Vedagor (Trehlebov) again about Nibiru

Q: Unfortunately, many people stopped to learn something when you do not see Nibiru in May. This, I understand, is the selection of the personal qualities and experience, for the most persistent are not looking for the appearance of Nibiru, but on the contrary, more studying, test and practice.

A: And where does the will or will not appear? Get ready to die, and the field is planted. Especially since many here have asked me questions about what I have said that in May, she will appear and you see it. In May, it will probably be visible from our latitude, I said. And it's so far away that it can be seen only with a telescope. But to the naked eye it can only be seen when it is close to the 12th year.

Q: Rollers on u-tube, so it's a fake, right?

A: Most likely … This optical illusion … a double sun, it happens. I began to wonder: what sector of space it needs to look. And I got the information that she, allegedly, in the constellation of Orion. And Orion is now only in the afternoon, and how people can see it, if it is there — the little star that can be seen only with a telescope … They want it even during the day to see? Orion is not visible at night. Let find the constellation Orion and look.

Q: So, I conclude for themselves. Watched "Apocalypse dot ru." There is just an on-line, where the planet … but it is such a large scale, that is, it's … it currently is not possible to see?

A: Only in the telescope, and it is far. We should also bear in mind that this is not the sun we see is Mara, it fades away. And the sun, it is generally only seen in the infrared spectrum. Nibiru is a planet that has a glow, this reflected light. As the moon, to Mars, Venus — a reflection of the light. If it is far away — it is small — how you can see it there? That's when it is close, then it will be the size of two angular units, then it will be seen during the day. That is, as we see the moon, for example it can be seen during the day sometimes, just the same way and we'll see the same size as the full moon or the sun. That is, this two corner units. This is when she was close to.

Question: So you waiting for?

A: Well, I had wanted to. I myself as a toupee, I'm not pomasu * [1:26:50], I will not believe. I tried to find the observatory, where a telescope could look at it all day … Well, I still have not given the gods. That's when I'll see her again, then 100% believe it, and now I do not care if it will not be, when it will be there.

On the subject:

May 11, 2012 on the official website of NASA, on the monitoring of the Sun (the satellite SOHO, STEREO1 and STEREO2) was made of a curious animation, made of pictures of the Sun for the period from 3 to 6 May 2012 is remarkable even then, how high was Active solar flares (photo updates from the satellite SOHO during this period of time on the site was not), but the fact that the right of the solar disk (14 hours).


Through the movement of solar flares and watching the stars in the background clearly observed disk of about 20% of the sun. Of course, any clear explanation for this phenomenon is not followed. But for those interested in this subject information may be interesting. Maybe someone it will be an important element of the evolving mosaic.



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