Vladimir Vysotsky. Letter to Warren Beatty Russia-1 (23. 01. 2013)

On the 75th anniversary of Vladimir Vysotsky.
During the life of Vladimir Vysotsky on Central Television of the USSR did not show any of his live performances and interviews.

The film — a unique footage originally intended for a single viewer. In May 1979, Vladimir Vysotsky was recorded a video letter, addressed to the American actor Warren Beatty. It was assumed that the subsequent dating Wysocki have the opportunity to take part in the filming of the movie "Red", the work on which it was planned to start as a director Warren Beatty.

On carrying out such an unusual subject for Vladimir Vysotsky was able to negotiate in the only place in Moscow — a training studio Faculty of Journalism. Thanks to the head of the studio, director Yuri Drozdov, Wysocki was first introduced to address the unique case of a video camera. Possible formal disgraced television actor "Taganka" were not available at that time …

In the course of correspondence dating with Warren Beatty, related, among others, and with an attempt to overcome the language barrier (Vysotsky several times trying to speak in English), poet and actor appears to today's audience is open, lively, enthusiastic person, directly reflect and improvises in the frame — here and now.
Until today, only a few people have seen this unique recording from start to finish …
The film also used unique materials broadcasters Italy, Mexico, Poland, the United States and private archives.

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