Vampirism is a part of life

In every culture and the people there are so many myths and legends. Interest in vampires did not come immediately, but after the book appeared in the light of "Interview with the Vampire." Modern TV availed itself of this idea, and so had to remove a variety of TV shows and movies. But vampires are real or not, it all depends on our understanding of the word.

If a vampire is understood supernatural being who is immortal, able to fly, afraid of the cross of light and garlic, then these vampires do not exist. There is no scientific evidence of their actual existence. By the way, if you otrpavlyaetes summer to rest in Anapa Anapa accommodations all inclusive you can portal

If you do not take into account these supernatural powers, in our world there are people who call themselves vampires, they are often a way of life as a vampire from the TV screen.

Thanks to the media in our world today there subculture associated with vampires. Proponents of these crops, imitate their fictional heroes. The appearance of these vampires is usually dark clothing, which is often supplemented by attributes of vampires. These people come together in groups, clans, and create for themselves the holidays and the collection of all evil forces.

Lifestyle of vampires, does not pull on supernatural powers. And it would be very unfair not to pay attention to such people who have year-round Halloween. These people appreciate their way of life, perhaps it adds to their spiritual needs. But there are vampires who actually drink human blood. In these cases, a vampire feeding on a volunteer who gives drink his blood through a small cut.

There is a category of people who believe that they have a need for human blood. The human body digests the bad blood, so it is not a physiological condition, it is probably mental disorder or addiction, such a person needs can not exist.

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