Vladimir Orlov: The independence while in the air

In the case of the 20th anniversary of the Declaration of Sovereignty of Belarus Vladimir Orlov, the author of the cult essay early 90 "Independence — is …", recalls how he created the product.

"I just wrote an essay for some time. Whatever I set out on paper, then was in the air. This was a cross-section of thoughts and dreams of the then pro-independence supporters. These dreams, of course, were largely naive, but at the same time and fruitful . They set up those people on the same wavelength.

I remember when I read this essay in one of the programs of the Belarusian TV and behind the scenes of weeping women: an editor, assistant director of the girls dressing room … And then, when I left the studio, one of them asked, "Is all this going to be?" And I said confidently: "Always will be!"

If they had mentioned that night and read that essay today, then maybe some of them would say, "Well, the Eagles took advantage of us, it took as long as 20 years, and still not accomplished anything."

And I would say that it's only been 20 years and they were made very much of what we were then, perhaps naively dreamed of. If you turn these few pages, I want to say that my son can now be registered in the registry office Gregory, I know a specific example of a friend who had a son, Gregory does not, and Gregory and written in Russian and in Russian in the certificate of birth. And our guys are not on the boundary of a city or village, and sharpen sapernuyu shovel to dig in Baku and Tbilisi … And the fact that it was written that "independence — this is when your girlfriend says she wants to Vienna for the weekend, and you're in good conscience promise her that on Saturday you drink coffee in front of the palace Menbrunn" does not look fantastic today. And in the history books written about the Battle of Grunwald, and even the 600th anniversary of Grunwald noted at this half-state level. It is also our independence forced the authorities to do so.

Of course, that much is not accomplished, but be sure to turn …

For me, not quite 27 July holiday. Belarus is gone after the Declaration of sovereignty as an independent state. She remained in the USSR. Only 25 August 1991, this declaration has acquired constitutional status. Could be our Independence Day date August 25, this idea appeals to me because I this day was born. But still our main holiday I believe March 25. Just then, in 1918, the year, the Belarusians again became a nation state. And without the March 25, 1918 there would be no January 1, 1919, July 27, 1990 or the second, or August 25, 1991. By the way, my essay was written exactly in February 1990 for a special issue of the newspaper "Svoboda", dedicated to the Day of Freedom. Finally recall the last lines of my essay:

"Independence — is when from birth to death, feels his man on his own land. I believe that someday they will be. Indeed, otherwise just is not worth living."

That essay — this is definitely a document of its time. He belongs to the time, and now I would not have added to this essay. I occasionally re-read it in connection with the numerous translations, by the way, the last translation was made the Chechen language memory of Zelimkhan. I think that will come a time when a new born essay on this topic. But it will be different. It will be thoughts, dreams us, matured for 20 years. Those who passed this way, who knew how long it might be, how tortuous, but it is the way in which we go. "

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