constitution, political lawyer. Like, do not like it, you — the notary is obliged to endorse. " "The WikiLeaks leak was before the law in the first reading. Naturally, some Russian MPs rebelled at the plenary session that the U.S. ambassador makes them pass laws. There is a transcript of all the official. The law, of course, accepted, and deputies, panelists, kicked out of the State Duma, "- said E.Fedorov.

"Putin, labeling himself a national leader, said:" I am signing nasty piece of paper, they got me, I want to change the system, I want to raise the national revolution. " Next comes the reaction begins the modern punitive operation: Marsh area against the national policy and the national revolution. Navalny — participant of the punitive operation. In WikiLeaks six times referred to as the American ambassador found him in Vyatka, drew on the work of the U.S. embassy, as he was sent to study at the Yale "- describes the current situation of policies.

"Russian authorities, the national rate, in a situation of retreat, and not offensive — continued E.Fedorov. — The whole world against us: this is America, the giant machine. America — the master of the situation in Russia: political, economic, strategic, ideological — and not Putin, not the Kremlin, not Medvedev, without the "United Russia". This performance, in which the — actors and directors — there. This is a consequence of the lack of sovereignty in 1991. This lends itself to someone directing by manipulation, as one understands that it is the strength and power is no arguing against. "

In his opinion, "America will be fighting for a unipolar world, against Russia including death, because for them the defeat — is the destruction of their state. Therefore, the issue of sovereignty, which deals with the leader of the national liberation movement of Putin — is the question death struggle in the end. "

Russia's sovereignty, he said, is restored in three ways: "The first way: the enemy is destroyed himself for some reason. Example — Brest-Litovsk and 1918. It was defeated. The second way — the revolution. Arduous process, in which hundreds of thousands of people will die. We must understand this and if we want to restore the sovereignty of a nation, need to discuss this at the national level. We are willing to sacrifice thousands of our people in the process of restoring sovereignty? Now it is forbidden to discuss. The third way — the war. Here are three ways to restore the sovereignty. "

Next also believes E.Fedorov, only nuances. "We need to remove the most severe excesses. At a minimum, we need to win the Russian information space, that is to pass laws on the national rating system, the system of media self-regulation, that is, to solve the problem of the safe being of the Russian people. This information space, we do not solve the problem, it destroys us, "- he said. Meanwhile, Fedorov said, "ideology and scope of regulations — it is not the sphere of Russian sovereignty in the understanding of Americans. For violations of these issues will be bombing, will the Hague Tribunal, until the ranger's killers. The struggle in this area will be the death of the Americas. Center channel directly under Washington. In the budget of America pledged money to control Russian media. "

"We have, as in the Soviet Union to the information from the kitchens to hit the streets, information about dissidents became dominant in the information space. In my opinion, forces, in spite of this powerful system, we have quite a lot. The problem is that this process is not fast. The last six months we are running on all national fronts under pressure from the Americans. For example, Marsh area. Who are the organizers? Official U.S. grantees. More than half. (…) This means that one state official directly organized a protest in another — and more organizers were negotiating with the government, "- noted E.Fedorov.

At a time when "our state system of work for the state called the USA", we are faced with these prospects, the politician thinks: "To decide whether we like the Poles, a loss of sovereignty, and thus the country. Most likely, the Americans have been preparing for this. They do not mind climbing the military-industrial complex, they support their infrastructure. I think Americans agree with the existence of Russia in these borders only on one condition: if we fight or prepare to fight with China. They need a hospital train against China. Otherwise, they will decide that Russia — too erratic opponent, it should be eliminated. In this case, we are waiting for more blood. (…) The second possible scenario — the destruction of the country to run the script. Let's say, the introduction of independent regions, what is now the Duma adopted the decision interesting, voted for him only the "United Russia". The other parties are well aware that this decision will end in blood. "

Patriots of Russia, in such circumstances, according to the deputy, should focus on Putin's "organizational propaganda punching a message box, that is, to go from the kitchen to talk to the society, to form a national civil society." "Do not forget that Putin — an ally of the process, even today he is in isolation. He managed to survive four years of attacks, as Kutuzov, who saved the army, thus predetermining the winning of the war. We must begin to understand their own country, with their children, with their friends, to enter into a new system of party building under the sovereignty. Without solving the problem of lack of sovereignty, we will not solve any other problem in Russia. Here is the Carthage must be destroyed ", — concluded Yevgeny Fyodorov.

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