Vezhestvo ROZHEN

Several replicas of the past day in conversations with different people, but in the end, gathered in a unified theme.

There was a lot of specializations that can be associated with the word witchcraft. Solvent rite, herbalists, trichomes koschuny, magicians, clowns, Medvedchikov — list, I think it could be huge. With that much remained practically the twentieth century.

Interestingly, of course, that isichia — silent prayer, like we know through Christianity itself rather pagan practices, like the famous Mount Athos long before the Christians came back … It is a key vedanie, perhaps the foundation of all the practices — working levels without forms. It is, incidentally, in the pagan cosmogony heaven shown Acad. Rybakov. Ie knowing that there are "over the blue sky" This is important.

The loss of the very possibility of certain diseases, the negative state of conflict, any aberration is, perhaps, the only real way to solve and overcome these states.

Sick people often gets involved in a relationship with the manifestation of something which he defines as a disease. Exactly the same thing happens with the emotions, thoughts, they are a pain, as a disadvantage, as pleasure — depending, they are defined as, say, pain, stitching, piercing thought, feeling bright — language chained to form states that the level of language were completely devoid of the very possibility of manifestation.

No language — no problem, no sickness, conflict — disappears the mechanism of reproduction of reality. A man enters the stage of real creativity, which can, in charge of or involved.

Such states, even if they are seen by man, with great difficulty kept, at least for tens of seconds. This is not even the state, because they are completely devoid of a sense of being as such. In a sense, it can be defined as a state of total deaths caused by the individual.

If this is achieved, then there is really something that can already create. Are treated, say that just sent a note to think about who needs help.
Often defined as holiness, but in reality, holiness — that is, level of integrity of being here rather the condition of possibility to be attention where there is no form.


Yes, there is the concept of "subtle controls rude." And there is a unity of approach, say the body and the spirit, when healing the body, we heal and it duh.Tak ponimanietsya any archaic tradition, and our healers and Taoists — everywhere one

That is, we're talking like two-way flow of energy. It may seem that there are contradictions in these models. But in reality, it is just a matter of what you choose illusion.
Illusion, as a creative material.

Possible from the body to the subtle — yes. But in fact, some things work smarter. And in short, the essence is that there is a model of existence, when it works but showing total flow. It is only possible as a result of the equality and unity of all the planes of existence.
Ie what a fine not thin, and rough — not rough. All of this "coarse-fine" is just a difference of functions. This is the archaic view of Tradition. Inside it runs all the connections that are, as it were from the body up to the states, say the mind.

And you can build a way of thinking and the floors, hierarchical. This is a different model, different laws of existence — then most hermetic relevance "thin manages rough."
The only question is, where is consciousness. Only what can be some number creating principle. The only important thing — if one, that works for you.


No need to worry about, "What about all the people." It's just a very strong simplification. The vast number of groups, subsets — their tasks. Opposite sometimes. Let's start with the fact that there is no such level here "all men." If there is such a level of unity, it is — outside of being in this world. On Earth, we are separated by birth to the super group types — race. There is no idea of excellence, but there is a significant difference absolute original forms of expression. From what you say, the horse will be considered a donkey, a horse will not be an ass, but to use it you can not as you would need a horse.

In the form of the function lies, meaning, the idea that all people are equal — just ignorance, harmful to all. The first thing we would do with the sensible world, is to recognize that we, as a united humanity does not exist. After that, maybe someday someone will get to self. When we say that the basis of — family tree, such bodestvo as Rod, we're just talking about it — an understanding of the structure, which has shown us here in his own image and likeness.

Imposed on foreign gods can not give the people vezhestva as lack similarity, not our right shape. It was such a definition in the epics Russian — vezhestvo ROZHEN — That is, absolute knowledge given from birth.

This is the basis vezhestvo ROZHEN special perception — to the language, that is, is the foundation of the creative power of man and people.

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