Veda — is to know. What were in charge of our distant forefathers and mothers?

"Veda" - is to know.  What were in charge of our distant forefathers and mothers?

Speaking of ancestors, one of the researchers to Christian Russia S. Forest said: "Talking about paganism, even think of it, it was considered a sin, and yet, in the religion of ancient Rus was nothing that we would be ashamed." "This, was a strong, internally tight tailored religion, tall, beautiful." "Veda" — is to know. What were in charge of our distant forefathers and mothers?

Paganism was the only branch of the Slavic vedichestva. Rusichi themselves did not call themselves Pagans, a term they apply to people who have moved away from the ancient knowledge (often due to spatial displacement), tried to save them, but at the end of time and space, they did change the refracted. Rusichi thought: who speaks not to their ancient language, and there is a pagan. Russ himself is called Orthodox, Svetoslavnymi ie Slavs light, the truth, know the laws that hold them. Who specifically praised the blessed territory of Russia? His parents!

Image and all household items were imbued service rights in the name of light. Remember, as called rusoslavyane first room in his mansion — "bright room," a place for ritual called "sacriplaces" princes styled light, many names have roots in Russia, "light": Svetoslav, Belosvet, Velesvet, Svetobor and others.

Through love and light acts nature endowed knowledge. Our ancestors were very intuitive, feeling that is, they have a sixth sense — a good sense. In this condition, they were given a lot to learn. They pinpointed and seen evil and good, and everything was clear in nature and in man, and therefore was shining beauty and joy. He was given life, absorbing the sounds of space, form, color, and from this material wove his life.

Feature of the Vedic worldview kosmogonichnost was his whole life was permeated with a sense of the cosmos. Slavs knew and felt the influence of the cosmic rhythms of our lives and try to be with them in harmony. Therefore, the main celebrations were dedicated to their light, the sun, the rebirth of nature. Great holidays are celebrations of the sun in the days of the winter and summer solstice and the vernal and autumnal equinoxes.

Hymns to the gods in the song called at the time hymns. Arrangements to the gods rarely accessed, believed that the gods should be thanked. Brought to the gods in the form of a drink, and it was called Soma (the herbal composition). Soma juice extracted from sacred plants. Soma — a symbol of the sun — the sun due to the combination of seeds and appears life — plant. Soma drinking not only to heal, but also acquire new blood.

Ancestors knew about the moon and the sun, had no concept of light and dark, positive and negative, heat and cold, male and female. And these laws again formed a mindset and way of life.

Look closely at yourself and notice that vedichestvo lives in us to this day.

Religion is not based on blind faith, and knowledge, is not this great?

The principal means of communication and clarification of the Slavs were fire and water.

Fire — Agun, Agni — the name of the god of fire. All of us — children of the sun-fire. The fire was considered the driving force and source of life. Fire has become a major element of worship. Consecration of the priests made the fire through three components: dry clean wood aromas of herbs and a small amount of animal fat. Components of the unity symbolized kingdoms of plants, animals and humans. Sitting by the fire, jumping over fires, lighting a candle or torch houses, people protect themselves from the evil bank particle of celestial fire, worshiped the sun — top fire — Cosmic Heart. The fire was primarily the subject of worship men. Rite of kindling fire in honor of the gods was accomplished only by men. Sign of the sun, the fire was mostly familiar — a talisman for armor, clothing, shelter and called the Slavs brace, Kolovrat, sometimes a sign of Rod or Peru-on (the god of lightning, fire).

Moisture, water, were symbols of the feminine. Honoring the water produced from it spring goddess granted to women. Summer Rusal (mermaids in ancient times were considered Beregin and therefore so often found in wood carving) were female holiday.

Fire and water were treated, cleaned, protected, given source of life on Earth. Can not be accused of savagery and ignorance of our ancestors, and because they knew the device space. The birth of the world, the gods, the land tell "Russian Veda." Symbols of the Universe — labyrinths and spirals — are found on all continents. Especially a lot of drawings in Russia is located in the North. Spiral ornament and popular dances in.

On the global thinking ancestors speak and their reasoning on the relationship of the Earth and Sky — call them Earth — Mother Sky — The father, believed their spouses, as had a number of myths and fairy tales of love between them.

I took the word "DAMAYun "and saw for myself that, if present" G "- gravitational waves
and "M" — the magnetic waves, the word "Earth" in the Bible, when it was chaos and darkness, and the face of the deep spirit — Light worn, it is clearly observed the formation of the density and mass of magnetic and gravitational waves.
"AN" — / ANB — the sky / — Sumerian-Akkadian mythology — is the god of the sky.
'AMA"- This word means accumulation seal. Therefore, I realized that the "G" and "M" — a wave form density and mass.
"U" — Jupiter and its system similar to solar.

Then: The "U"Peter has the world — satellite — is "G"animed "AMA"Tay

And that would mean the letter "H" — a "H" it or strand-like waves of light — electromagnetic waves, which, together with gravity, form liquid crystals, such as the Jovian system or solar system.

Liquid crystal has the ability to flow and dripping water, and at the same time, like the normal crystal in which the atoms "multiply" in three-dimensional space defined by mathematical operations (symmetry), the liquid crystal is also characterized by the ordering, but a special kind: its constituent molecules (which as a rule, have elongated or disc-like shape) Have a particular orientation, although the total order in the centers of gravity of the molecules is missing. That is where we see CHAOS, with the temporary order, which can be traced in the Bible Genesis to Acts of God's creation.

And just imagine that these systems or liquid crystals are in space between the filters, huge, that our eyes do not reach their size. If between the filters were no liquid crystals, the monitor — Space has always been a dark, what we can see, from — for his imperfect visual system — the eyes. And imagine that the two systems — the two electrodes.

Quote:Grooves on the opposite electrode, as filters, are crossed, so twisted nematics electrodes (remember, they are composed of oriented "threads"). And this leads to the fact that "Twisted" and the plane of polarization of the light coming from the first filter. The second filter light comes in different polarization, different from the original — it is the one that "stew" — and can already go outside — Monitor lights up. We can only learn to control the orientation of the liquid crystal molecules, which is done by applying an electric potential between the electrodes changes the luminosity of the point-pixel. If we add the three color filters (red, green, blue, and so-called scheme of RGB, «Red-Green-Blue»), you can easily "mix" of color, forming a range of thousands or even millions of colors.

I've been comparing Paganism and Christianity + Islam with filters. ))) In the Light of God in male and female incarnation as two electrodes. )))

The modern man is so far away from nature, he found it difficult, and sometimes stupidly funny that the Slavs called Earth — Mother, Fire and Sky — Father, Voditsa-Queen, considered animals his younger brothers and understand their language. No wonder the Russian fairy tale Ivan and help the animals, birds, nature simply will never betray the heart lyubivshee it.

Vedic knowledge — is, above all, star, astronomical knowledge. Calculating time were incredible size. Large colonies (wheel) — Svarog year — 27 thousand years. Small colonies of Svarog (month) — 2160 years. Svarog day — 72 Earth years. Our ancestors were well focused on the starry sky and live by its laws.

"Vediytsy — Children of God, the heavenly forces of friends. They are looking for them in heaven and on earth. They were looking for the divine in their natural environment. They searched for it is human, ie temporal and the eternal, and therefore divine. Extracting from the visible human, they see the material and the divine, and removing the material, are face to face with the divine. That is why the Vedas so stridently religious. They convey to us a simple, child belief that the world is controlled by the divine, not a material that one material is small and that if they face reality, it is based on law, and that Nav behind her — this is only gulf that separates man from Svarga, where God, the Father of all Alive and Living "

The whole religious way of Slavs was deeply poetic, based on an understanding of God as Father and Friend, a source of beauty, every kind of perfection. Like the ancient vediytsy, Slavs were Dazhdbog grandchildren, and because God has for them was not a strict legislator, and his close and dear Father of the Universe. They loved and worshiped him, loving, but not terrible.

Temple of Nature, in which ancestors lived, gave them spiritual food for its events, and in it they searched for themselves and their purpose in the world.

"God for them was not a strict legislator, and his close and dear Father of the Universe. They loved and worshiped him, loving, but not fear "

Let's look at the word "pagan" in terms of literature. "Languages" — means "the people." Born good definition: religion peoples of the world, people's religion. Paganism is surrounded, on the one hand, many of the mysteries of loss, as if lost and therefore completely unfamiliar world. On the other — by nature feel that we are pagans, but have long been considered orthodox. Orthodox Christians, we have always been.

"P-RA-BOC-glory-it" — RA — the truth — the sun — light praise. Hence the "right" — "The truth."

In humans, bird Gamayunov expressed constellations:
"Lion" — The Heart and A * D * rterialnoe avlenie, heart rate and rhythm — / sun /.
"Sagittarius" — Liver, Head of the chemistry of the blood and blood vessels — / Jupiter /.
Union of the Sun and Jupiter form a movement and life by the circulation of blood in the vessels of the body.
Blood in the symbolism means — spirit or bioplast.

SO: SPIRIT — a union of northern and southern hemispheres of the sky which symbolizes MAN left and right hemispheres of the brain.

And my wildest thought was unable to stop in meditation on the age of the Earth. In meditation, my mind betrayed the notion that even for the smallest thing on this planet falls shine new Cosmos, and all unwittingly sought cosmic implications. This world is so far removed from the worlds visited by my soul, that its rays, has only recently reached those already full through the Universe. For them, this planet is the only relative concept. Glowing speck of dust, which appeared from the depths of time. As if in a dream, I saw the developed land in the ecstasy of love of the processes of creation and destruction and re-creation. Earth slowly evolved and blossomed like a beautiful multi-colored flower
over the black surface of the sea of the universe, spreading its petals magnetic gravitational waves around. Love Land is a guiding light, and with its help it is moving forward in the evolution. Love is always a new thing at all times, is added to the old pictures of the Earth, the new brush strokes of the artist of the universe. This golden clue — Love paves the way of life, which was very simple, and at the same time infinitely skazochen. In the azure skies of Earth Love was a rainbow. Immensity of the rainbow hues of different inflorescences in waves of light, sound and color Ecumenical Octave. Immeasurable time periods separated by one period of the Earth from the other, but this time, in space, was only a moment of light fluctuation of the universe. I watched fantasy love idylls occurring at the birth of the planet. Foamy waves caused by reactions of physical and chemical processes that formed the sea of substances that love madness rising above the foam ball and as if frozen in the ice Space, forming patterns on the surface of the Earth.
The whole earth was covered amorous ardor. But the cold of space heat and cools it in the processes of condensation and decondensation began to appear thin and dense types of tissue. Dense fabric turned into Mother Earth, and the thin fabric is converted into energy of the Earth. Land turned into a drop with a set around it.
Drop — Land held in equilibrium by the external and internal pressure. Once a set of new earth penetrating power of the Cosmos, the Earth grew in weight, gaining a greater density and increasing in size. Came a mutual exchange of the Earth with the cosmos. Earth is constantly flirted with the cosmos, involving him in the erotic play. The power of her attraction to each era grew and grew, that the cosmos could not tell her
refuse fertilization Life. Hydrogen and Oxygen Space Earth atoms joined to love each other and raced to the Kama Sutra vortices forming different poses — kinds of love — water their various states.
Everything went through affinity and mutual attraction or attraction.
Every atom of matter, that is, dense matter, energizes the finest fabrics plazmicheskoy nature, that is the spirit, fertilizing matter. Matter becomes spiritual, and spirit becomes material.
Since life began on Earth.
All known forms of matter are identical to each other and differ only in the degree of depression and the rate of vibration.

Slavic vedichestvo — is not a religion, with its dogmas, ossified in time rules and anti-science.

This is the way. Path of Defense, the path of history, the way of Culture and Development.
The thing is that the native Slavs do not separate faith, did not make the "hate his father and mother," and brought the cult of equality and tolerance.

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