Unknown victory of our tankers

It will be a very brief story, about 1941, the Battle of Moscow, Paul Hutz. Just wondering — who had heard that name? I am confident that the pro Carius and Wittmann heard everything, but that's about Gudz — doubtful. Just a couple of times mentioned in the lists of common sniper-tank, has an article on Wikipedia.

Briefly about the character. He was born on September 28, 1919 in the village of Stufchentsy Proskurovsky district Kamenetz-Podolsk area (now Khmelnitsky region Khmelnitsky region). In 1939 he enrolled in the 2 nd Saratov heavy tank school, where he graduated with honors. In mid-June 1941 with the rank of lieutenant, he arrived in the 63rd Armored Regiment of the 32nd Heavy Tank Division, stationed in Lviv. One of the first tank crew rams made this same lieutenant P.Gudzya. It happened on June 22, 1941, 8 km from Yavorov: KB tank rammed the German T-III and armored personnel carriers. November 7, 1941 PD Hutz participated in the military parade on Red Square. On the newsreels was etched Lieutenant PD Hutz, a passing on his tank KV past the monument to Alexander Pushkin.


So, in 1941, November, village Nefedeva. The nearest point to Moscow. Hitler's battle group, consisting of 18 tanks, artillery battery and a pair of accompanying infantry occupied the village. In the Soviet side of exhausted. In the morning the Germans moved on and they will crush enough liquid barrier. Officially out of the memories of General Beloborodova:

'It was a big moment. Reported to the Chief of the Army Staff on the situation at the site of the 258th Infantry Regiment and received permission to use one of the infantry brigades. The decision is made: The 40th Infantry and the 17th Armored Brigade attacked the enemy at night, burst into Nefedeva, and restore the position. '

The nuance is that at the moment of the force of TB was 17 one (1) tank KV-1. That was ordered Paul Hutz as though, but to prevent a German tank attack. P.Gudz himself in 2006, remembered it this way: "At night, connected handed a packet from the brigade commander: 'In Nefedeva enemy tank column — 18 machines. I order you to destroy 8.00 December 6. " Combat looked at the map, wondering, 'This Khimki, which Nefedeva. They — eighteen … We in the battalion — only one square. Yours, Pasha … But if the column does not shred, tomorrow it rolled into Moscow. I peep into the artillery. Suppose that you are conforming sound design '.

By the time our already knew that the Germans were able to beat and SW. Because the mood of the crew was unhappy. And options have been rather poor Gudz: 1. Attack head Nefedeva. A couple of Germans HF grohnet. But it together German artillery, infantry and tank crews were sleeping. And trample on. Not good at all. 2. To dig a tank, mask, to act in an ambush. (It worked, for example, Kolobanov and it was normal practice for our soldiers. Kolobanov But had the option for an ambush — there swampy terrain, the tanks can not go anywhere, it is clear where to put the ambush, but here — no). Two dozen German tanks here on the ground will be free to maneuver, get around and burn together again. 3. Taking advantage of the darkness to come closer to the village, take an advantageous position, and as soon as the dawn — up to the moment that the Germans would rise — to attack. This option is offered to combat Chorin, he also agreed with artbatareey to that shooting haphazardly on a fishing line in the distance, covered the noise of the engine sound of the tank, is not particularly disturbing are the Germans in the village.

The third option seemed the most appropriate. Prepared thoroughly. Refueled to capacity. They pulled out of the tank all that is possible — to make room for ammunition, knapsacks and personal belongings. Masks and so on. Even with the sword belt and lifted himself holster revolvers put in the pockets of overalls. (In HF were designed slots so that they could push the barrel revolver, but the rifle has not incurred). Have filled the tank shells — in KV — 1 total climbs 111 shells, took 125. Where pushed the 14 — I do not understand the balance in HF is — 'ammunition for the gun was placed in the stacking of shell along the sides of the stern turret recess (10 shots), in magazines (6 shots) on the sides of the body and in 44 boxes (bags) in two shots in each — at the bottom of the crew compartment. " Get the shells of the bags was a matter of a hassle, as was the rate of up to 7 rounds per minute, and that's how it came to the store — dropped to one shot per minute. Given that each snaryadik weighs 6-7 pounds can imagine — what it is to download 700 pounds in the tank tesnotischu. The four machine guns took HF Full Ammo — 48 discs, and even a couple from the top. Stocked with grenades just a sad case. Hutz with Horin figured how to move and where will work better. In the darkness moved. The commander of the tank car and walked to the mehvody guided by the black silhouette on the snow and on light flashlight, covered blue filter .. Gunners started sluggishly Babakhan, the Germans were alarmed, flew flares, but the shells were exploding hell up completely harmless and the Germans settled down.

Infantry in the front end unhappily joked when he saw a lone tank: 'To Berlin?' — 'To Berlin. Only in the first Nefedeva'll pick '- joked Hutz. And said, where there will be a better ride. Marines suggested. So HF at low speed just crept to the edge of the village. We got up in the bush. Hiding. For a number of signs in the village of Germans were confident for tomorrow's victory — in one publication, it was stated that the village could hear drunken voices and having fun out there, but what is for sure — watch services and guard duty by the Germans was not conducted. The tanks were not heated at night, no one in the cars was on duty all the cottages were sleeping. The approach of the KV to the edge of the village and doing it the best positions have gone unnoticed. Because when it was dawn gunner Lt. Old aimed as carefully and set fire to the head by the first German tank shell. Huge fire further highlighted by German machine. After that, we began to shoot at a maximum rate, knowing that the more empty cars until they manage to cripple the easier it will be later, when the Germans still get to their arms and guns. German tank fell out of the huts, when burned for three cars. By running the tanks machine guns hammered in the tower has been completely breathe nothing. The first German bomb blasted in the turret of the KV when lit Old fourth and fifth tank, not without reason, considering that only a burning enemy is not dangerous. According to the memoirs Gudz impression was as if they were sitting in an iron barrel, in which someone with all the dope hit with a sledgehammer. Stunned, sekanulo the faces and hands with scale, there was a stink of burnt metal and Gudz heart sank — was hit! But the gun fired. The tower was spinning freely, the fire was not, and the crew worked so fiercely as to hit. The projectile did not penetrate the armor, it's even more inspired. Beats poured from the bag, all ringing and thundering, charging Sablin fell kul, Hutz left periscope and replaced it, grabbing the shells of fixtures and throwing them into the breech of the gun. To the immense joy of Paul in a minute Sablin stirred — was not injured, just fainted, and breathe in the tank is really there was nothing — the fan could not cope with the fumes from the shells and bullets with such intense gunfire. The Germans still ran to the car, but not all. Unheated tanks scary smoked and could not immediately develop the necessary speed to maneu
ver battlefield, but the operator said that now the German artillery began to move — PTI also stood without at HF calculations and while he was outside the sectors of fire, now stay in place has not been deployed guns — that's all. And Hutz drove the car to the village.

By this time our artbatareya, which covered his tank at night the noise was already slap in the village, infantry, seeing buoyant start to the day, shouted 'Hurrah!' and moved to the attack, but a totally unready to this Aryans panicked. It was they came to win, and then they suddenly attacked and beaten. By HF threshed out anything that could shoot, he hit back from their machine guns and cannons, simultaneously crushing tracks tucked infantry and artillery positions ProMes carefully vet. Unable to stand, the Germans began to withdraw from Nefedeva. Of the 18 who arrived in the village tanks were able to move eight, ten crew Gudz ditched. The last of the 125 shells blasted into the tower of the Old last tank and the tank commander gladly said, 'There is a hit!'. The fighting compartment was filled up the sleeves, everything was blue-gray smoke, rounds of machine guns are not left at all, but thankfully before revolvers and grenades is not reached. And when the crew barely got out of the car, then all gasped — zips, entrenching tools, spare truck, wings — as the water washed away, HF stood naked, and even into the bargain is not white in winter camouflage, and even green — and what- then seropyatnisty — the bullets and shells paint posshibat no worse than a shovel with a saw. On the armor clearly see niprabily 29 shells. The crew looked at Gudz killed pantsermannov and marveled at the fact that the Germans had to get on any clothes on the principle of 'all that is put on' even dress uniform took place. Throughout turned out that the departed eight tanks have fled because the crews they were incomplete — not all of them managed to run under fire. In total, during this three-hour battle KV crew, the Marines and the gunners destroyed ten tanks, two batteries of PHE and about 400 Germans. As anyone — but it seems to me that this episode is at least no worse than winning or Raspberry Carius Wittmann at Villers-Bocage.

I would add that Paul Hutz and his crew provoeval until the fall of 1943, when in Dneprogesa HF knocked out in a fight two heavy tanks of the enemy, but he himself was shot down by getting a few hits, this time — with a broken. During the fight, Hutz smote his collarbone, smashed hand, he still managed to cut the hanging skin rags to rags with a knife, and then lost consciousness. Pulled him out of the car mehvody and two crew members were killed. However, the war ended Hutz, as commander of the 5th Guards Heavy separate tank regiment. Died Professor, Doctor of Military Sciences, Honored Scientist of the RSFSR, winner of the Prize. AP Maresyeva (do not forget that in 1943, instead of a hand he had a prosthesis), and Colonel-General of armored forces, retired in 2008 in Moscow. Here Carius pharmacy owner. I do not know which is better … Some believe that the student's record to be the owner of the pharmacy. And it seems to me that this is not the case.

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