Vedagor — The experience of past lives (new video)

There are different schools that say about the reason for the appearance of us here on earth. For example, Christians say that these are our ancestors have sinned, we now suffer here and so on. Other schools say that's demons use our suffering, feed our suffering, our joy gods eat there, and then just do not say.

So I started to ask myself a question:"But what the world is, that is what is the motive?"And managed very well to formulate a question, and this is most important. Able to properly formulate the question, because if we correctly state the question, well, first of all is half the answer, and if we are unable to answer this question, our gods and ancestors are doing their best to help us in this, how Baba Yaga says: it tries to or from the case Lytaev?

That is, if we go out in the subtle world and we have a noble goal, that is really necessary to us, not just from the finger sucked some silly idea that we are trying to resolve, and indeed vital, then, there is a hierarchy of beings, well that is like ministering spirits who are responsible for our help, for our evolution. And if they ask a question and not in their competence to answer this question, they are then allowed to rise to a higher level.

And if the person withable to ask the right question, then good riddance to him in the upper worlds. And I once managed to properly formulate the question and I are all contributing. And I started to get higher and higher from one instance to another, and that's the experience of all the worlds out there, well, perhaps the most striking. Well, like it, I already know what's in the Vedas now has illustrations and draw it look like gods, worlds look like. Now I realize that meant the man who tried to describe or the artist who saw all these worlds, that is, if for example describe well as Brahma sitting on a lotus, now I know what it is, that is, in fact, if I were asked to illustrate the experience, I would just about be and painted.
But in fact, if it's all in 3D film making, here it probably would be better to pass, because in fact it is only the lotus at all as to the worlds that are built on power structures that resemble the shape of a lotus. But when approaching, you see that this is a lotus of countless many luminous worlds, as they spark, then each leaf begins to crumble there, billions out there in the countless number of worlds, but all together it seems afar lotus.
From this glow like a figure like Brahma or our Dazhdbog, he called in the Russian tradition, but it is actually a living being with whom you can communicate at a distance you would think that this is a human figure. But I can see from what it is, that is when approaching, that is, as I approached, I saw that it was actually the worlds, and the total world makes just such a form. But are there. In the Vedas, the name, the universal form, that is, what is it? Well, I like all that worried, and the worlds they exist and those who have been, they are about the same talk. But then I saw the other forms of the Deities, I like, I know that if, for example in the Christian tradition there, in other written there, the crystal ocean, what is it there or there ladder Jacob or James, I know that this implies, that is, when itself dates back to the ladder. See for yourself this ocean, and it sinks, then you realize that others describe.
If there is a Christian describes it, for example they have there classical image hosts, bearded grandfather with the book there is a large sitting, that is, in fact, many see it, each in his own religion as it treats differently all of this, but it really existing being, who help us. And when you communicate directly with them, this is probably provides the most vivid sensations. That is, here's a trip to the Otherworld is a reality, which is remembered for a lifetime and you short change after that. Perhaps the mostthrillswere. And that is the greatest, when you get to practice your answer when you're not in words, not allow a thought-form, and give the opportunity to experience it all.

And I wasdaden answer my questionnamely in the form of real experience, when I realized that in fact there is nothing but me not. And when I learned that the supreme deity, I was their inseparable part of and that I am with them the same thing and when it is experienced in reality, and not speculative as it is, well, that's probably very bright.

At one time, when I tried to study this issue, it is a dark navy, then I was taken in a guided tour of these worlds, that is, low and fell very low and there, all this is real, this is life there is. The only thing that there is not a heaven, outer space is not open, but of course different demonic creatures live there, if it does, then all you are trying to transfer to recruit, do not be to offer that would be something picked up, at least as it hooked. Mainly interested in shakti. And if the soul as it will grab, well, this is the biggest prize must for them. But everyone is trying to impose its couple there. Realizing that it was not you in the teeth, and I got into such worlds. And who wanted to break me there and leave there if I got there, it means they think you're prey, that such worlds are better not to go there without preparation. Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama, only a step, then it is guaranteed that I will end it all successfully. If a person is not ready yet morally ethical if the channels had not been cleared, if the download was not enough energy, then it falls into the lower worlds is inevitable, that is, how the density of our subtle bodies and shells, if a person is ethical and moral is not sufficient cleared it naturally falls into the dark worlds.

Only purified enough, you can climb, Well, the level of energy, how much you pump. And if we do enough to help the asanas and pranayama accumulated energy, then we can get the real experience of the lessons that are not yet mature in general. As it is given to us in advance, that is, well, if such a person learns in the first class, and he wants any inquiries in grade 10 to decide, by the grace of his teacher in 10th grade can be reduced, to show what you're going to do, here is the class of physics there is chemistry, show him what a real experience of what it would happen. And the first-grader would know, but I will do it in the 10th grade, I will be here to solve these lessons. That's because you can, that is not necessary if you're in first class, then give it to you, that is, there is a grace that can show you and the lessons that you have to go in the future.

But I say it is a necessary condition, first is that you really, do you need, just curious what is, and what it is you really need that you even live without it you can not, and perseverance is required, then there is a persistent, that it should, this persistence, see Gods sure that it is really necessary, that is there to cheat will not work. That is, sincerity is the key.

If we genuinely want to know, in the tenth grade, we will studythen we will show. If we truly want to know what awaits us after death, we will show it too. Although it is not entirely fair. But if a first grader say, and that I will be with me when I'm in prismertii and how I will spend the last days of life? He can show you how a man dies, if indeed such mercy will be forthcoming, he will say yeah worth having right living or not worth it. That is, is the grace of the gods, they may drop in purgatory and to show that there really is, but usually people do not show, because it's not fair, it's like to live on the crib, if he will do the right thing out of fear that will be punished.

I have such men, who were in hot spots, it is because they like to shoot at people, and then they just went on a hunt, as the sniper out to hunt, shoot, have fun. And then suddenly they all break off, they no longer go out to hunt, refuse. Because they left as if in death, and saw that they were going to be there and they say that's the way we are now torn to pieces with pliers, but I do not want anyone to kill, because I know I will be in the result. That is, it's the sincerity that they were ready, he's like a freebie show that, well, look, here's what my son you seek this is what you will. But it is sincere, because he truly believed that he was fighting for his country, for justice there, well, then there villains shoot. And in fact, the result would have expected it like this, because he liked it, actually shoot, under the pretext of patriotism there is something there, he was going to fight, and he really liked to kill. He was shown, see, but because he was a sincere man, he was able to survive all of this and make the right conclusions.

If a person is not ready for this, no one is to show he will not be, it cribs, it's not fair, sothe world is very fair.

Second Bole long way— Is to analyze their passing day. That is to sit somewhere in the evening in a calm, quiet place, no one would, or just before bedtime and analyze how I lived day. Remember more carefully every minute of his life and where we did not correct, where you had to honestly do otherwise, analyze, and present in this situation, so the next time I would do it like this, like it, like it, If we make such an analysis, the energy lost in these situations, not the right to come back to us. Then we will be able to recall the second day there, the third day and so from day to day, a week, a month, a year, you can go down to his birth and what happened to us after the birth and then we get shakti energy and blessing, that would recall the previous incarnation, there is a way.

That is, the analysis done and the lost energy return to him, are we not through asanas, pranayama Shakti get, namely, through repentance, repentance is a change of consciousness, every day when we analyze, draw conclusions. We shakti, this lost energy is regaining and with this shakti we delve further and further on, on and is the ability that we did a year ago, ten years ago there. Twenty years ago, thirty there before the birth and care before birth, and going to the end in the next incarnation there is a way. If a person is ready for such information, it is open, that is, it belongs to us, it is our experience, but who are not in the right taken away from us, so we all remember, but we locked memories, because it can hurt.

For example what would unleash what is karmic knots, we meet with their relatives, but if if one remembers that he was in previous incarnations, so had a very bitter relationship with my loved ones now, cousins. Well, for example, that they were there and butchers gored him to death, his family there were destroyed. Now he is with them next incarnation that would untie these knots, but if he can normal relations, after the recollection here, leave, then this memory returned to him, it is his lesson will be, but if this lesson is not ready, then who give the child a grenade? That is not fair to when the person is ready, then he and the memory is disclosed. That is, each of us sooner or later, will remember all their incarnations. But when we are ready for this and as far as we are ready, and so the memory is opened. That is, there is a rule:

"God does not give man test more than he can bear." 

If he is ready for these tests, then he and the tests are given, and it is a very big tests, karmic knots, what would they unleash.

So all pochestnomu, someone does not rape us, this is for our own good. If there is no basis, Yama, Niyama, that this ethical and moral, the asanas and pranayama it will use again, that would work with the environment, that is, it would be a step back, so no matter how well, niyama, asana, and one can not Pranayama do. And if we have this base, we will make a start and only then we will study the Otherworld. And that's when the real learning experience rules the relationship of these worlds, it is available, that is open to us the way there, but if a person morally, ethically developed, then who will drop it in there? Well actually is, as it is one way.

I like how you can say that I was blackmailing the gods and ancestors, I told them if I can not remember that's it, that's it, I refuse to live, because if I do not know the truth to this question, then why do I live that is, I can be deceiving, I can guarantee that the gods do not cheat like demons, where is the guarantee? But if I remember this is, then I agree on how to play this game, but if not I'll find a way how to get out navego body, that is to leave it as of yavego of clubs from Kolob, and all of divego I will not play these games material. That is, I'll find a way. I was absolutely sure and determination was great because, well, really did not see sense, and here are the arguments for the Gods they are valid and if they help.
And if you put what may well be a stupid goal, they say, well, to die, that such nonsense that the ambitions of their own, to amuse their vanity there, then they bailed out. And I have a question just lay in the fact that, yes, then I can better serve others, ate my answer to this question, if not then I sane person what I can teach others, Che can advise other then? Arrogance, yes, it is then not a yogi, a yognuty.

And because I now put the question right here these experiences here, the experience that I had had, I just remembered. This to me is an opportunity to strengthen its post aharatny egregor such power that I could continue to exist, as it were, to bring benefit to others, that is, as a result of post aharatny thickened structure became better, I was able to fulfill its mission is much better than before and so you get a blessing. And if what that stupid question, which no one did not help, or just you.

NowThe gods, they only deal with those who are engaged in other, if people just sent over, that's for myself, for good, to bring the good, it do not pay attention if he dedicate himself to the service of another, then care is provided.

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